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  1. +1 for this error after last upgrade on Windows. Tip by @Gonzalo Cordova above worked for me.
  2. Thanks - I see where that can be done with Autohotkey. I have PowerToys installed, but that doesn't seem to have the same scripting capability. Still, isn't Evernote supposed to honor the Windows date format? If I do the same thing in Word it follows the setting. Is this a bug Evernote?
  3. Anyone (esp from Evernote) care to comment?
  4. I have always been happy with the default date format that Evernote uses for alt-shift-d: 3/3/15 I recently changed computers and reinstalled Evernote and now I am getting a different format: November 24, 2020 I see that Evernote is supposed to use the Windows short date format, however that is not the case for me as my short date format was set to m/d/yyyy and I haven't touched it. Also this new date format doesn't match the Windows long date format in my system either. Also changing either format in Windows has no effect on the Evernote format.
  5. When I boot computer and launch Evernote, it opens with "Opening Database" message for a minute or so. That message closes and my database seems to open, but application is nonresponsive and closes. Tray application stays in memory, but killing it reproduces the same problem. New Alienware i5 computer with up-to-date Windows 10 and 8GB RAM, plenty of hard drive space, etc. Tried reinstalling Evernote(version 6.15.3) but didn't help. Can't load application at all. Unfortunately I can't send the activity log since the application won't load. I have plus level account and opened a ticket a w
  6. Thanks @Smacs! Closing the search window has at least eliminated an obvious cause of this annoying issue.
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