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  1. Not sure this is a fact, but my experience says a history copy is made whenever you modify a note which you haven't changed "recently", maybe as quickly as an hour. But EN does not create a history note for every change. EDIT: Here's a sample:
  2. You could add _Completed 02/20/2017 03:50 PM (I generate this with a hot key) to the note when you complete the task and then just delete the action tag. If more than one action in a note, use a check box for each and add the completed text for each, deleting the action tag when when all tasks are completed. The underscore is important since it is a searchable special character and will virtually eliminate false positives. A search for _compl* will return all of your completed tasks. If you ever use reminders, Reminder Done can serve the same purpose of identifying completed work. FYI, I use _Paid 02/20/2017 03:51 pm to annotate bills paid. FWIW.
  3. If you want to Bob in the note body, try using the underscore, it is searchable. _Bob will work.
  4. A couple of new registry values with this version effect syncing lag time. Hacks from earlier in the thread.
  5. Make sure you are doing an All search and not an Any search.
  6. You are welcome. I as well would like to see v8 become as productive and effective as v7 was.
  7. I guess that depends upon how the company views who owns the hardware. IAC, pending EN adding any app security, you can always view your notes at work using the web version and use a desktop version at home.
  8. Yeah, and it's not just EN with the new UI disease. My bank just changed and lo and behold, it looks pretty but it takes longer to get anything done. More scrolling and clicking. Parallel experience.
  9. I think this was fixed with v8.1. Reminders are still a problem for sure, nothing said by EN relative to what is going to happen there.
  10. I stopped because I rarely use to do lists per se in a note (Wunderlist for that). And those I do use, like tax time checklist, I'd just as soon leave in order since I use the list as a template. It was more of a see if it could be done exercise on a plane ride one day. EN will not sort a list in a note. Yeah, grocery lists in Wunderlist here, drag and drop by produce, dairy, whatever, then press and the items disappear. Easier to share in Wunderlist as well.
  11. BINGO! Thanks. Is this a new registry value with v6.5?
  12. Yeah, I think I did this as a lark some time back with a PE hot key. Carries conditions like the completed item is going to the bottom of the note, period.