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  1. @DTLow, google couldn't find a parallel product for Windows. It did suggest I look up "lip service" though.
  2. This problem would be reduced (or my problem would be reduced) if we joined forces in our request.
  3. Hope moderator will merge these requests. Here's mine.
  4. Hope moderator will merge these together. Here's mine
  5. @EvernoteLover9, I didn't know this. How useful, thanks. Encrypting a whole notebook would also be wonderful.
  6. As a not-so-sophisticated Evernote user, I would like the ability to prioritize parts of the search request over other parts, but I can't think of any examples right now. I already use different notebooks for things (though I would really like the ability to -notebook:notebook). I use pretty wordy title descriptions. I'm aware of intitle:blah. Like the first poster, there's a lot I don't know about Evernote and so I have to google on whatever it is I wish to do. But it seems to me that with hundreds of positive results from my search, I should have more ability to refine the order of what I'm searching for.
  7. I would like the first of these options because I'm usually working on 3 or 4 notes at one time. (However my current work around is to put random text in each of the three notes, then En will sort them to the top of the stack. Which seems to work fairly well.)
  8. Ability to mark selected text and turn it into all caps first letter of word capped, rest lower case all words lower case FYI, capitalization is one of the tools which writers use to make text more readable.
  9. Just like Excel's paintbrush where font size, bold, italic, spacing above/below, colour, indent are copied by marking the source text and then marking the destination text.
  10. Happy Valentine's Day @gazumped, @DTLow, @csihilling and @jefito
  11. @csihilling, I did find all the recipes I had. I like the garlic recipe you listed (and have added it to my Evernote), but I've since got my heart set on Chinese Five Spice powder because I ran across this
  12. Exactly, @csihilling!!!