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  1. on what device are you running ? On my PC, loading the notes list after selecting a new tag or notebook takes less than 1 second (3500 notes database) loading a note is instantly
  2. Agreed, ctrl-F is really missing, I don't want to go in edit mode, just for searching, with the risk of changing something unintentionally ! I guess they just forgot it, have you already send a request to fix this?
  3. you can also use alt ctrl-v to paste into a new note and merge the notes later on
  4. hmm, it's the opposite, I'm afraid: any: searches for "word1 OR word 2", the default is AND I tested this on the desktop an Web version...
  5. The latest EN 10.11.05 for windows is sufficiently responsive now ( I'm running it on a PC with an I7 processor and 16 GB ram). Sometimes, it's even faster than Joplin now. So it is perfectly usable. I'm a happy user, especially the dark theme is extremely friendly for my eyes. I like the uniform UI. Of course, I still expect some missing features: HTML Export is the most important one, and import folder. Also the 50 notes multi select limitation should be solved. I believe that EN had no other choice than switching to the Electron platform because the majority of the competitors are doing it as well.
  6. How may notes do you have? Have you reported this problem already?
  7. Joplin is not exactly 'plain' text. They use mark down format, and this is sometimes limiting and less expressive than an XML based format like enml. ENML is unfortunately much more verbose, but very well defined in a xml scheme.
  8. the one that works is a jpeg, the other one a png ?
  9. I took the smaller apple at the left side. If you take the big apple at the right side, it doesn't work indeed...
  10. Yes, in both the desktop and web version I see the pencil edit icon... probably image dependent ? I took this image from the web: https://www.google.com/search?q=apple&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjz-6D_0P7vAhVGgf0HHSedDmgQ_AUoAXoECAoQAw&biw=2208&bih=975#imgrc=WP9Fk8tkDdDa2M
  11. I don't ask for help, but please, don't start complaining again and again in the few positive topics on this forum. There are sufficient topics available were you can complain as much as you like...
  12. Please, give me one example of any software without issues or hick-ups? In the mean time, performance wise EN starts as fast as Joplin now, EN re-implemented many small features and shortcuts that make workflows easier again,I really like the new unified GUI with dark theme and it is very intuitive to the rest of my family as well. I believe in the global strategy (not so much in how they introduced it several months ago) By the way, in my latest web version, images seems to be stored properly...
  13. I fully agree! EN 10.11.5 has again substantial performance improvements. Every release, the slow elephant is getting faster, and hopefully once at full speed, it can't be stopped anymore 🙂
  14. How can we make the EN developers aware of this annoying issue?
  15. I use the windows desktop version. Local search does not work for the web version
  16. I hope EN employees use their own product, so they should have experienced this problem themselves. Why isn't it solved then already? This affects the basic functionality!
  17. When I disconnect my network, the search works properly 🙂
  18. The latest WEB client and windows client do not find my new notes created since this morning. Is this a known problem?
  19. That is the strength of EN: eml is a strong well defined xml format, described in a xml scheme. This can't be said from other note apps where less standardized export formats are used (joplin...)
  20. For my workflow, I also prefer the windows V10 in dark theme now above the legacy version except for the missing import-folder and html export.
  21. Since Joplin and nimbus are getting better and better in EN-import, the safest place for my notes is evernote 🙂
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