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  1. I know... it's really tough to know the "right" move to make. And I'm sure everyone's situation is different (e.g., different features of the "legacy" EN that one uses), which may lead to a different roadmap. I've installed the legacy version and will keep using that for a while (especially since my subscription is paid through next September). I am performing monthly backups so at any point I can take those backups into any other solution that supports importing of EN-formatted data... just in case EN goes belly-up. At the same time I've installed and keep Notion open to force myself to test it out a bit. I'm not using it right now for long-term note retention, but more as a temporary scratchpad and daily TO DO list. Still, it gives me a feel for its strengths and weaknesses. So far I am pretty impressed with it, though I wish it had the ability to encrypt text the way EN does. Good luck! Let's hope that somehow EN management sees there err of their ways and gets back to having the type of product people used to rave about. We'll see. Be well and stay safe!
  2. Unless we're talking about a one or two person shop running out of someone's garage, developers are not the final say in these decisions. There are business analysts, architects, Team Leads, project managers and--especially for a flagship product--senior IT management (e.g., CIO, CTO, etc.). I'm not saying developers have no responsibility for the direction of the code base, but I've never seen a professionally-run software development shop that totally let developers do whatever they wanted to do with no peer / code review, adherence to corporate software development standards, etc. If EN management allowed developers to run amuck then they (management) are not responsible for making poor software decisions; they're responsible for not knowing how to manage a software project. Either way, not good imho.
  3. Interesting. I did not know that... Thought EN was still going through VC funding. Ages ago I was a LogMeIn customer for quite some time. Signed up when they started and got a "lifetime $$$$ annual renewal offer" (Think it might have been like $39 / year). A few years later they totally did not honor the original deal even though I raised it up through the customer service ranks and showed the original email order confirmation. Left a very bad taste in my mouth about that company. Coincidence? Big Coincidence? [Go for it, Seinfeld fans!] I think perhaps not.
  4. Agreed. And nice that they have what appears to be a fairly solid Evernote import option. I too have been impressed.
  5. First of all, let's not blame developers for what senior and project management failures exist in Evernote. As both a software developer and a project management professional (PMP), I can attest how projects like this play out and this is not a developer-driven collapse. I think even suggesting it is is unfair to the Evernote development team. Next, I too have been using and paying for Evernote since 2011--daily! Overall I still consider my Evernote experience positive when considering my entire history with it. That said, the past two or so years have been quite lacking--in my opinion--in terms of the frequency and significance of Evernote updates compared to prior years. This would have been acceptable had our patience been rewarded with a Version 10 that at least supported most of the heavily-used features we all rely on. Understand, from what I am reading most Evernote customers understood the need to rewrite the product and many understand it's difficult to migrate a product AND add new features during the same product. But to jettison basic, heavily-promoted (by Evernote), heavily-used (by paying customers) features and declare the release production-ready is--honestly--and insult to current customers. Finally, in reading Evernote senior management's response to the outpouring of specific feedback and issues with Version 10... Oh, wait! That's right: There has been no response! This is--in my opinion--much worse than the issues raised by releasing what at best can be considered a Beta Test release as production-ready, as it basically is the shortcut way of responding to our complaints with a very loud: "SO?!" I am a big believer in personal responsibly, and I think that also applies to business organizations. Evernote senior management is failing to accept responsibility for what is clearly a disaster of their own making. ...just my two cents.
  6. I thought was the last version prior to the #SAD Version 10; Do you have a link handy for downloading EN 7.x? Thanks.
  7. I've downgraded back to version 6.* of EN for now, but did look at and was impressed by Notion.
  8. Indeed. If V10 was a Train, Plane or Automobile we'd be looking for stand-ins for John Candy and Steve Martin!
  9. imho: For all the reasons one can conclude Evernote is managing their software platform migration exceptionally well and their current top-of-the-line production release (version 10) is extremely useful and functional, there are also many reasons others can conclude Evernote has mismanaged their software platform migration and have let loyal customers down given the high bar Evernote has set in the past. We don't need to convince each other which is the "right" conclusion--we can agree to disagree and agree that it's all subjective based on each of our uniqueness as individuals and how we use the product. We can individually decide to "stick with" Evernote and see where things end up, or jump ship if we feel that's what's in our best interest. With everything going on I'm not sure sparring over how we see the current Evernote situation should be on the top of anyone's priority list. Again, just my opinion. Be well and stay safe! ________________ _____/ Regards, ____/ al
  10. Hi Daniel - Try https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 which should have a link for downloading the special legacy version. Hope this helps!
  11. DTLow (and others): My bad... I should have found that on my own. Thanks for pointing it out to me. _____/ Regards, ____/ al
  12. Hi all - Does anyone know of a way to do the above? I will need to find / decrypt all of these before I jump off the SS Evernote before it sinks. TIA! Be well and stay safe!
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