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  1. Bug. For synced notebooks, when you close the new window after creating a new note there is an Untitled Note in addition to the new note in the note list. As far as I can tell that entry disappears after a sync most of the time, though sometimes it takes clicking on another note for it to go away. Seems the place keeper Untitled Note should be overwritten by the actual note title as soon as it is entered (as it does in list view when editing a title in the note panel), as opposed to displaying an additional "phantom" note. If you click on Untitled Note when it is visible after the close you create a second note. Creating a new note in a local notebook works as one might expect, enter the title and Untitled Note changes to the note title, no extra note entries.
  2. Still is working for me. Have you tried shutting down EN and restarting? Also, installed any new software that might also use Ctrl-Alt-T as a shortcut?
  3. I think one of the points of the EN web app is that your data is not on your machine with the attendant data base and indexing processes. Might be better off creating a linux client before adding everything to the web version(s).
  4. Typically does in most folks minds, if ever there were a buyer beware.... I have had some of the same table chaos as you with 6.6, particularly older tables for whatever reason (I've used a phone template table for some time now). And some formatting issues introduced after modifying tables using 8.2.2 on my iDevices.
  5. Don't know what that is. is the current release. 6.6.2 is a prerelease, not a general availability release. And this prerelease has been in play a while which I think speaks to some of the fixes that are being made. We are talking Windows here right?
  6. You already have it, go to Tools - Options - General and uncheck Enable beta features and updates.
  7. I have not seen this behavior either. Does it happen every time you try to paste an internal link?
  8. I would try the current release shown there, Evernote The new table functionality is in the 6.6 Beta. Also, though, there have been changes made to the IOS editor that are borking table formats as well. So if you have been making any table edits on IOS that may/may not be part of the issue.
  9. Try searching for filehippo evernote on the web.
  10. Got to options and see what the default font is. On Windows that's Tools - Options - Note. Also, be sure you have the Gotham font on your desktop.
  11. Small bug. If you select a row in a table in which you have previously changed the font size, the size that appears in the formatting bar is the default, not the actual font. Selecting by cell works fine.
  12. So it sounds like the install that failed borked the existing install. Last thing might be to go to your Program Files (86) folder and delete the Evernote folder therein, if there is one. Won't help if it is a registry thing....
  13. Thanks for the info. Seems like a pretty vertical slice of functionality, but hey, time will tell and we'll see how many folks up-vote the request. I use Quicken and it has the capability to download transactions from all of my accounts. This not the same with Quickbooks or are these transactions that don't have an automation trail?
  14. Yeah, that is the crux of the issue for this kind of template process, links in the copied/duplicated notes always point to the original notes and have to be redone.