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  1. Concerning poor performance, yesterday I heard very good news that EN is working on improving bulk operations and this will eliminate the 50 notes selection limitation 🙂 https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/138001-completed-tasks/?do=findComment&comment=630551
  2. Thanks! Glad to hear that active work is going on to improve performance of bulk actions 🙂 I already assumed that performance issues were the reason, but for me, unlimited selection even with poor performance is still better than a cap set...
  3. This solution works around the 50 notes limit as well when you need to tag all notes from a notebook 🙂
  4. @Scott: While we're on the subject of bulk select/delete, can you please remove the limit of 50 notes or tasks? Unlimited multi-select is absolutely required when reorganizing tags or notebooks. This is one of the main reasons that we still need legacy EN
  5. I just retrieved it from the document info in AdobeReader. It is probably different for your specific app on the surface. I did my experiment to proof that if your app can safe the file to the original location, evernote will sync it properly (at least on a windows system). It wasn't intended as a process to retrieve the file location manually which is much too cumbersome.
  6. I did the following test with Adobe Reader (windows EN) : 1. From within the note, open the pdf attachment in Adobe reader 2. Highlight some text 3. Save the document back in the proper location (I needed to look up the full file path: C:\Users\eric\AppData\Roaming\Evernote\18340767\external-edits\f0e2d021-5e1f-5499-4327-4b5f1864dc74\a7a257d4-3d22-4924-b194-624b055abd3c . If your app does remember the file location, a simple CTRL-S will suffice) 4. Close the document I could see in the WEB EN that the highlighted text was saved on the servers. So, the problem is that the close doesn't invoke the save automatically. The good news is that the underlying file is synced properly on the servers. I would assume that this can't be to difficult to correct, considering that this already works correctly for Word documents. Edit: @EN engineers: I noticed that all the externally edited files starting from march till now are kept in the external-edits folder. Is this intentionally or is this a disk leak ?
  7. @EN engineers : Ticket 3309909 to be more precise. Can you please solve this bug. It has been reported months ago. This makes HTML export useless...
  8. In the mean time, everything has been downloaded on my Android phone, but my offline search sometimes returns a fraction of the online result list. Does your offline search works as expected?
  9. This is about the price I pay for a Plus plan 😞
  10. I have a terrible download speed on my Android phone as well. There is permanent wifi traffic (4 days already), but still busy with downloading 3000 notes 😞
  11. In my windows EN, quotation marks do have the expected effect: it still searches for the literal string. Other notes containing the same words but scattered all over the document are excluded from the search result. So it still works as before. edit: I did an additional test, when I add a minus sign before the string, all notes containing this literal string are excluded from the search result. example: -"john doe" However I can confirm that some punctuations are ignored in the search string.
  12. No, I have the latest android release and so far it is still possible to keep offline notes. This was the major reason that I subscribed to a Plus plan after all. I'm confident that EN keeps it's promises.
  13. On my windows EN, import folders work great. Why do you think it is not available?
  14. Then it shouldn't be called pdf export. Technically it's perfectly possible to add document links in a pdf document. There was a company that did full pdf export from evernote: exportnote.com >>HTML is better for attachments - or better would be once the bug is fixed. I still can't believe that this bug passed their SQA and that it is so difficult to fix it. As long as this bug isn't fixed, I will never upgrade.
  15. As long as attachments are not supported, it's a useless export format and I don't want to pay for it...
  16. The unclickable link problem is similar to the html export problem.
  17. Does the export to pdf really work? Even the export to HTML still doesn't work for attachments, which makes it completely useless (ticket 3309909 open for months) 😕
  18. It was certainly not my intention to defend this extremely slow database behavior, I just wanted to add some objective measurements from my system. I'm certainly not happy with these measurements, even with a 200 MBit connection it is still impossible to get good performance. The measurement with disconnected network was intended to proof that this is not caused by the network traffic alone. There is a serious problem with the local 'database' (I'm afraid there is no real database at all, just a bunch of files or something like that). As you already mentioned, 40 years ago we had database applications that were 100 - 1000 times faster than this on a 8 bit processor with a 1 MHz clock! The problem is that developers keep stacking abstraction layers on layers on layers for no reason... Nobody understands the full picture anymore. Electron is the result of this kind of programming... Disconnecting the network is the only work around available. Obviously, it would be much better if EN restores the sync button functionality, including sync options configuration ( background sync for instance). This makes it possible to prevent the encryption leak as well (still a work around but better than keeping the unencrypted text somewhere in the history on the EN servers)
  19. On my windows PC, this test takes 14 seconds. With disconnected network it takes 8 seconds. So, nobody stops you from working locally by disconnecting your network for a while, except that it takes a long time to synchronize later on but even then you can still work further in parallel with the sync. Edit: I have a 200 Mbit connection
  20. Sure, but it's difficult to decide without any knowledge about the new plans..
  21. This is a good advice, except maybe for Plus users: once switched to Premium you never can return to Plus...
  22. After several months, this problem is still there in the latest release. This makes the HTML export completely useless! I corrected the HTML myself and the image is visible now: generated html: <img class="_3_qAd" src="D:\Evernote Backups\test0123 files\testImage.jpg" width="auto"> Corrected html: <img class="_3_qAd" src="test0123 files/testImage.jpg" width="auto"> Hopefully this will be fixed soon... Edit: this is only part of the fix
  23. interesting that we can initiate a sync by dragging the note list in the mobile apps. Is there a way in the desktop apps to do this as well?
  24. Hi, can you please describe how you saved notes as pdf ? On PC you can only save to pdf by printing to a pdf file. Can you specify the platform and evernote version?
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