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  1. I have seen this several times in the latest windows version as well: multiple cores were occupied endlessly. Killing EN and restarting solved the problem.
  2. not only comma's, also minus sign and probably other non alpha chars
  3. I've read on the forum that the title is undefined in the export when there are comma's in the title https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132633-export-all-notes-in-html/?do=findComment&comment=600037 edit: i think also if the title contains a minus sign
  4. So is your privacy then 😕
  5. Exactly, I even doubt whether they really know all the features built in over the years in the different products by different developers...
  6. I've the same problem with indexed pdf files. V6 still searches my indexed pdfs, but V10 doesn't anymore
  7. I like the mark down format more and more since I compared ENEX format with MarkDown format. Even for the simplest notes, ENEX files are still very verbose and heavy. It's amazing that complicated web clips notes can still be expressed in simple human readable MarkDown format, without loosing essential info. And for exceptional difficult fragments, MarkDown format allows HTML snippets if needed.
  8. Weird, in the windows version 10.5.7 , I have the following options (I translated it to english, probably a little bit different from the english EN): rename the tag, remove the tag from all notes, delete the tag, add the tag to the speedmenu, move the tag
  9. Last days, I've been testing Joplin import of my full database (3700 notes). At a certain point I got an import problem for a single web clip note, due to an inconsistent Enex file (invalid XML). I reported this problem on the joplin forum and within 10 minutes, the Joplin author asked me some info, and after less than half an hour, he worked around the enex problem and released it, problem solved 🙂 If I would have asked evernote to fix the root cause, the invalid XML in the ENEX generator or web clipper, it would probably take a couple of months... In the mean time, he's still improving
  10. Yes you can: click the tags icon in the left bar, then click on the '...' of the tag you would like to change or move. This shows you a menu with all the tag actions you need.
  11. Just click the notebook-list icon and right click the required notebook => rename Edit: I do understand your confusion, because this doesn't work when you hover over the tags, why is there different behaviour (the same problem for labels) Edit: why is the speed menu invoked with a right click in case of notebooks and for labels the right click is replaced by '...' ? Is this a consistent GUI ?
  12. I discovered an export problem while testing Joplin import from a V10 ENEX notebook. All my notes were imported properly, except for some notes which missed a note title. To pinpoint the problem, I did a second import from a V6 ENEX from the same notebook. This time all titles were intact and the complete import was perfect (except for some complicated web clips). Then to find the culprit, I exported with V10 one of the notes were the imported title was missing. A brief look in the enex file revealed that the title was really missing in the export! So it has nothing to do with Joplin...
  13. The ENEX format is a very strict XML format, actually a XHTML subset with only a few extra EN tags. It is formally well described in a XML scheme http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export3.dtd which can be used to validate the notes against. There is plenty of software available to parse XML, which makes the import into other note taking apps much easier. At the other hand, mark down format looks great, but I have the impression that it is not standardized very well. There are several incompatible flavors of it. Maybe, this has been solved in the mean time? Markdown is also very
  14. What makes you so sure that your work is not at the mercy of decisions by the Joplin team? Does the Joplin team has sufficient human and financial resources to survive?
  15. I understand that the GUID is basically useless in these cases where you do partial imports in an existing database (although this might be solved by checking the modification dates and providing confirmation dialogs). However, when importing the complete database from scratch, the GUID is perfectly useful to reconstruct the complete note graph. 'Clairvoyance' is not that difficult if a two pass importer is implemented or something like that.
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