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  1. It's only affected for FREE tier. Personal and above will have Offline feature. It's available in Comparison section if you want to confirm yourself. On top of it there is no export for Free tier so it won't affect you that as well.
  2. Aside from pricing disappointment in my region, EV has added Linux own version which is in Beta so future is bright. Hopefully, it will include those exclusive OS-dependant features which are not available anywhere besides Windows/Mac software, not even in web or mobile app version. Really excited about this!
  3. I didn't, likely because I was on free plan. My yearly subscription ended in mid-June and was waiting for new revised plans to renew but didn't expect this much of a price difference to be honest. Some percentage here and there is managable for me but not with that margin.
  4. I am so sad that their new pricing probably took a biggest hit in my country (not worldwide) than it used to be 😣 Comparing to old EV Premium in my region this is the pricing increase on yearly plan: * Old EV Premium -> New PERSONAL (25% increase) * Old EV Premium -> New PROFESSIONAL (110% increase) I am going to write an email if this was intentional or they will revise pricing as I won't be able to pay at this rate.
  5. You will need to uninstall the latest app and download older v8.13 .apk file from third party websites like Apkmirror. Have no idea about iOS if you're asking for that.
  6. Hey, let's relax a little bit. You're looking like people who are on r/Evernote who just complain just about everything. I have seen people there (not you) who repeat the same thing over and over again but they never actually leave community. It's easy you know, unsubscribe, give feedback to future users what they can anticipate and learn why Evernote was not fit for you and then you move on. But no, people over there are stuck in loop of cancel <--> feedback. Email was merely an announcement that we are cooking something in kitchen, there was nothing bad or good mentioned there. Let's at least wait for new plans to express your thoughts. 🙂
  7. Good thought. Regarding Plus, I don't think they will add new features and such (because it's retired kind of plan), since they would want to convert these users to premium and no one can get Plus subscription now. Obviously, they won't increase price or decrease existing features but they could try to give few reasons to jump ship to Premium. Free version already has Tasks (Early Access), hopefully that will continue the same once it hits stable. Home is available but to modify anything we need Premium. They has also added many tiny features on App level which requires Premium, let's say changing quick access button etc. Right right.. Where is the fun in waiting for Official news. 😄
  8. I think there will be total of 5 branches upon my observation. Let's say new Plan is known as Mystery plan: 1. Free -> Free * 2. Plus * 3. Premium (paying less) -> You need to pay for Mystery Plan for additional features BUT you will forever enjoy current features if you keep paying current price. # 4. Premium (paying normal price) -> Mystery Plan (will get all new future benefits as Evernote rolls out). 5. Business * Cannot or no longer purchased. # New renowned plan. So, in a nutshell I think Premium users who are paying less than current price will be retired, just like Plus while regular Premium users will be shifted to their Mystery Plan. 🙂 Bad/Good luck: * Members who are on Free and Evernote new Mystery Plan cost is little more. (They won't be on at least old Premium plan to continue paying little less amount.) // Or vicevarsa if Mystery Plan costs less. * New members who are trying to secure the subscription on older price, but Mystery Plan is cheaper. // Or vicecarsa if Mystery costs higher. Edit: Spelling
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