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  1. Not a solution to the main issue you are having, but there is the option to install the "Legacy" desktop version to get back to an EN that works "as expected". The Legacy desktop version can be installed and run along side of the V10 desktop version on a computer. I highly recommend that you only have one or the other version open at any time on your Mac to prevent conflicts. Legacy version info: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  2. I agree. The really weird thing though is that the web version also works correctly so it's something very specific to how how V10 is implemented on desktop. @agsteele Can you please post a link to your issue you reported? I did a quick search and could not find it. I also posted an issue on EN IOS forum for the wrong thumbnail image in snippet view: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/133126-thumbnailsnippet-view-image-not-being-refreshed-correctly-when-image-replaced-in-note-for-ios-devices/ @Mike P @agsteele I am noticing the wrong thumbnail image seems to be IOS sp
  3. I agree with wanting to be able specify a different location for EN on Windows. At the very least, i would want to specify where the data part is to be located. I don’t mind the program being installed on my local C drive. But I like to have all my data stored on a secondary internal SSD drive which has lots of storage space. My C drive is a minimal sized SSD drive so I want to keep this reserved for programs only, which typically do not grow (too much) in size over time. Having the data on my larger sized secondary drive gives the repository room to grow over time.
  4. From what I have seen, the difference is how the link to the EN note is built, what protocol it uses. It’s how/where you want the link to open, not about what device your are on. The “App Link” uses the internal “evernote://“ link address protocol and the “Web Link” uses the standard web “http://“ link address protocol. So, for example, when I want to link one internal note to another internal note and have the link open up inside the EN app when I click on it, I use the AppLink option. When I want to have the link open up in an external web browser page, I would use the Web Link option. I sho
  5. I am using iOS EN v10 on both my iPhone 12 and iPad Pro 10.5 (2017). I am in EN multiple times per day on one or the other device and I find the performance very tolerable. In fact, I even noticed a bit of an improvement with the recent 10.3 release. I have over 2,000 Notes in my app and use the search feature quite often, with reasonable performance.
  6. Due to the ongoing issues, I am very conscientious to always shut down the EN client when done with a session. I don’t leave any client running if not using it. I always make sure there is only one device running the client at a time. The most recent conflicts just happened a couple hours ago. For sure the client on my iPad was the only one runnning at that time. As I mentioned, the conflicts happened within 1 minute of editing the doc on a single device, with no other client running. That is why I think it has to do with the fact that since the database is no longer local, the sync is happeni
  7. The duplicating issue is actually conflict Notes that are being created while doing edits on a single device. For example, I’ll be editing a Note on my iPad. I go in, make some changes, click the save check mark, then the arrow to return to the view. Then I’ll go right back in to the same note, make more changes, then save and return to view. When I go back in for the third time, the note now tells me there is a conflict note, the edit time difference between the two notes is 1 minute. My guess is that the first edit event had not yet synched back to the server when I started the second edit e
  8. Thanks very much for your response. I have already done a “deep” uninstall job on my iPad as you described (delete app+data/i-device completely off with soft reset/wait/back on/install/sync completely). This solved a sync issue I had but the four corrupted Notes are still there. I’m not too concerned about them at this time. I only found them purely by accident when I did a search; they do not show up in a view, only in search results and only on my iOS devices. My main concern is how many other hidden corrupted Notes do I have that I cannot ever hope to find...???
  9. I understand that we have no control over which image in a Note is used for the Thumbnail/Snippet View (there is some internal algorithm that determines which one to use). However, starting with iOS v10, there is an issue where the Thumbnail/Snippet View image is not being refreshed correctly when the only image in the Note is deleted and a new one is added. I am currently running with iOS v10.3 on an iPhone 12 and iPad 10.5 2017 and both have latest iOS 14.3 on them, but this issue was happening with the previous iOS 10.x versions as well. Steps to recreate the issue: Create a new No
  10. Wow, count yourself lucky. I’m glad the new version 10 is working for you without any issues. However, there are many people, like myself, who are experiencing major issues, such as lost or corrupted data, or erroneously duplicated data, or broken workflow processes due to significantly reduced functionality (which have been well documented in these forums). I do like the new version overall and have hope that things will continue to get better. However I’m struggling right now with the integrity of my data, and therein lies my issue with EN version 10. I have spent a significan
  11. Hi there. I am also experiencing this same issue on my iOS device. FYI: I added a post to the Issues Forum:
  12. I am not able to find matches on an exact phrase when searching on iOS device (iPad 10.5 with latest version) using EN 10.3. Using quotation marks around the phrase does not work as expected. For example, a search for "texture foam stamp" finds Notes with all three words anywhere in them, but does not narrow the results to only those with an exact match to the phrase of the three words together in the sequence specified. So I get the same number of results for the search criteria, no matter if quotes are used or not. I did a search of the forums and did not see this issue documented for t
  13. Yes. I have EN 10.x iOS on both my iPhone and iPad as well as running EN Legacy on my Windows PC. I just make sure that I have fully synced after an editing session on any one device and close the session out (not leave it running in the background) - this is me being cautious so as to prevent sync conflicts. I do regular backups, by notebook, from the Windows EN Legacy app.
  14. @Alxa, you are a genius! Thanks so much for this hidden gem on how to trigger an automated export/backup of all Notebooks, by Notebook, using EN Legacy!!!! I am still running the original EN V6 (green icon) version on Windows (never did the "upgrade" to V10 so no need to install the Legacy (gray icon) version). I've been using EN for over 5 years and never new about this automated export/backup method. I logged off EN and then used <CTRL+SHIFT+E> at the login screen, selected my account, and off it went and created the individual ENEX files for the 28 Notebooks I have - and it was c
  15. Agreed, if EN had simply a) effectively communicated in ADVANCE of what they were doing and what was/was not included for the initial roll-out and b) gave people the CHOICE to upgrade to V10 or not on Windows & Mac (I know you can only have one version of Android and iOS) ... I don't think we would have seen so many of the postings over what we all unexpectedly received. Note: Some people may argue that there was communication before they rolled it out, but I didn't get anything pushed to me as a paying customer.
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