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  1. Thanks, @CalS, but sadly, it would take quite a while to make it anonymous.
  2. I've spent a year trying to get a new system installed (now on my 5th machine - Win10), so I've met this issue again and again. It takes some effort to get the note display to display correctly, which for me is Shortcuts (black) + note list + display of note With "note list" I have this problem where the notes are displayed with the centre of the slide bar in the centre of the Note list. For some this might be handy, but not me. My left most column is the TITLE of the note, which is now buried. I don't know what I did to solve this in prior instances (every installation). C
  3. I want to know if any of my notes have been shared with anyone, and would like the notes to show up differently on the Note List. My first thought is that a different colour is the least offensive way to show the data. This is a security issue. If I change the contents of the note, then I'm disclosing the new contents to others. Sensible to let me know that is the case.
  4. Hi @CalS, Remove Formatting doesn't make any difference to this problem. There are some very very minor things it does differently than Simplify Formatting, and this (big) item is not one of them.
  5. More data here about the issue of Simplify Formatting does not remove Paragraph Tags.
  6. Simplify formatting does NOT remove all formatting. See here about issues with paragraph tags and printing and here with issues about paragraph style on screen (desktop).
  7. @CalS, sorry for my delayed response, I've been o.o. town. For printing an En note, the same problem exists whether I use web clipper for either an article or simplified article. (First, I'd like to stipulate that browsers format text differently depending whether the line represents a type of heading or line of text.) Once the En has been created, then Control + space to simplify formatting. In general, the text changes to "single spaced", though "headings" are spaced differently. Then I hunt and peck deleting HTML and headings until what I see on screen (desktop) looks "single
  8. When classifying a note, On Firefox web clipper version, I can type in the second word of a tag and all tags with that word show up. On my Win desktop version, only tags which start with that word show up. I would like to change the desktop version to match the web clipper version. Can it be done?
  9. I'm looking for information about dried navy beans, but I don't want to include any clothing from LLBean which is navy. How do I do this?
  10. If I paste a note from a modern internet page, it is filled with leading (about leading) and/or extra line spacing. Sometimes, with quite a bit of work, I can get rid of all the excess white space in the Evernote note, at least for me to look at. (I don't want ANY leading or trailing spaces). However, when I print the note to paper, a lot of that white space comes back. What I could most do with is a Remove Formatting which works. Note: I think this is related to cell phones, which is just fine for cell phones. But Evernote needs to comprehend that those of us with large monitor
  11. I'm on the beta release channel, but this problem happened quite some time ago, so it's probably in the general release by now. I'm currently on 6.21.2 on Win 7/64. Some time ago, last year maybe, a printed Evernote note would start with the top margin at 3/4" and now prints at 1 11/16" Originally the bottom margin was a bit more than 1/4" and now it's 1/4" or slightly less. All the testing I've done finds no loss of text, but I admit that I have not tested every single printed page. Evernoe is printing to the same Xerox printer from the same operating system. Any ideas how t
  12. I rebooted again, maybe it stuck this time. Will advise if it recurs. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi @Dave-in-Decatur. According to the bar at the top of the note list, I'm sorting by Updated Date in most-recent order. However, the right most column (visible on screen) is Created Date. Can it be that Created Date is accidentally selected for some reason?
  14. Hi @CalS. No. My default setup is Left Panel (dark), note list, display of focused note. On my old box (Win 7/64), by default, the note list displays the left-most column first (which is title) On my new box, the note list displays the middle of the note list (Title, Date Updated, Tags), so that the note Title is hidden. I can move the slider so that the note list Title displays but, if I press Sync, it returns to the Tags column of the note list. (It's possible that Reminders have disappeared; I'll check again in the morning).
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