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  1. You can use styles for notebooks and tags if you are using EN Windows.
  2. Perhaps I have more than a screen based UI view of the world, but UI changes concern me when it takes longer to get the same stuff done, or a key feature that supports a workflow is no longer available (presentation mode). The first issue makes no sense on a good day IMO, why would you make anything less productive? You want to make EN pretty, go ahead just don't negatively impact productivity at the same time. Relative to the second issue, you have to deal with it if you are in the x% that use the function (whatever low percentage x needs to be to warrant killing a feature). Don't know if presentation mode had the usage or not. Those that used it have been pretty vocal in the forums though. FWIW.
  3. Don't know that you can change the actual font. Changes can be made to color, size, and effects. You have to press the A with three lines beside it. The ABC is for the keyboard.
  4. Up voted. One step removed and more, particularly for those of us who use the IOS version for 95% search and 5% add/edit. Having recent notes, key saved searches, recent tags and notebooks visible on the home screen was a boon to productivity. Minimums now; 2 presses for a recent note, two presses for a key saved search, not possible for recent tags (AFAICT), and 4 presses to get to a notebook if you use stacks. All used to be one press on the home screen. So I can't quite buy into the faster experience, my use case anyway. It's almost like there is a new product manager each year who wants a different look independent of function. /end of mini rant
  5. You are welcome. Yeah, my bad, I implied a return (add) but was not specific. Glad it worked.
  6. To be clear clicking on Add Tag will also let you select an existing tag. When there are no more matches you get to actually add the new tag.
  7. Waaaay of topic, but @DTLow, @anirog, and @Scott Hagan thanks for the chuckles.
  8. I don't have it. Glad you found your answer IAC.
  9. I tried logging out of iCloud and back in. Seems to working so far. Had to be careful with the backup settings, Apple flags everything to backup when you return, but other than that easy enough. FWIW.
  10. This is a Windows forum - was the missing note on a PC or your phone? In any case, I would log into EN on the web and look for the note (I'm assuming that's what you meant by file) to see if it is there. If the note was a new note on your phone but had not synced before you deleted the app, the note is not recoverable. If it was an existing note you were editing you can use the premium feature of note history to retrieve the most recent version of the note. Deleting the app from the phone will not delete an existing note.
  11. Have you hit the up caret by the system tray. Perhaps the icon is hidden. I keep the EN tray icon hidden through settings. When I x out of EN the icon is still in the hidden area of the tray.
  12. Can't verify, but here is a link to steps to get an older version of an app from the app store. Posted by someone else.
  13. Here is a link that has some steps to address the issue, assuming same symptoms mean same cause.
  14. May or may not be the issue, but here is a link that purports to solve the issue in some cases anyway.
  15. Have you looked at Workflowy? It is an outliner on steroids with some interesting access and viewing capabilities. A couple of posts that reference the subject. http://www.perspeculor.com/digital-bullet-journal/ https://medium.com/@amirmasoudabdol/workflowy-journal-d33405065d64#.sytiis2xr