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  1. Thanks all good to know it's not just me. Another day, another Evernote bug! At least there's a convenient workaround for the time being...
  2. I've just worked out an elegant but cumbersome solution to this problem. Instead of pasting the text block, selecting it, and then changing it to a code block, it's easier to create a code block and then paste the textblock into it. Doing it this way doesn't result in those unexpected line breaks. Still interested to hear whether other users are experiencing this problem...
  3. Hi, I'm a windows Evernote (308273) user and have the following happen consistently. If I convert a single or multi line text block to a code block (select text and press ctrl+shift+L or click "Code Block" button on toolbar) the text is converted into a code block with 2 trailing line breaks within the code block. So every time I copy and paste a code block in I have to delete those trailing lines to keep the formatting of my documents neat. Does anyone else experience the same issue? I am copying from Edge or Chrome but even if I 'clean' the text by pasting & copying via Notepad I get the same effect. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening or if there's anything I can do about it?! THANKS
  4. I would prefer it if the first word in the title was capitalised automatically - this would be anyway more consistent across lots of different things e.g. calendar entries, contact names, and most sentences!
  5. Hi, When I create a new note on my android app, the note's title's first letter is not automatically capitalised. Surely it should be?
  6. When I press ctrl-left when the cursor is at the end of the first word in a checkbox item list, instead of proper behaviour of having the cursor jump to the start of that word, it jumps to the start of the last word on the previous checkbox item. Don't know if this is a known bug.
  7. I guess I must have pressed shift-ctrl-F5 at some point which put the note panel below the note list. Pressing it again moved the note panel to the right, and then I could change the type of items displayed in the note list back to snippets and all is normal again. Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi - card view arranges the windows the way I'd like, but I'd like a list of notes as opposed to a list of cards if that makes sense! Thanks for your help but I evidently need a bit more here! Richard
  9. Hi, I expect this is because of an update perhaps? But I noticed suddenly that instead of a list of notes, I see a list of note cards in the Note list pane, and the note panel has moved below the note list. This is a move away from the common 'three vertical pane' layout that worked fine for me. I've had a look at the settings for the note panel but can't see an option to 'show on right' or similar. I hope I've explained this well enough... but what I'm looking to achieve is to have a list of stacks/notebooks on far left, a list of notes to the right, and the content of the selected note to the right of that again. Is it possible to go back to this arrangement? Thanks, R
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