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  1. Well, @PinkElephant, Legacy imported hundreds of files just fine. Thanks for your reply. Is any of v10x resident on the local computer? Hunting around my directories, I don't find much.
  2. Yesterday I imported a bunch of scanned pdf files via the "File Directory goes to X Notebook" method (couple hundred pdf files dropped into import directory). On Legacy this was a prompt import, and I would immediately start changing title (was: import filename). In version 10x, I noticed It took FOREVER for Evernote to notice that I had set hundreds of files to import. I have a Shortcut which displays ALL of Evernote notes, irrespective of the Notebook which did NOT show the imports. I went to the Notebook "Banking" where all the notes were imported and they were visible there. This is no doubt the difference between having En Legacy on my internal C:\ drive and the more-poorly-performing current cloud setup; On the main En screen: while the right side display of note text showed the correct title, the left side display of notes showed a list of notes with the previous title (i.e. import filename) I kept typing (because it's a ruddy slow update) Eventually the whole thing crashed. I shut down the program last night. Put my Windows 10 machine to sleep. Today, the program opens to a blank white window (small menu bar at top). Nothing else. Deleted Evernote from Windows Task Manager. When I try to open again, Evernote wants to run an update. I don't want to run an update. My interests: I would like to do a backup first. Is there a local copy of Evernote's files? Where would I find that location? Can I move where Evernote keeps its files? (In legacy Evernote was in C:\Data\Evernote . Easy to find, yes? Can I put it back there?) Please be aware that I can't open Evernote to find out anything.
  3. Thanks @Mike P. Darn complicated though. Can't imagine fixing more than one per day. 😒
  4. So, from this position, I see no tag for Tangerine. To add to my Citrus tag group, I have to go back to the Tag searchbox where I locate Citrus and click Add a sub-tag. I am then informed that the tag Tangerine already exists. How do I find out WHERE Tangerine exists and how do I MOVE it?
  5. @Mike P, I have thousands of shortcuts which in v10x are limited to 100, so this is not an avenue I can use.
  6. But, @gazumped, there is no way to see what is there, without specifically asking for it. As mentioned, I looked for Fruit, but was unable to see the sub-tags under fruit, except for Citrus which had a further subtag called Grapefruit. How do I find a list of the tags I have under the tag of Citrus? (without knowing their names in advance?)
  7. As previously mentioned, I have thousands of tags. In Legacy I could look at my tag list in hierarchy order, including subtags. Anyone know how to do this in v10x? Edited to add: From the sidebar, selecting tags, a pop-up occurs. [\end] Searching tags for "Fruit", I find "Citrus" which has a few subtags including "grapefruit" but I have no way to see what other citrus might be listed there. If I remove the search for Fruit, there is no listing of Grapefruit, so no listing of Citrus. If I search for Citrus, I find no subtags at all. Any idea how to see the list of sub-tags? TIA.
  8. I had hundreds of named saved searches in Evernote Legacy; I'm not sure exactly how many. They were located (on the left panel) under a section called SEARCH which I can no longer find in v10x. Evernote v10x won't let me save a new search because I have too many. WHERE can I find a list of saved searches?
  9. I should mention that the Evernote v10 Tag list is NOT respected the order of the Legacy Tag structure. I'm not sure but I think it's alphabetizing ALL subtags (regardless of depth) underneath one Level 1 tag. Demented, if so. (P.S. Thank goodness I have a copy of Legacy Evernote so I can go and look it up).
  10. I have about 3K tags which I have been building and organizing for about ~12 years. Not really sure how to get the "whole" view of tags but occasionally I find one attached to the side list of Tags. There are only TWO options: by Frequency of tag use or Title. Although Legacy Evernote enabled me to create Alphabetic-ordered top level tags, with sub tags, and sub sub tags, and sub sub sub tags, etc. I find NO WAY to even see this now. This is the best Help topic on Nested Tags which I can find https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412905761299-Create-nested-tags so Evernote, at least, admits they should exist. Anyone with ideas about how to SEE them? Or modify them?
  11. @justacat, I'm not sure because I can't quite remember logging into Evernote when the Evernote_6.25.3.9348.exe expanded. I had downloaded the exe file from the internet and copied the Legacy data files from a portable SSD drive. Then I ran the exe file. The upgrade told me it wanted my password so it could log me in to Evernote so it could synchronize my notes. I did NOT provide the password. The exe file ended the Legacy install without synchronizing my data; it did re-ask me for my password half dozen times. Then I shut off internet access on that Win 7 computer (as noted above) (All this was done before 23 March 2024) That's surprising. For years I shut my computer off at night and I was not asked to login to Evernote every day.
  12. How does one do a Search using a tag which searches in ALL notebooks? And can this be saved to be the default?
  13. By now, it may not be possible to do this anymore because I believe that En 6x cannot be loaded anymore. Back then, I backed up my Evernote Legacy on Win 10 computer. I then copied those Legacy data files to a Win 7 computer. Also on the Win 7 computer I installed Evernote_6.25.3.9348.exe which installed Evernote Legacy and opened those data files. Which are still running now on the old computer. Back then I upgraded to En 10x on my Windows 10 computer which is currently running En 10.81.4. We did have a neighbourhood internet outage a few days ago and, for the first time EVER, I could not access my Evernotes! (The program was still running but I could not see the content of any notes). Plus ça change . . .
  14. In Legacy, Evernote printed the note and rendered the content of any pdf. The content in the pdf is visible in modern Evernote, but now, Print Preview dialogue shows only a grey bar with Adobe icon and "Untitled Attachment" Is there any way to fix this?
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