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  1. @DTLow, thanks. I wanted the "classic" link. Believe it or not, I never knew they existed before!
  2. How do I put an executable link in an En note to another En note in my database without sharing the note publicly (i.e. copy URL)? TIA.
  3. Here is a sample of the problem. I began this note by typing directly into the note. You'll notice that I structure documents like someone who has been editing and publishing paper documents for many years, i.e. the heading is attached to the text for which it is the header. It is easy to delineate Heading1, link1, and Body1 (bulleted list, new para). The pasted text is Title2: Finally, A Cable That . . . Link2: popular mechanics . . . Text2: Feb 29, 2016 . . . Title3: How USB Charging Works . . . Link3: Test3: Apr 19, 2017 etc. For me, I'm going to have to reprocess this document every time I reference it because it does not organize the data I'm looking at. I'm going to have to figure out what every single line in the note means because each entity is surrounded by equal space. Note that there are no extra lines (CR) between paragraphs in the pasted text. @csihilling, Yes, Ctrl-Shift-L does convert the data to monospaced text (without arbitrary space above and below) and adds a line between each paragraph. I am able to delete the excess lines. However, using Ctrl-Shift-L a second time gets rid of the code block but leaves the entire text blue. Which I would have to remove. This seems a cumbersome and ineffective workaround. I'll report this to support. And let you know what happens.
  4. @csihilling, 1 2 3 Single spaced 1 2 3 With "extra" leading.
  5. In my Evernote, I don't have spaces between paragraphs which, you will notice, exist in all of @csihilling's sample posts. In the old days, this would have been called leading. @gazumped: Yes. Pasting into notepad first removes all that formatting junk. But it seems unnecessarily convoluted. Mostly I use Firefox for all my exploring; I don't like the way Chrome and Evernote work together. I'm in Win 7/64 with most modern Firefox.
  6. If I scrape, copy and paste into a note (not using the web clipper), En promptly increases the spacing between paragraphs for the rest of the note. Changing all the text to 10 points doesn't change that spacing back to single-space. Nor does Simplify Formatting and/or Remove Formatting. I find that really, really, really irritating. Any advice?
  7. Did you vote for it?
  8. @DTLow, google couldn't find a parallel product for Windows. It did suggest I look up "lip service" though.
  9. This problem would be reduced (or my problem would be reduced) if we joined forces in our request.
  10. Hope moderator will merge these requests. Here's mine.
  11. Hope moderator will merge these together. Here's mine
  12. @EvernoteLover9, I didn't know this. How useful, thanks. Encrypting a whole notebook would also be wonderful.