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  1. I just got a reply from the helpless customer support, stating: How... how can well established features get neglected in an upgrade? "Unprofessional" barely describes such an approach
  2. I went back successfully to legacy version 6: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 Still I cannot believe Evernote has no quality assurance or usability testing at all....
  3. I just upgraded to v.10 and it makes me wanna puke so much I won't open tickets for each of the many, many issues. I just collected by "best of" (or better "worst of") here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s166/sh/ba4c0b30-c14f-7a63-a341-ccb370eddbb5/17d21904e85b20c43c3156462b31b777 Going to downgrade now...
  4. Same here. Very, very, VERY disappointed. I just upgraded to Version 10. "Evernote 10.3.6 is currently the newest version available." And I face lots of issues. My device-specific shortcuts are gone. On my office laptop I had different shortcuts than at home. Now I see the shortcuts from my home PC on my office laptop: --> Please recover my local shortcuts My screenshot hot-key is gone. I cannot make screenshots any longer. My custom defined hot-key does not work. The "options" are gone So I cannot chang
  5. How about getting rid of "merging"'s major flaw? Let me explain. Let's say there is note "X" with content "xxxxxxxxx" and node "Y" with content "yyyyyyy". If you "merge" them, you will get a completely new note with the content "xxxxxxxxx yyyyyyy". So far, so not bad. But imagine original "X" note was a lengthy, long living note. And there is another note "A" that holds an "internal link" to note "X". As soon as "X" is merged, the original "X" note goes to recycle bin, and the internal link in note "A" becomes invalid. Great, right? I don't think so. So, how about
  6. I was gonna propose the same thing. For example I would love to have one (or two) "general info" notes pinned/featured/stuck on top of a notebook. Hope this will be realized.
  7. I web pages you can use # references, a similar functionality in EN would be great.
  8. Hello there, I use EN windows client a lot. On my private PC, on my office workstation... Currently the default notebook setting is shared on all devices. But I'd like to use a different default notebook on different installations (one for private use at home, one for work ... at work). Best regards, Tom.
  9. For notebooks it is possible to set a unique style. Please enable the same feature for notebook folders, too. Cheers, Farbauti.
  10. And? What's your point here? There's a shortcut key for print, new note, etc, too, but there are also buttons for convenience...
  11. There is no print-preview button to choose for the toolbar. Before I print a note, I need to check the preview. Nowadays I have to select print-preview from the function menu. See: http://www.evernote.com/l/AKbLxuThuuZIGo4ctpGsfThb9mwh-0rh5OU/ Cheers, Tom.
  12. Please implement CTRL+SHIFT+V as "paste as text/plain" which inserts ASCII/UTF-8 characters only. Thank you.
  13. Hi, thanks gazumped for pointing me to this thread. Unfortunately I have the very same issue. In short: There is no way to paste text as actually plain text. And what's even worse: A pasted text with any format cannot be converted into "unformatted" at all. Please see details (my ticket) too: https://evernote.directly.com/p/evernote-how-to-paste-unformatted-text-3676309?r=3538833 It cannot be that I have to use a separate text editor as an intermediate step only to get rid of formatting! Cheers
  14. Now, 2 Years later I still have the same problem.... http://www.evernote.com/l/AKYQzolx0tNHV4o-CUkMwIxd-kmuq923jFA/
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