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  1. I'm using Evernote on desktop Windows 7/64. My usual screen display is Left Panel, Note List and Note Panel. In several versions lately, once in a while the Note Panel freezes. I can edit the note (or any note) by right-click or CNTRL-ENTER but thereafter the Note Panel does not update. Clicking on other notes on the Note List does not update the Note Panel either. I'm looking for a key sequence to make Evernote display refresh itself. Edited to add: closing down En completely, then using Windows Task Manager to close, then restarting Evernote does fix it, but this is a time consuming event.
  2. I think so @jefito. AFTER this release (306298) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) on Windows desktop.
  3. Hi @jefito and @CalS My Windows settings have been set (for many years) for pdf to be opened by Adobe. My issue is with THIS version of Evernote. In prior versions of Evernote, on the note display there was a toolbar near the top page of the pdf. Clicking on the eye opened that particular pdf file in Adobe. This NO LONGER works.
  4. @7wonders There is a setting in Options where you can set to view pdfs as attachments. Not very good news about the interface with Adobe though. Certainly right click, find the right Open, then click to open is quite cumbersome!
  5. @CalS Howdee, long time no see! I'm on Win 7/64. NOTHING has changed in my system except that I let Evernote upgrade itself to this version. PDFs are set to be opened by Acrobat (outside of Evernote). Inside of Evernote, I can't see how to load the file.
  6. There's nothing in options to indicate that I don't care for Evernote's pdf tool. Where do I reset where Evernote looks for pdf? TIA
  7. This is how I copy with my desktop Windows. I should have said right-click on a link. I'm trying to figure out how to activate a link inside mobile Evernote (not very successfully). Seems clumsy that I can't just "activate" the link by clicking on it. I don't know how to copy a link so I can go over to Chrome and paste it.
  8. One of the difficlties I am having is that I have no way to right-click on an En note.
  9. Hi folks. Generally, I use my office desktop for Evernote, but I'm now on a vacation and have both my iphone DE and a Samsung Tab S2 Android tablet. I have links embedded in my notes but when I click on the link my mobile display does not immediately switch to the browser app.So, effectively, the link doesn't work. To be fair, I don't actually want En to switch to a browser, I want it to go and find the relevant note (and remain inside of Evernote). How do I accomplish this? TIA
  10. Simplify Formatting no longer works

    I'm in Windows (Win 7/64) usually using Firefox (currently version 55). I have problems with all formatting (support says the problem is Firefox). Control+Shift+V does not paste unformatted text; instead, it screws up the formatting for the rest of the note. Simplify or erase formatting doesn't work either. I'm using prerelease, but this "feature" has been going on for months.
  11. At the top of the page, the up-arrow. Right, @cmolina?
  12. Format painter, I really don't know why you're creating brand new entries for requests which have already been documented. If you have more specifications to add, you could just do so as an amendment to this discussion. Just my (not so) H. O. @Pixie8, did you VOTE on this idea? (Top of discussion, left side: up or down carat)
  13. I'm confused. Why create a new request? Why not just amend this request with your added notes?
  14. Organizing tags

    @csihilling, this helps a great deal! Makes it simpler to move a tag from one location to another. And I have 1336 tags.
  15. Organizing tags

    Right! That's where I want to be able to expand/collapse tag levels.