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  1. I have, just now, tried and failed to enter a trouble ticket via the https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new page. In both case the "Submit" button failed to respond. Who should I contact for problems with the Evernote website? How should I contact them?
  2. I have been having miserable performance problems with Evernote for over a year and I'm about to give up on the product. 1) I observe these problems when using Evernote for the most basic note-taking tasks; E.g. note-taking that I can perform in Notepad++ while Evernote is is refusing to run acceptably. 2) I have been unsuccessful in researching solution(s) to these performance problems. 3) Is there any 'new' documentation on addressing Evernote performance problems? 4) Can anyone suggest a replacement for Evernote on Windows to be used, primarily, for very basic note creation and editing? Can anyone suggest a forum (e.g. at Reddit) where such topics are discussed? 5) I am using Evernote on a not-powerful Windows 7 laptop but, using 'ProcessExplorer', I see that I have sufficient memory and CPU available to expect Evernote to run smoothly 6) Note a previous inquiry that I made into this problem: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/115648-looking-for-evernote-documentation-diagnosing-and-fixing-evernote-performance-problems/?tab=comments#comment-514332
  3. Ron Bauerle :Per your "This is actually a pretty good idea for an article (or articles) so I'm going to look into getting it created and added to the help center! Feel free to post suggestions and possible FAQ questions in this thread and I will take them into consideration when drafting it" ... When I think about Evernote performance problem diagnosis and repair I imagine a diagnostic decision tree/network. See examples[1]. One would 'enter' the decision tree at different SYMPTOM nodes, e.g.: 'Slow at "Search notes"' 'Slow at "New Note"' 'Slow at clipping in browser' ... the decision tree would lead you through DIAGNOSTICS and INTERVENTIONS. A DIAGNOSTIC might be 'Check computer for available CPU and memory <... with a URL with how-to on performing the check>'. [digression: my not-young Windows 7 PC will show Evernote performance problems before any other software shows performance problems.] A INTERVENTION might be "Run 'Optimize Database' and 'Fix All Notes'" or "Close browser windows and open applications" Traversal of the diagnostic tree might look like: 'Slow at clipping in browser' -> 'Check computer for available CPU and memory' -> 'NOT OK' -> 'Close browser windows and open applications' -> 'Check computer for available CPU and memory' -> 'OK' -> 'Retest clipping in browser' -> ... [Digression: I need to find a piece of software that facilitates drawing the kind of diagnostic tree to which I elude, above.] [1] https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=problem+diagnosis+OR+isolation+decision+tree&chips=q:problem+diagnosis+isolation+decision+tree,online_chips:differential+diagnosis&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQltup9IHdAhVM6YMKHRGSCwsQ4lYIJygB&biw=1209&bih=549&dpr=1.1
  4. I, like a number of commenters in these forums, frequently encounter Evernote performance problems. Insofar as I can determine, a document/checklist/bibliography on "Diagnosing and repairing Evernote performance problems" does not exist; one must deal with performance problems on a ad-hoc basis, searching Evernote discussion forums and then stumbling through the reports and resolution of the performance problems de jour. Or does this document, or pieces thereof, exist and I'm just too dim to find it?
  5. I observe, starting today, that the Evernote extension for Chrome (v7.1.0) has yet again stopped working. Is this a known problem? As Evernote for Chrome, of late, frequently stops working for no apparent reason, it would be useful for Evernote staff to maintain a web page at evernote.com that reports the current "Working" or "Broken" status of the Chrome extension.
  6. <sniffle> I've learned, from the current problems, that I can't rely on Evernote to work like a well-supported product. <sniffle>
  7. Thank you. I now see that I can't be logged into the Evernote site when I submit the ticket.
  8. I am a paying Evernote customer who wants to enter a request for tech support. If I go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new, then that page: 1) fails to recognize that I am signed into Evernote and; 2)after signing in again, provides no way to enter a tech support request. How do I enter a tech support request?
  9. I also observe that web clipper for Chrome has stopped working.
  10. How do I persuade Evernote support to reopen a trouble ticket that the incorrectly closed?
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