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  1. Hello, Now on ver 7.2.3 after several experiencing the "Version Too Old" error, and spending half a day researching, trying to fix, researching, trying various things, and finally wiping all evernote and components and doing a new install. Naturally all my local notebooks were gone, along with everything that had to be gone to satisfy wiping out version 7.2.2. Hours spent trying to find out where Evernote stores its local notebooks were a waste of time. Restore from backup had to be done in order to get the local notebooks back. All this effort times 2 because I naively upgraded Evernote on two Macs simultaneously. And so, the question becomes, "Will upgrading ver 7.2.3 to anything higher, return the "Version too old" error (or any other fatal error) and require all the same effort it took to go from 7.2.2?" Warnings, in the future, will be most appreciated.
  2. Same here. Any Evernote employee. Cannot open Evernote because of the infamous 7.2.3 Version too old error. As I prepare to use itrash to remove everything Evernote and reinstall, surely my local notes will be in jeapordy. Yes I have backup drives; but the REAL LOCATION of the local notes is needed. Yes, I spent about an hour reading through tons of messages describing and speculating on various locations, mostly alluding to the press the option key which does nothing. If it isn't too much trouble, how about simply revealing the real location of where Evernote puts local notes? And, by the way, I can't export or backup the local notes because the "Version too old" error wont let me use Evernote until I spend a lot of time fixing the damn problem. Can probably boot from backup and export local notes to a safe place or convert them to something else like Apple Notes, but what a damn goat rope this will be. This becomes man-hours researching the "version too old" error, fixing it, then researching through tons of ambigious speculation on where the local notes might be stored. Then more time spent booting from backup, and exporting the local notes to a safe place, not to mention figuring out how to do it. Your enlightenment will be most welcome.
  3. Hi DTLow, thanks for your fast reply. Okay, i found the problem and this might be useful for other users (particularly Logitech keyboard users). On the Logitech G710+ Keyboard, the re-mapped windoze key (re-mapped to become option) on the left side will not change the file menu choices. However, the alt key on the right of the space bar will show it. It could very well be that having re-mapped the left side "windoze" key to become option did not suffice to become an option key recognizable by Evernote. Next, i dragged out an off brand 3rd party keyboard and the left side alt key allowed the local option to appear as it should, in the file menu. Thanks for enlightening me to the need to use the option key. 68-4
  4. Hi, Ref: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005107-What-is-a-local-notebook- Need to create new local-only notebooks that will not sync. Following instructions in the above link, The option to create a local notebook was missing, only choices are private and shared., So, i created a private notebook, in the hopes that it would not sync. However, it did sync anyway. Is there a trick to creating a no-sync local notebook? Thanks much.
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