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  1. Assisted Search will provide derivatives of your search term and reference whether the term appears in other notebooks. I *wish* I could exlude one set of those search folders selectively. E.e. removing "trash" from the list would work well. Reference
  2. Aah. Thank you @CalS. I *wish* I could exlude one set of those searches selectively. Removing "trash" from the list would work well.
  3. Could you please tell me what "Assisted Search" is? Google doesn't seem to know and the Evernote discussion forums don't say.
  4. I don't know, @DTLow. I tested this, i.e. created a note and synced, then deleted it. But it stayed deleted! I've restored the note and will try again tomorrow to see if it behaves differently. 🙁
  5. At the top of my Shortcuts, I have a default search for all notebooks which excludes notes tagged "Archive". However, search returns notes I have just deleted. This is annoying because I have deleted the note(s) so that I don't have to consider it(them) anymore. How do I adjust the search to NOT include deleted notes? TIA.
  6. Thanks @DTLow. Where do I find that (to look at it)?
  7. @DTLow, howdy. What do you mean by the metadata? And do you paste it at the end? Thanks.
  8. I'm with @JMichaelTX, I have hundreds of tags, maybe more than 1K. When I'm working with tags, I get there from the TAG item on the left panel. I have a 25" monitor which displays 6 columns of tags. Moving the item I identified above took 6 - 10 DragNDrops. Which is ridiculous. YOU may organize YOUR tags in your preferred method and reduce the quantity of tags. I like tags because they allow me to lump similar things together which don't use the same language in the note itself. For example, I use ONE tag to refer to the following: pie, tart, crostata, clafoutis, galette and wähe. It is unlikely that, without the tag, these items would be selected in the same sort. Another example of tagging: onion. If I searched using the word "onion" there would be thousands of notes, because somewhere in most recipes is an onion; however, if I want a dish which is predominantly onion, I would use the tag "onion".
  9. Multiple parent tags would be useful for me. I'm just getting used to nested tags (which I have used for a long time, without result). THANKS to Development for providing this ability!
  10. I have a thousand tags probably (I don't know how to count them). I'd like to move a tag to a new hierarchy, for example Current hierarchy Fruit Figs.Dried New hierarchy Dried.DeHydrated Figs.Dried At the moment, these tags are hundreds/thousands items apart in the tag list, so it takes 6 - 10 DragNDrop to move the item. One way to solve this could be changing the Rename Tag applet so as to give us the ability to edit the parent structure. It's not difficult for me to look up the exact spelling of the new parent tag, but it would be easier with auto-complete. For this use case, multiple parents are not necessary, but I would also like multiple parents.
  11. @dconnet, worked seamlessly. Thanks!
  12. Evernote is telling me I have to uninstall to proceed. I think an upgrade has never told me this before. Should I proceed?
  13. I have had tags with a leading underscore for (possibly) a couple of years. One is named "_Unresolved". If I put an underscore in the tag box, the available tags do NOT appear (in alphabetical order). However, if I input "_Unr" the rest of the tag appears. For me to find the tags with a leading underscore, I have to go to the Tag Menu.
  14. I have Enable Beta Features enabled. Until very, very recently, Evernote informed me to update correctly. For the past several days (maybe as much as a week), Evernote has informed me to update to version 6.17 (public). Any way to fix this?
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