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  1. I agree, but then what's the point of this paid feature if you can't find your note in the locally saved database ?
  2. And another weird behavior in off-line mode is that it returns deleted notes as well !
  3. A search expression with multiple words performs a logical OR in off-line mode and a logical AND in on-line mode For instance the search expression: books john in off-line it returns all notes containing 'books' OR 'John' in on-line it returns only notes containing 'books' AND 'John' simultaneously
  4. Yes, finally a working FireFox implementation 🙂
  5. When using tag suffixes, wildcards can be used: Restaurant_us , Restaurant_ch may be searched as tag:Restaurant* In case of the Saved Searches, any part of the name can be specified in the selection: for instance, 'America/Restaurants' can be selected as 'staurants'
  6. What I meant was that the tag tree position isn't used while filtering, as far as I understand it. The Struct_Tag is only used to represent the tags in a structured way. This doesn't change the fact that the struct needs to be changed to allow for multiple appearances of a tag in the hierarchy While thinking about all this, I realized that these 'multiple parent' trees can already be simulated with 'Saved searches' by using proper naming: 'America' , 'America/Restaurants' , 'China' , 'China/Restaurants' using the flat tags America, China and Restaurant
  7. Yes, if you click somewhere in the tag tree, all tags in the path are ANDed as you would expect. At the other hand, if you just specify the filter tag:Restaurant, it will retrieve all restaurants, whatever the place, very intuitive, no magic at all. The best of both worlds. Edit: underneath there exists no tag hierarchy, all tags are flat and therefore there is only one version of the restaurant tag, so no need for a special operation like Ctrl+Click that selects all versions of the tag
  8. Interesting video, I really enjoy this channel 🙂 I'm a little bit confused about the Chinese and American restaurant sub-tag example. As far as I know, in EN windows, it's impossible to put the same tag into different tag hierarchies. Obviously, this feature as described in the video would be a great alternative for folders and would alleviate the endless folders vs tags discussions...
  9. Maybe you can use the "sticky keys" feature https://www.accessibility.barclays.com/windows-10-using-your-keyboard-one-handed/ Maybe better, you can assign your mouse side buttons to shift, CTRL or whatever key combinations.
  10. Hopefully I can override the default. I still prefer a single file since my PC has sufficient memory to do the job
  11. This tool let you convert evernote enex file to almost any popular file format: https://download.cnet.com/BitRecover-Evernote-Converter-Wizard/3000-18483_4-77698337.html https://www.bitrecover.com/evernote/converter/#five
  12. I hope you can confince the CEF team to integrate the required DnD functionality into their framework. Forking the code is a never ending story I'm afraid
  13. I still wonder why Evernote's DnD implementation is so fragile in this framework? Is CEF not intended for this kind of applications?
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