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  1. Does anyone know, generally, how many Evernote users regularly print from the software? I've long had issues printing, not very helpful tech support, and have now have colleagues with Android printing issues. Today I'm trying to format and print a table which is the only content in a note. Prints out in an ugly fashion. I can't find any online help about controlling what the printed object would look like, or how to change it. Ideas? TIA.
  2. Où est votre curseur pendant que cela arrive? Sur quelle plateforme êtes-vous (Mac, Windows 10, . . .)
  3. I've finally moved to a new Win 10 box (5 machines later!). My history of this problem occurred on the Win 7 box. I'll let you know if it recurs. Thanks for the quick responses.
  4. Thanks, I will test this. (Might take a while, sorry, because the particular circumstances do not come up very often).
  5. I think that I was surprised that SYNC did not create a saved version of a note in Note History.
  6. I've had situations where a note gets messed up, so I want to go back to a prior version of the note. When I go to View History, there is no prior version -- in some cases when there ought to be history from yesterday or the day before. So I've been unable to determine what makes Evernote decide that it wants to keep a note's history. What I'd like to know are the keystrokes to make Evernote decide to make a copy of the note I'm working on. For complex notes, I don't mind doing this every hour or so. Possible?
  7. Voilà, @gazumped, you have performed a miracle! Thanks, muchly.
  8. v 6.25.1 I temporarily had 3 screens attached to my Win 10 computer. I moved the Evernote Open Note to the third monitor. Now I have only 2 monitors and Open Note misbehaves. The taskbar of the second monitor shows the presence of the (opened) Note, but if I click on the taskbar link, then the taskbar link moves to the first monitor (where it also can't be opened). If I click on the taskbar item for the Note on the first monitor, the taskbar item moves to the second monitor. And 'round and 'round. Suggestions for how to reset where Evernote thinks it wants to Open Note?
  9. Thanks, @CalS, but sadly, it would take quite a while to make it anonymous.
  10. I've spent a year trying to get a new system installed (now on my 5th machine - Win10), so I've met this issue again and again. It takes some effort to get the note display to display correctly, which for me is Shortcuts (black) + note list + display of note With "note list" I have this problem where the notes are displayed with the centre of the slide bar in the centre of the Note list. For some this might be handy, but not me. My left most column is the TITLE of the note, which is now buried. I don't know what I did to solve this in prior instances (every installation). C
  11. I want to know if any of my notes have been shared with anyone, and would like the notes to show up differently on the Note List. My first thought is that a different colour is the least offensive way to show the data. This is a security issue. If I change the contents of the note, then I'm disclosing the new contents to others. Sensible to let me know that is the case.
  12. Hi @CalS, Remove Formatting doesn't make any difference to this problem. There are some very very minor things it does differently than Simplify Formatting, and this (big) item is not one of them.
  13. More data here about the issue of Simplify Formatting does not remove Paragraph Tags.
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