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  1. I tried the Evernote Web implementation and it fits my workflow more or less, but I can't live without an export / archive function (HTML and ENEX). Is that already provided in the windows version?
  2. I understand evernote has a bootstrap problem: if *all* evernote users would pay a fair fee, prices could drop dramatically and everybody would be happy. The big question is, how can you make this transition without the risk that existing paying users switch to a lower plan and the rest would still stick at Basic plan...
  3. Do you use evernote V10.2.1 or do you stick to the old version? At least for me reminders work properly in my web client
  4. II don't believe that performance issues are inevitable on the Electron platform. A very popular lightweight multiplatform IDE is Visual Studio Code which is completely written in javascript and electron. It is very performant and stable. Multiple themes are provided, including dark themes. Nobody would expect that this technology is used underneath! https://code.visualstudio.com/ Another good example is the extremely popular Discord client, built on the Electron framework
  5. Does Notion have a proper export format that can be imported by onenote or other note apps?
  6. I fully agree, I use encrypted pdf, which keeps my note encryption platform agnostic. In the note I can still add some keywords are tags for searching
  7. it is most unintuitive that table delete is inside the cell drop-down, but it does work in both the browser and windows !
  8. I agree, but then what's the point of this paid feature if you can't find your note in the locally saved database ?
  9. And another weird behavior in off-line mode is that it returns deleted notes as well !
  10. A search expression with multiple words performs a logical OR in off-line mode and a logical AND in on-line mode For instance the search expression: books john in off-line it returns all notes containing 'books' OR 'John' in on-line it returns only notes containing 'books' AND 'John' simultaneously
  11. Yes, finally a working FireFox implementation 🙂
  12. When using tag suffixes, wildcards can be used: Restaurant_us , Restaurant_ch may be searched as tag:Restaurant* In case of the Saved Searches, any part of the name can be specified in the selection: for instance, 'America/Restaurants' can be selected as 'staurants'
  13. What I meant was that the tag tree position isn't used while filtering, as far as I understand it. The Struct_Tag is only used to represent the tags in a structured way. This doesn't change the fact that the struct needs to be changed to allow for multiple appearances of a tag in the hierarchy While thinking about all this, I realized that these 'multiple parent' trees can already be simulated with 'Saved searches' by using proper naming: 'America' , 'America/Restaurants' , 'China' , 'China/Restaurants' using the flat tags America, China and Restaurant
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