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  1. I noticed in the latest version, apart from the scanned files, you can import pdf or image files from other sources and combine these with scanned files into a new pdf. So you can use NAPS2 to encrypt and / or OCR any pdf or image file.
  2. This powerful free scanner tool https://www.naps2.com/ stores my scanned documents in encrypted pdf (encryption is optional of course). In my workflow I store directly into the evernote import folder. edit: I forgot to tell that it can also OCR the pdf document
  3. Exactly, for me the HTLM export is a perfect backup: it is searchable from Windows Explorer, Agent Ransack etc and it is a web standard that will still be readable for the next 100 years. That is the reason that I stick with evernote, there is no need to look for other tools because my data is safe whatever happens...
  4. In the past it took months to fix critical bugs, now EN interacts more with the forum and is more responsive with hotfixes I don't care about the frequency of updates if this improves the quality of the product...
  5. My "multiple html files" do contain creation and update timestamp. I use the latest evernote for windows. Please check the export options when starting the backup process...
  6. Thanks for the tip! In case of a numbered or bullet list, you can create a complete tree by dragging items around, you can also drag a complete subtree at once. Interesting !
  7. I also wonder whether the PDF search problem is solved in this release ?
  8. Thanks for the diagnosis. My scanner OCR'ed my document to generate the indexed PDF. It has nothing to do with evernotes OCR, I agree. Was the IFilter plugin still activated in the 6.16.4 release? Because in that version the search is OK...
  9. Now that I downgraded back to 6.14.4, I scanned a document and saved it as an OCR indexed pdf file in my evernote import folder. The note is created and the indexed pdf is searchable! When I did that with this Beta release, new notes with indexed pdf were not searchable, at least not in Evernote for windows. They were however searchable in Evernote for Web or Android.
  10. Since I went back to 6.16.4 and experienced the same pdf search problem for my newest notes (last weeks), I decided to 'touch' the note by adding some characters to the title or body. From then on, the pdf is searchable again ! What's happening here? I rebuilt my database from scratch, no history whatsoever. Why do I need to touch the note to reactivate the indexed pdf search ? Is it possible that my newer notes which were created by this beta are in some way different than my older notes? When I edit these notes in 6.16.4, these notes are searchable again ?!? I could further prove this by re-installing the beta but I don't dare to further compromise my notes.
  11. I tested this and it is indeed handled as text. I can also search in adobe acrobat reader. The same note is searchable via Evernote For Web. So there is nothing wrong with my data on the servers, everything is searchable but not via Evernote for windows (also not working with the latest release 6.16.4) Edit: Older notes that aren't changed the last weeks (month?) are not affected, they are still searchable. Edit: The pdf search does work in Android Evernote as well
  12. I uninstalled this beta and reinstalled (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) and synced the complete database from scratch. However, I still can't search the expected indexed pdf notes, while I can find them via Evernote For Web. Conclusion: this search bug is in the released version as well !!!
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