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  1. Happy Valentine's Day @gazumped, @DTLow, @csihilling and @jefito
  2. @csihilling, I did find all the recipes I had. I like the garlic recipe you listed (and have added it to my Evernote), but I've since got my heart set on Chinese Five Spice powder because I ran across this
  3. Exactly, @csihilling!!!
  4. hen finds notes with words starting with h-e-n "hen" finds notes containing the word hen What threw me was that the display of the note showed the letters "hen" highlighted throughout the text on the note displayed on the right of my screen* (including words which start with the letters h-e-n) but that the actual search was "Viewing 50 notes in All Notebooks matching ALL of the following: contains the words HEN" * I use Note List which shows the notes on the left and the contents of the selected note on the right.
  5. I'm searching in Evernote because I surely have something there, and that's where I want to start. I tried searching also on (so I could also check for "sous vide") and discovered lots of notes from people watching American football.
  6. Today is Valentine's and I have a Cornish Game Hen. I just tried a search for hen (and "hen") but I keep ending up with notes containing "then". I've googled a bit, but unsuccessfully. Help?
  7. Thanks, @DTLow. I guess I'll try to export to enex and then re-import and see if that fixes things. I wrote to NYT but they haven't responded.
  8. I'd like a paintbrush so I can click the source text (copy the colour and format) then touch the destination (apply the formating rules to new text) You can find one in Excel. Been there for thousands of years.
  9. @DTLow, I know that print preview showed the pages, that's why it took me so long to find out! @gazumped I'd prefer not to save as pdf because I don't find that format as neat; I usually mark and copy. Incidentally from my note (in Evernote) printing to pdf didn't produce the image either. Here's the original. If I print from the original web page, no image is printed. Then I saved to Evernote (cut + paste), link below. Here's my Evernote Curiouser and curiouser! If I print (to a printer) from the shared Evernote from a web browser, the image prints. The .enex is attached. PorkCutlets.enex Also curious, if I chose "Simplified Article" from the web clipper, I got the image in the note in Evernote, but the image would not print to the printer.
  10. I spent a couple of hours today perusing New York Times newsletter "What to Cook This Week" and clipped a few recipes that looked interesting. Imagine my surprise when I printed one of those recipes (to cook tonight) and no image printed. Print Preview showed the image at the top of the recipe, but when printed (to a printer), the space where the image would have been is a big white space. This was true for ALL the recipe images from the New York Times today. I printed a number of NYT recipes from my Evernote and the images disappear when printed from a printer. This is true for all recipes dated Nov 2016 to date. I can print an image from a NYT recipe from September 2016. If I copy the image into Paint, I can print the image. So, is this something the New York Times has done? Or is this due to an unknown agreement with Evernote? Or is it a bug? If it can't be fixed, it will cause me unsubscribe from the NYT newsletter.
  11. Okay, so this is a test. And a lovely test it is. My oh my, @csihilling, what a wonderful treat you are! Thanks.
  12. Clicking x in the upper right closes the program. If that is what I was supposed to do, I have another file named image.png on the desktop. How do I get it from there into the response to this thread? Edit: I see. Right there on the screen! "Drag files here to attach" Duh! @csihilling, what would I ever do without you!
  13. @csihilling, I learn the coolest stuff from you. I have managed to open the screenshot in the annotating software (It doesn't seem to have a name. Has the toolbar you show in prior post. Also File, Edit, View, Tools, Help). However, I cannot figure out how to drag the image. Clicking anywhere adds a giant red pointer to the image. Control-click gives me a symbol which I associate with grabbing an object, but I can't move the image, and can't drag it out of the software.
  14. @csihilling, I can get the image as far as the destop. I'm not sure how to tell if I have Skitch installed. Edit: I do have Skitch installed, but don't use it, so have no idea how to activate it.