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  1. Not sure. t's kind of a default move in IOS, works the same in the mail client. Just like pressing time at the top of the screen takes you to the top of the current list. Agreed that it would not be obvious to everyone.
  2. Dragging down on the notes list forces a sync on the iDevices.
  3. You can hide/show the editing toolbar in the current version by pressing F8.
  4. When instant sync is checked the note syncs right after you exit it, within 10 seconds or so anyway on my PC. I use it as extra insurance to prevent conflicts.
  5. Nothing stops a team from all using the same credentials to sign into an account, independent of what email is used to create the account. I do it myself if I am on two different machines at the same time or on one machine, a browser and a mobile device.. Nothing stops multiple people in the same account from creating conflicts either, me included. If you forward emails to EN the email address typically appears in the Author field, which is searchable and displayable in a List view. So if everyone forwards to the Email notes to: email address there should be a way to isolate from whom. With discipline a team could use the @notebook and #tag features when sending emails to EN to control the process. IAC, this seems to resemble a bunch of cooks and a stew so I'm wondering what I am missing?
  6. Platform?
  7. Agree with @Edh. Downloading offline notebooks takes a LOT longer with v8.1 than v7, my experience anyway. To the point I created a special notebook for offline and only store a few notes in it. Also, there are times when the app just stops for 10-15 seconds with v8. This is what frustrates me the most. It always seems to stutter when I want to create a quick note, Murphy's Law I suppose. That and sometimes the app starts quickly and sometimes it doesn't, no rhyme or reason I can see. Rumor has it a new version will be released shortly which is supposed to address the speed issues. 8,1 is definitely better than 8.0, but worse than 7.0, IMO. Hopefully 8.2 will fix the speed and stutter problems (and it would be great if they could get rid of the extra presses added with v8 that make it less productive as well).
  8. Can one assume you have to be in the note body in the paragraph for it to have an effect? IAC, I'd hate to see the table you have to keep to rationalize all these shortcuts across platforms!
  9. Thanks for the insight. On my monitor I get 10 notes in snippet, 16 in a 4 wide card view, as many as 50 in a 7 wide thumbnail view. and 44 in side list view. Each view has its uses. Just FYI.
  10. I opted in for on demand sync on my backup laptop and rebuilt my free account to test it out. I see the same behavior as you. Notes are only downloaded as they are accessed. I do remember in the early days of the release some language from EN relative to intelligent, my term, downloading occurring without access, not sure what the rules were supposed to be. Appears not at this point though.
  11. Workaround can be to edit the table using a WYSIWYG html editor. Export the note to the desktop in HTML, make the change, and then import back into EN. Takes less than a minute if it is just a couple of cells. I also use the editor to add background color to some cells. I don't know HTML. Fairly painless process until/if EN adds the functionality. Make a duplicate note before you try it obviously.
  12. God awful workaround, but create a hotkey using Ctrl-J that executes a Ctrl-Q in Windows. Just tried with PhraseExpress and you can't tell the difference. FWIW.
  13. Ctrl-Alt-L puts the note link of the note in focus on the clipboard, Windows anyway.
  14. If you are comfortable with HTML you can use ENML to edit the table properties. I'm not much with HTML but was able to learn enough to create some default tables with the line colors and spacing that I like. FWIW.