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  1. hi , How can I create a secure link of a note or a file that I can share externally say in One Note. Will other users be able to access the link if they have it ? Thanks
  2. @PinkElephant Thank you for educating me. In past 2 years I opened one feature request for tabbed notes in the windows version of the app. It's already there in the Max OS's version and there is no sight of when this will be implemented in Windows version. I don't reach out to Evernote for the simple fact that they do not respond. I know there are a lot of fanboys for Evernote including me and so whenever an existing Evernote user talks great about another app , one gets frantic responses "It's working great from me". Also, all these app servers are now hosted on cloud, so Evernote and
  3. Evernote doesn't even maintain features across platforms . I wonder how archaic the Windows version of Evernote is - far behind that of MacOS's version. I got to know that the Windows' version doesn't support tabbed notes the hard way. Btw, I moved to Nimbus note and I am really enjoying it. Far more cheaper, great looking modern UI, much more flexible to use with workspaces and very responsive app support - I had issues migrating my evernote files to Nimbus note, they responded immediately and fixed it . Earlier posts really talked ill about this product but look at the number of securi
  4. That's why I made this feature request. Are there any plans of implementing in the Windows version of the product? Logically, I would assume that the core functionalities would be consistent across Mac and Windows
  5. Hi It will be very useful to have multiple notes opened at the same time in a format similar to browsers through tabs so that one can switch among multiple notes that one is working on. Windows version Thanks
  6. Hi, I use EN all the time for keeping my stuff organized . Lately , I haven't seen any new features coming in. As users who pay every month and is not a one time purchase , would you tell us what features is the development team working on and a tentative timeline when we can see those features. EN has been around for quite sometime now and the interface is still archaic with limited editing and formatting capabilities- there are some many critical feature requests pending! Cheers Yugal
  7. hi Whenever, I add a code block , the Evernote dictionary adds squiggly lines for the text that it doesn't understands and it's obvious. Can you please turn dictionary off for code block as the text doen't look nest because of a lot squiggly lines. Thanks Yugal
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