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  1. When I boot computer and launch Evernote, it opens with "Opening Database" message for a minute or so. That message closes and my database seems to open, but application is nonresponsive and closes. Tray application stays in memory, but killing it reproduces the same problem. New Alienware i5 computer with up-to-date Windows 10 and 8GB RAM, plenty of hard drive space, etc. Tried reinstalling Evernote(version 6.15.3) but didn't help. Can't load application at all. Unfortunately I can't send the activity log since the application won't load. I have plus level account and opened a ticket a week ago, but haven't got any response. Suggestions?
  2. Thanks @Smacs! Closing the search window has at least eliminated an obvious cause of this annoying issue.
  3. I guess it's my workflow. Say I'm looking at my action folder with the tag "house" - that is when I want to add related items. Also, it drove me crazy that creating a new note/task removed the tags from the view. This made my process much smoother.
  4. Yeah that's a difference - I don't really use due dates or regular recurring tasks. Upon reflection, I think my method owes as much to Scrum as GTD...
  5. I've been using a GTD inspired process in Evernote for a couple of years. I have Task folder with two notebooks - Action Pending and Completed. I use two main tags: .What for the domain (Family, Finances, House, Career, Personal, etc.) and .When (0-Daily, 1-Now, 2-Next, etc.). I don't use any of the other apps described above, but I do have a canned search for Action Pending-Now. For me the simple power of this approach (as advocated in GTD) is being able to build a big backlog of tasks, but be able to process it either by area or urgency. For me at least, it's hard to overstate the negative impact of a giant list. BTW, one key hack needed for my method is a registry edit that automatically creates new notes using the current view (Notebook + selected tags). You can find that thread here. Good luck!
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