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  1. I use PhraseExpress and my hot key is Ctrl-Alt-I. This wraps Intitle:" and " around whatever text is in the search bar. FWIW.
  2. Maybe rotate the options: double click to open in the default jpg png program of choice, right click to get to image gallery. In another window.
  3. You can pixelate your user name out of the screenshots. Not so much someone over your shoulder.
  4. You cannot email to stacks, only to notebooks. If your notebook name contains a space it needs to be in quotes.
  5. I would check again. Notes don't actually "live" in Stacks, they live in the Notebooks within the Stacks. Syntax check, if your notebook is Receipt 16, you need to put it in quotes in the email header. Or, my preference, make it Receipts.2016. IAC, if Receipts.2016 is in the stack Receipts, when you add a note to Receipts.2016 it will appear in the stack and in the notebook.
  6. You are welcome. Well, I would be reasonably assured that the method won't damage your notes. Other fixes are to rebuild your data from the servers (exporting any local notebooks so they can be imported after) or converting to a solid state disk. I did the latter some years back and have had no speed issues since, YMMV. In any case, low risk to run the optimizes in the help menu as a first step. Less work too.
  7. Yeah, title in main EN window appears to be notebookname - username - Evernote. Would need to change user name, but think about who else will see it. This may help - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314298-How-to-change-your-account-username. Be careful.
  8. You can try some cleanup processes. While holding the Ctrl key press the Help menu. Then select the options highlighted below. You can also turn off context (Tools - Options - Note, be sure and have Show advanced options checked).
  9. Do you have Enable on demand sync checked (Tools - Options - Synchronization)? If you do, there is a lag in getting all search results since part of the search is performed on the servers.. If this is the case, you can avert the issue by un-checking the option and having all your data on your PC, assuming available disk space.
  10. Or how about opening the image gallery in its own window where Ctrl + and - work, or some form of zoom? I too have prematurely exited EN using this feature.
  11. I saw this once, it almost looked like highlighting remnants from a previous search. Same thing re closing/reopening.
  12. A couple of cosmetic items (bugs?) Not sure this is the case, but didn't the PDF display include a line around the entire PDF, including the corner? There is an artifact that appears at the bottom of a table, sometimes.... Click in and out of the table and it disappears.
  13. I still like the all documents in one house model, just in case a note doesn't get tagged or titled correctly, belts and suspenders (though encrypted PDFs don't index) . Not to mention it's more work, bleehhhh. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater due to a brain f@rt.
  14. You are welcome. Yeah, AHK or PE should do the trick, I started with PE and inertia took its course. The tools are also helpful in repetitive tasks like cleaning up emails and adding tags when you forward to EN, or adjusting reminder dates. Any kind of a multi-click or same text frequent process. Good luck. post back if you have any questions.
  15. Try intitle:bert, title doesn't do it.