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  1. 1. You did not read other posts. I use both EN and Notion and pay for them 2. I came here because I got an email notification stating that my plan has changed. 3. You are acting like a kid who has only one toy and thinks his toy is the best and is jealous because others play with more than 1 toy, 4. If I had so much interest and time to troll, I would not have posted 17 messages in 7 years but probably would have become Level 5 user just by the count of posts. 5. This more like a Moderator trolling a user on the forum, who has less than 1 post every 5 months.
  2. I agree, EN moved to cloud only in 2017, after being founded in 2004. The newer apps started directly on cloud and have saved a lot from the inherent efficiencies(not just compute and storage) of cloud so are able to offer attractive prices. So my point was based on how EN started. Hopefully, the S&M teams are sure about the pricing strategy. Does this new pricing address both the existing and new customers, probably future will tell !
  3. That 'many' is miniscule - EN's rating on Google Play has dropped to 3.8. If maintain more than one car and expect the best out of both of them. I pay for both EN and Notion. I don't have a personal grudge against EN. It has few features that Notion doesn't have - so I ask Notion as well to gap those lags. No need to get offended . My posts talk about more about the customer segmentation .
  4. I am glad there is just only you like you on the forum. Firstly, you did not understand my post and are quoting me with an incorrect interpretation and calling it senseless. Secondly, look at the pricing plans for all other SaaS enterprises not just note taking apps- Customer segmentation does not work the way you are trying to educate everyone here. I am sharing the pricing of other apps that are offered to individuals and businesses. None of the other companies midway says that "hey ! I will create one more tier on the personal plans and will stop offering newer features to the old customers out there . " Additional segmentation may happen for plans for teams and enterprises, depending on the product but I have never seen more than 2 tiers - free and paid for individual users. So, please stop acting like an expert on the forum on the basis of your feelings and shallow knowledge. Wishing more for less is human - tell Santa when you meet him. All these subjective statements ! Nobody is wishing more for less. It is just your interpretation. BTW, You may be fine to pay 20 USD more, people on Plus plans have been robbed off some of their features. They could be people on low budget. So while your case is closed, you are really indifferent to what so many others feel and are writing about it.
  5. There are hardly any new features in the previous Premium Plan - ability to add tasks ? sigh ! Take any SaaS software , as an example. They have the following tiers. 1. Free - Individual Users 2. Personal - Individual Users 3. Teams - Business 4. Enterprise - Business Evernote is unique, it has 4 tiers for individual users - Free, Legacy Plus, Personal and Professional. But this was not the moot point of my previous post. You happened to conveniently ignore the pricing ! Good Luck to all the users who will subscribe to Professional - Please do ! I am sure you would do as you have been advocating for Evernote for so long and have been urging others to keep patience, now we have been rewarded for the patience.
  6. hot thread ! All these note taking apps are a bunch of APIs and UI over cloud compute and storage . 1. Cost of compute and storage in cloud has decreased drastically over last 10 years. So operationally, there have been huge savings for all these SaaS companies. Couldn't find the latest timeseries data but here is something to analyze. 2. By introducing a new tier called 'Professional', Evernote has really taken the top tier users for a ride who have been paying for last 5-7 years without introduction of new features. I feel lucky that I moved on to Notion 2 years ago- so many features and so many integrations.
  7. @PinkElephant There are just two things that I am unhappy with, rest really works great and that's why I am still using it and hence your conclusions(that EN sucks) is just immature. If all the 225 million odd EN users start eulogizing Evernote on their forums, it will crash. As for my involvement, this is not AI/ML that people are seeking help out here. It's just a simple note taking tool. I use a lot of other software products(more than 30-40 odd), so you are unnecessarily trying to find fault with me one way or other for not being "involved'' . I did mention about few users hijacking the forum and serving sermons and it turned out as expected. unwanted, out of context, and unrelated euphemism just to say something that doesn't make sense like previous posts. Anyways, my last post on this thread, feel free to continue with your similes and finding faults but for my future posts( which are any ways too few, 10 odd in 4 years, three to four posts wasted in responding you), I would appreciate if you don't respond to my posts. I would rather have a post unanswered and unattended rather than hear your chaff.
  8. @PinkElephant I think you are an EN employee or certainly there is a conflict of interest. You are one of those users who plenty of the time in the world to tell all others "I do this it this way ...."I think this is the correct way and your use case is not". You seem be to castigating and mocking almost every other user who voices an opinion that EN needs a feature uplift. Rather than addressing the problem and responding to evidence, you just poke around without adding any value with a nuanced discussion. I didn't ask for for your opinion whether I should switch or not. I am already using Notion was well, so your response like the previous one is useless and doesn't help me. You can just sit and wonder why I want to use both EN and Notion.
  9. what is then 10 GB for, and how do think I can utilize 10 GB upload limit? Do not respond, just for the sake of it. Nimbus has file size limit is 1 GB, Notion has virtually no file size limit. Before responding , acquaint yourself with the product space @PinkElephant
  10. Another limiting feature of Evernote: max attachment size 200mb and max note size 200MB. If Evernote is providing ability to attach files, videos etc. with up-to 10 GB/month, then with this annoying limitation, in reality Evernote doesn't really want the users to utilize the full monthly limit. So, Evernote doesn't want to support hierarchical note organization and doesn't want to increase the note size limit - I know couple of esteemed users will now come back asking for my use case and try justifying all the limitations ad-nauseum when rest of the note taking apps have way above limits and there are several hundreds of people with different use cases. Note taking uses cases shouldn't be assessed by couple of users who seem to have hijacked this forum into questioning every other user. Hopefully, Evernote focuses on better user experience - it was founded in 2000, this is 2022 - It's like saying your phone storage capacity will be same as it was in 2000 store your other stuff somewhere else! Really !
  11. hi , How can I create a secure link of a note or a file that I can share externally say in One Note. Will other users be able to access the link if they have it ? Thanks
  12. @PinkElephant Thank you for educating me. In past 2 years I opened one feature request for tabbed notes in the windows version of the app. It's already there in the Max OS's version and there is no sight of when this will be implemented in Windows version. I don't reach out to Evernote for the simple fact that they do not respond. I know there are a lot of fanboys for Evernote including me and so whenever an existing Evernote user talks great about another app , one gets frantic responses "It's working great from me". Also, all these app servers are now hosted on cloud, so Evernote and others are already enjoying the flexibility of cloud pricing plus the additional deep discounts they would have negotiated with the cloud provider. So the cost of maintaining the fleet of servers and operations has come down drastically along with freeing up employees for product development. Everyone is waiting for the results ! I can only wish that Evernote comes good with its promise of turning things around - but when ! The forum is already abuzz with lack of clarity again. Till then I am sailing in two boats until it makes no sense. @CalS Yes use cases are many a splendored thing. You may abhor or may not need folder support but others may equally need it. No one can claim to be a platinum standard of a typical user of Evernote.
  13. Evernote doesn't even maintain features across platforms . I wonder how archaic the Windows version of Evernote is - far behind that of MacOS's version. I got to know that the Windows' version doesn't support tabbed notes the hard way. Btw, I moved to Nimbus note and I am really enjoying it. Far more cheaper, great looking modern UI, much more flexible to use with workspaces and very responsive app support - I had issues migrating my evernote files to Nimbus note, they responded immediately and fixed it . Earlier posts really talked ill about this product but look at the number of security certifications it has managed. The last evernote update for windows was 10 months ago - I wonder what I am paying for an year. Will probably dump after about an year.
  14. That's why I made this feature request. Are there any plans of implementing in the Windows version of the product? Logically, I would assume that the core functionalities would be consistent across Mac and Windows
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