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  1. Evernote for Windows 6.8 Beta 2 Released

    Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't find the open PDF in another app icon anywhere in the new PDF display. You can RightMouse - Open With to accomplish the task, but that is more clicks than before, inane repetitive clicks. Not clear to me why this option would be removed or anyone would want to add clicks to accomplish the same task. Now every time you edit or view outside of the EN window (common for me if I am working multiple documents at the same time) or highlight or whatever a PDF there are more clicks to get the job done. Don't get me wrong the scrolling of the PDF is a nice add but does something have to leave? Looking to be more productive, not less. But maybe I am the only one who needs to open PDFs outside EN.
  2. Don't know if they contribute or not, they are treated as spaces, which can help sometimes. For example "at&t" searches for all occurrences of "at t", which means you will find all notes with at&t in them. FWIW.
  3. You are welcome. Got me, sorry. I don't know if one exists or not.
  4. Underscore, '_' is the only special character that is searchable.
  5. Evernote will store your data locally and in the cloud unless, per @DTLow, you Enable on demand sync in Windows. The EN note history function works well for everything but an accidental note delete. So if you are comfortable with that and don't have a lot of need for offline access, on demand sync can help with your HDD issue. Though depending upon use case, it can take a while to build a large data base. You can always start on demand sync later when disk space becomes an issue.
  6. Evernote for Windows 6.8 Beta 2 Released

    I'd drop back to the last version that worked for them. And then, I would monitor the 6.8 GA release thread, whenever that happens, to be sure all is fixed before upgrading your client. My view of the world anyway.
  7. You can try using Revo Uninstaller to complete remove EN and then reinstall.
  8. Annotate PDF Feature Request

    I believe this already exists, as long as the PDF has been OCRd.
  9. This has been reported many times. Supposed to be fixed in the 6.8 GA. I think EN is taking it back to how it was before 6.7.
  10. BUG: New note with a tag I can't remove

    I find this option helpful when downloading things or creating like notes. Search for the like statement for example, download and inherit the tags, then copy paste to fix the title (typically change the date). Downside is any time you add a note with tag search in play, the new note inherits the tag search tags.
  11. Copy / Paste erratic after 6.7.5 update

    Yeah, a lot of posts on this one. The issues are supposed to be fixed in the new beta, you can check that thread.