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  1. This is a game changer, especially the synergy between home and tasks is very promising !
  2. 10 seconds is abnormally slow. On my windows PC, these actions take less than 1 second (for a single delete or attach). Have you checked your network speed? Are these actions faster with disconnected network ?
  3. It was a very popular feature request: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/127251-dark-mode-for-windows/ Dark mode isn't a cosmetic addition, it is an eye saver. Really feeling eye strain on legacy EN for windows with all that white blaring at me.
  4. A very important one is the dark theme on windows, I'm very happy with that !
  5. Interesting, are there attachments in your notes (jpg, docx, pdf...) and are the links to these attachments working in your pdf ? Which Evernote version do you use for the pdf generation? Have you converted each note individually are do you use some script to run it in batch?
  6. If you need to convert notes with all kind of attachments, you could also export your notebook to multiple page HTML and convert this to a single pdf file with a pdf tool like adobe acrobat https://helpx.adobe.com/be_en/acrobat/using/converting-web-pages-pdf.html . You can best start from the Evernote_index.html from which the tool can drill down to all the notes below. Please keep in mind that Evernote 10.14.7 HTML export doesn't handle attachments properly yet. You can best use the legacy version. Edit: I just noticed that you would like to put the notes in a certain order, which requires that you first order the Evernote_index.html .
  7. No problem here, the home screen pops up instantaneously ! Maybe your network connection is painfully slow?
  8. After installation of Evernote 10.14.6 and the automatic restart, ctrl-q did nothing. However, after another cold start, ctr-q does work. It's a quick search to text, tags notebooks etc. I really like it! It is indeed the old Quick Search (that I wasn't aware of)
  9. In Evernote 10.14.6, a new shortcut ctrl-q is added, but it is not very clear (at least not in the dutch translation) what it should do. What is it good for?
  10. I store my sensitive data in encrypted pdf. This is a standard format, easily portable to any note app.
  11. Can you please redo this test when you create an encrypted test note with disconnected network?
  12. I disconnect my network before entering and encrypting the text
  13. Sorry, I should have searched for this topic first before issuing a new one. Thanks
  14. When I create a new template, I get a message that it has been created. However, it doesn't appear in the template list of the new note button. What else should I do to get it in the list?
  15. AFAIK, Nimbus is also an electron application...
  16. Can you add images, word and pdf documents to a note?
  17. After restarting my PC, ctrl-alt-s works again; the screenshot is immediately available in my default notebook with the title as shown in the Windows notification! (cold starting EN was not sufficient)
  18. on windows platform, using ctrl alt S
  19. Syncing a screenshot is sometimes problematic: while it immediately arrives in the legacy, the latest V10 refuses to update. Even after a cold start, it doesn't notice the new screenshot! How can I force a sync in V10 ?
  20. I have the impression that you are talking about a different topic. This discussion is about HTML export format, where the meta data is visible as a table in the exported HTML document.
  21. Agreed, but this is evernote meta level, not html level. In the legacy HTML, it is displayed as a table and described in HTML as follows: <div> <table bgcolor="#D4DDE5" border="0"> <tr><td><b>Created:</b></td><td><i>9/06/2016 10:10</i></td></tr> <tr><td><b>Updated:</b></td><td><i>9/06/2016 10:12</i></td></tr> <tr><td><b>Author:</b></td><td><i>john doe</i></td></tr> <tr><td><b>Labels:</b></td><td><i>kamperen, reizen</i></td></tr> </table> </div>
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