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  1. The most recent update, version 10.6.9-win-ddl-public (2254), seems to have permanently fixed this problem on all of my computers. Thank the maker, lol.
  2. Correct. This does not fix the issue, though it did result in some different notebooks having this happen immediately afterwards; but it's still random. Same as I just mentioned above in this reply, all this accomplished was changing which notebooks have the reload problem happen on. However, it still changes on a nearly daily basis on its own, anyways. This really needs to get a proper and verified fix by the developers implemented. If any devs see this, feel free to contact me, I am happy to assist in testing or sending logs, etc...I'll probably open a support case when I can as well
  3. I'm still getting this frequently in random notebooks in the Windows 10 app on all my computers, yet loading from the website works just fine. Please get this fixed, it's incredibly annoying. 10.5.7 build 2171 public.
  4. Yes, I copied all of it to notepad on a computer, then re-copied and pasted without the formatting in a new note to test; same thing.
  5. The Google Keep and OneNote Android apps both have zero issues with large documents. The largest note in question I have is actually one that was already in both of those apps, and which I merely pasted (even with matching destination formatting) into a new note in Evernote. The lag issue is absolutely, definitively, exclusive to Evernote. I don't have this issue whatsoever with the Evernote desktop thick client or the browser-based one.
  6. Oh I know you're not support, I was posting that for their benefit since i'm sure there's at least some occasional lurking. There's no way that high of a percentage (four nines? really?) never have use for a longer note, though. If local storage (I've got 39GB free on local storage on my 64GB Pixel phone) and network connection speed (half the time I'm on 100-megabit symmetrical fiber via 802.11AC Wi-Fi) are factors for some, they are not for me, generally. Ridiculous thought to even entertain, really. If I were using an old POS phone that was $99 when it was new, maybe... In any cas
  7. I'm a systems engineer who works for an IT consulting company. I have one notebook for each client I do anything resembling regular work with, so I have a couple dozen notebooks. A couple of these clients have very special security procedures in place, and there are some things that I do in five minutes for one client but which take 90 minutes at one or two of these special security clients, and it's an extensively documented list of tasks for one specific "normally quick" procedure. I can't have short notes in some cases; or rather, it'd be the equivalent of breaking up paragraphs on a page i
  8. Larger notes perform horribly; the typing input lag is ridiculous. What's the fix? Not "shorten the notes," that is absurd. I only do normal raw text notes for most of them. A 486 computer from 1995 handled 50,000-character Word documents without issue, but my Google Pixel quad-core SOC phone can't with this application? Wow. Please fix your application. I'm experiencing this on the Android app. I tried this out (Plus version, so I don't even have the context option) because of OneNote not reliably syncing between devices off and on and I love the feature set here, but I am an IT systems
  9. This isn't just a night owls/dark room thing. I regularly prefer non-white backgrounds while working during the day in a regularly lit room. Evernote offers so much; but not so much as one alternate theme? SERIOUSLY? Please implement this ASAP. It can't possibly be much work in the scheme of things.
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