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  1. Thanks Mike, But no. It simply won't let me enter the ALT+PrintScreen combo. That's why I was asking...
  2. Thanks Mike. It's one additional click, than it used to, but it works fine for me. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, I reverted to the legacy version, after I upgraded to an early release of v.10 - about half a year ago. The downside is, Evernote explicitly will not support v.6 any longer (no bug fixes, no update, no nothing - thanks Evernote!). And my legacy version is stalling every third click or so. So I thought I could give v.10 another chance. But was again frustrated immediately Personally, I don't mind a "learing curve". As long as it is an upward curve. But this product version is just degrading... With lots of great features simply removed for the lame reason "t's not an upgrade, it's a new product".
  4. Hi there, In v.6 it was possible to have "none-synchronized" shortcuts. That was perfect because on my work laptop I need different favorites that on my private PC. In v.10 this option (along many, many other useful) seems gone.... Now, how can I have different shortcuts on different devices?
  5. Hi there, I see an old image in the Windows App. When I click thru to edit my profile/profile photo it directs me to the webpage (https://www.evernote.com/secure/ProfileSettings.action) and there is already the new & current image. So, how can I change my profile image in the Windows App?
  6. Hi there, In v.6 there was a search bar right above the notes of one notebook. When I was in one notebook I could search only this notebook. When I selected "all notes" I could search over all notes. How can I simply search within just one notebook in v.10, please?
  7. Hello there, I gave v.10 of Evernote/Win a second try after half a year, and I'm instantly pissed. Sorry for the rant. What worked like a charm in v.6, the hotkey ALT+PrintScreen for taking screenshots, is no longer possible. So now I have to live (an re-learn) all the hotkeys that Evernote dictates me to use?!?!? Why am I paying for this BS any longer...?
  8. I just got a reply from the helpless customer support, stating: How... how can well established features get neglected in an upgrade? "Unprofessional" barely describes such an approach
  9. I went back successfully to legacy version 6: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 Still I cannot believe Evernote has no quality assurance or usability testing at all....
  10. I just upgraded to v.10 and it makes me wanna puke so much I won't open tickets for each of the many, many issues. I just collected by "best of" (or better "worst of") here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s166/sh/ba4c0b30-c14f-7a63-a341-ccb370eddbb5/17d21904e85b20c43c3156462b31b777 Going to downgrade now...
  11. Same here. Very, very, VERY disappointed. I just upgraded to Version 10. "Evernote 10.3.6 is currently the newest version available." And I face lots of issues. My device-specific shortcuts are gone. On my office laptop I had different shortcuts than at home. Now I see the shortcuts from my home PC on my office laptop: --> Please recover my local shortcuts My screenshot hot-key is gone. I cannot make screenshots any longer. My custom defined hot-key does not work. The "options" are gone So I cannot change any option --> Please bring back the options The "Sync" button is gone --> Please bring back the option to manually sync Automated enumeration (when I type "1.") is enabled, while I disabled it in v.6 As there are no option, I cannot disable this behavior again. --> Please recover ALL my settings from v.6 The new editor is *****. The cursor jumps up and down undeliberatly. The auto numbering gets interrupted, or not (see this list acutally) --> Please provide a usable editor The navigation pane on the left is in dark mode - and cannot be changed. --> Please make the background=light configurable The navigation pane is filled with unremovable information I don't want/need, limiting the display of my notes to about 40% of the height. Especially the "+new Note" button uses a lot of space (height) --> Please make the navigation pane configurable (enable/disable: "prev/next page arrows", "Account", "+new Note", "Recent Noes"...) When I click on a link, it is no longer opened, but starts some kind of edit mode. --> Please return to the old behavior (left-click: open; right-click: context menu) The URL defined in "note info" is no longer accessible. Now I first need to bring up the "note info" window, then click on the "open" icon. That's most awkward https://www.evernote.com/shard/s166/sh/ba4c0b30-c14f-7a63-a341-ccb370eddbb5/17d21904e85b20c43c3156462b31b777
  12. How about getting rid of "merging"'s major flaw? Let me explain. Let's say there is note "X" with content "xxxxxxxxx" and node "Y" with content "yyyyyyy". If you "merge" them, you will get a completely new note with the content "xxxxxxxxx yyyyyyy". So far, so not bad. But imagine original "X" note was a lengthy, long living note. And there is another note "A" that holds an "internal link" to note "X". As soon as "X" is merged, the original "X" note goes to recycle bin, and the internal link in note "A" becomes invalid. Great, right? I don't think so. So, how about "merging" just adds further notes to the first one? In this case, links (internal or external) to the - let's call it - "main note" prevail. Thanks for considering.
  13. I was gonna propose the same thing. For example I would love to have one (or two) "general info" notes pinned/featured/stuck on top of a notebook. Hope this will be realized.
  14. I web pages you can use # references, a similar functionality in EN would be great.
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