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  1. We've been told that the 50 note limit is caused by V10's very poor performance, and this is a very hot topic on the forum
  2. Repetitive work is what computers should do: even if the current implementation can't handle all notes at once, they can automate it in a loop of chuncks of 50 notes, exactly what 200 million users have to do manually now...
  3. or you can select it directly from within the search list A completely different solution might be AHK (AutoHotKey) or a similar scripting tool to generate the search string with one key click. https://www.autohotkey.com/
  4. The 50 note limit was introduced to 'hide' the poor performance. For me, a poor performance is still better than the 50 note limit though. I've also the impression that EN doesn't use the available resources to speed it up: my PC has 16 GB of ram and half of it is left unused).
  5. in my case, I just started a new note and had written about 10 lines, when I noticed that there were already 4 duplicates (as I said no other EN clients were opened at that time)
  6. I don't think that there is a real risk that the pdf file will be written back as long as you don't use a pdf reader which is capable to make changes in the file. I use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to decrypt and this tool will never write back to the original file location.
  7. On my EN for windows, I've got 4 duplicated notes, just while typing text for 2 minutes. No other EN clients were open. This happened twice already...
  8. I do know the reason, and I fixed it in an exported document just for testing, it's only a matter of a few lines HTML code (href or onclick event). I don't understand why they still haven't fixed it (after 6 months already)
  9. It should be noted that there is still a blocking unresolved bug: attachments are inaccessible from within the exported HTML (or PDF)
  10. I've never understood why EN had such an awkward search syntax concerning boolean search. The intuitive new Boolean search should have been part of it from the very beginning.
  11. A database should always be protected against accidental deletion Assume you have a note with many attachments. If you (or your family) clicks an attachment and accidentally click the delete button, the attachment is gone without any warning. Since there are many attachments, you may not notice that it disappeared and you will not look in your history for the previous version! For that reason I'm big fan of read-only mode.
  12. I exported an empty note, just a single word title, no images, no text body. The HTML document has a size of 256 KB !!! That's one of the reasons that I hope that EN will finally look at their superior legacy HTML export for windows. It's not only much much smaller in size, but attachments links do work, which is still an unresolved issue in V10 after 5 months ! Somebody stated on this forum that HTML export can be written much easier today with powerful and fancy tools 😏 The least we can say is that the HTML size is in line with the Electron size 😉
  13. I don't know about paint but it does work with IrfanView. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work with paint, have you saved the result explicitly before leaving paint?
  14. another example of unexpected versioning is when reorganizing your tags or notebooks
  15. Because this limit may be reached sooner than you expect: every insignificant change can cause a new version: for instance temporarily changing the view type of a pdf document is sufficient to store a new version..
  16. Is this expected behavior that you can't access the full version tree in the note history? It seems that it's restricted to about 50 versions 😞 Edit: I just realized that this limit may be reached sooner than you expect: temporarily changing the view type of a pdf document is sufficient to store a new version...
  17. This HTML Export problem is still not solved in V10.22.3 (Ticket 3309909) . I can't believe that adding a few lines of HTML code ( href or OnClick event) takes more than 5 months to fix 😕 This renders the HTML export completely useless...
  18. But there are improvements as well: the search engine is typo-tolerant 🙂
  19. There is one exception: EN does find sub-strings in Titles Edit: even in titles it doesn't always work as expected.
  20. Isn't that a problem if you would like to use it as a backup, as you suggested before?
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