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  1. How can we make the EN developers aware of this annoying issue?
  2. I use the windows desktop version. Local search does not work for the web version
  3. I hope EN employees use their own product, so they should have experienced this problem themselves. Why isn't it solved then already? This affects the basic functionality!
  4. When I disconnect my network, the search works properly 🙂
  5. The latest WEB client and windows client do not find my new notes created since this morning. Is this a known problem?
  6. That is the strength of EN: eml is a strong well defined xml format, described in a xml scheme. This can't be said from other note apps where less standardized export formats are used (joplin...)
  7. For my workflow, I also prefer the windows V10 in dark theme now above the legacy version except for the missing import-folder and html export.
  8. Since Joplin and nimbus are getting better and better in EN-import, the safest place for my notes is evernote 🙂
  9. especially since local notebooks have disappeared !
  10. I use the windows desktop version Cold start improved from 24 seconds to 8 seconds Note creation: less than 1 second No blank notes seen in EN 10.9.10
  11. No problem in 10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439)
  12. What's wrong with CTRL ALT S ? You can change the key combination as well...
  13. The many new shortcuts/gui changes are making life much easier now, especially for the tag complainers. Among many other interesting shortcuts, CTRL ALT V is very handy to put the content of the clipboard in a new note. At every release, I see performance improvements as well. The database might still be improved but for my workflow it's ok. I also like the same look and feel in the Android version. I just received it and I was really surprised how fast it starts (in comparison to the windows version) and how stable it is and feature complete (for my workflow) It's the firs
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