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  1. Checked to-do's don't become hidden in EN at this point. On Windows however you can reset the box by right clicking in the note and selecting To-Do - Uncheck All. Don't know if the same exists on the Mac.
  2. Lucky me to this point.
  3. @RobertJSawyer Obviously you have a backup on the USB, so protect that. Be sure and sync completely and log out of EN on the main computer before you create the backup. If doing this I would First put the EXB where you want it on the new computer. When the splash panel comes up to long in go to, I think it is File - Options in the menu bar, and change the file location to where you just put the EXB. Then log in. Check your options to see if they are the same, adjust if need be (not sure they copy over - any registry type stuff). Then add a few notes on the new, verify on the main, etc., to be sure it is working as it should. Let us know how it goes.
  4. Ctrl-Z seems to work for me, as long as I do it before I exit the note...
  5. Bug. I forwarded an email to EN from my iPhone. The body of the email appears in EN on the phone but not on my desktop. Don't know if this is specific to the Beta or is related to this email in particular since it does not occur with all email forwards. Interestingly, print preview of the note on the desktop actually shows the email even though it is not displayed in the note panel.
  6. Sometimes the history backup of a note is taken right after you exit from the edit, sometimes not. If you did not exit from the note then the note would not have had a chance to make it to history at all.
  7. I saw this behavior before V6.6. I could double click the first time I used the note, but after that a right click was required to enter the password. Works fine in this beta for me.
  8. Does it not in the form of screen capture?
  9. Not quite the same, but I was searching for something and an older note appeared with the email header indented. I highlighted the header and pressed outdent and the header disappeared. Fortunately only one note, so Ctrl-Z got it back. So something getting misinterpreted in the HTML I suppose. Anyone at EN wants the note I can PM the ENEX to you. EDIT: Sent a copy to @Jason Miller and outdent worked fine for him. Moved the note to a different notebook and it then worked for me. I can try and outdent the email header and it gets deleted every time, move the note and it doesn't. Weirdness. Not worth tracking for me.
  10. Before you log in you could try File - Options on the splash panel. I think options are there and it will let you. Been a while since I’ve logged in.
  11. In all notes context hold the Ctrl key and press sync. This should show if you have any notes that aren’t syncing (mostly the issue when you get the changed sync icon). Modify the notes and then try to sync again.
  12. No prob, and this only applies to the business card note created via the camera in EN.
  13. My guess would be it will perform the same on IOS 10, seems more EN plumbing than IOS plumbing.
  14. Bug Report. To change the Synchronize automatically setting I had to first uncheck the option, OK out of options, then back into Options, check the Synchronize automatically option and then change the time. Used to be able to do this just by selecting a new time.
  15. Incremental bugs, You cannot edit the title or the note area of the business card note on the iPhone. Noticed this morning that the business card note did not sync since the last change yesterday. So it appears instant sync does not work on the business card note, nor does automatic sync work reliably. As a test made a change to the note title on Windows and two minutes after the auto sync time frame the note still had not changed. Modified another note and then the business card note synced when that one instant synced. Weird.