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  1. Thanks @Dave-in-Decatur, this note is not solely an image. But it does contain an image. I redid my clipped text (without the image), then pasted the image, and I have what I originally desired. Doesn't help me figure out what's going on though!
  2. I'm unsure exactly what's occuring: I pasted a recipe page from epicurious.com. When I hover over the note, I get a magnifying glass with a + sign, but I cannot mark or edit any text. The whole note is surrounded by a blue box. If I click on the note, up pops a full screen view, with a header which on the left is named "Untitled", in the center is " - 100% + ", and on the right an X to close this view. There are also carats (<>) to move the image L or R. One of those will show the image saved with the note. I don't want any of this *****. I want to edit the note. "Remove formatting" doesn't accomplish anything. TIA.
  3. @jefito's observation was bang on for me. I do want to find notes with portions of a tag (may be multiple tags), not just find a single tag.
  4. Absolutely, @CalS. Works perfectly!
  5. So, what you are each saying is that there is no way to find a portion of a tag which starts elsewhere than the first character position? As I was attempting to illustrate with my example, the period "." which was once identified as a possible separator doesn't work. Anything else to try?
  6. I'm interested in using tags which represent a group of things, e.g. - one tag which could represent either invoice, receipt or statement (i.e. Invoice.Receipt.Statement) - one tag which could represent either stew, chili, cassoulet or ragu (i.e. Stew.Chili.Cassoulet.Ragu) The problem occurs when I want to look for "receipt" or "chili" Some years ago on this forum, I read that separating words in tags with "." made the individual words searchable, but this is not true. tag:*.chili returns 0 records Is there a method to use tags which will let me search for the middle or ending part of the tag?
  7. I'd like to find all notes which came from a particular website, for example "evernote.com", where there may be more leading or trailing characters. I've looked at "source" but I don't think that's quite the right term. TIA.
  8. Assisted Search will provide derivatives of your search term and reference whether the term appears in other notebooks. I *wish* I could exlude one set of those search folders selectively. E.e. removing "trash" from the list would work well. Reference
  9. Aah. Thank you @CalS. I *wish* I could exlude one set of those searches selectively. Removing "trash" from the list would work well.
  10. Could you please tell me what "Assisted Search" is? Google doesn't seem to know and the Evernote discussion forums don't say.
  11. I don't know, @DTLow. I tested this, i.e. created a note and synced, then deleted it. But it stayed deleted! I've restored the note and will try again tomorrow to see if it behaves differently. 🙁
  12. At the top of my Shortcuts, I have a default search for all notebooks which excludes notes tagged "Archive". However, search returns notes I have just deleted. This is annoying because I have deleted the note(s) so that I don't have to consider it(them) anymore. How do I adjust the search to NOT include deleted notes? TIA.
  13. Thanks @DTLow. Where do I find that (to look at it)?
  14. @DTLow, howdy. What do you mean by the metadata? And do you paste it at the end? Thanks.
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