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  1. CalS

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    Internal link issue in another thread
  2. CalS

    Interruption for Sync

    The firewall hack works. You invoke it with a batch command (double click on the desktop for me) and then turn it off by entering a character after you are done editing in the window that gets opened. Or it just cycles the time window you use. A PITA to need to do it, but not that hard and it will eliminate the while you are typing freezes. Better that EN fix the issue in the first place, but in the meantime...
  3. CalS

    Interruption for Sync

    You can go to settings and change your sync frequency to something longer. Also, go to Tools - Options - Note and increase Automatically saved edited note every .... seconds to something like 300 or 600. There is also a Windows firewall rule you can create that will stop EN from syncing while it is invoked. See it here https://www.evernote.com/shard/s186/sh/ec05ed88-ae37-457d-b188-399615a71449/00e5278c5643d9fe.
  4. CalS

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    Bug report - inconsistencies. I was looking at business card notes in response to another thread and found some inconsistencies. Notebook is referred to as Location in the Note List and Notebook in the information drop down. Location in the information drop down is the geo code when the business card note was created. The geo code Location appears in the URL field in the note header area, but in the Location field in the note information. Geo code Location is not an available field in the column selector drop down. Screen clips below. Not going to stop any processing for sure, but kind of ugly.
  5. CalS

    mac Edit business card?

    I went back through some of my business card notes and I do not have any Doc Locked issues, they all seem to be editable. So, don't know what to tell you. You could file a trouble ticket I suppose. The issue I have is that fields can't be added once the note is created, or at least I don't know how. Whatever fields were captured are all there is to edit. So if one wants to add a fax number, SOOL. At least the image is there. I suppose once could edit the ENML and extend the table, but yuck to that. I look back at it and I would have been better off creating a template and adding an image of the card to it. Could do it retroactively, but not sure the juice is worth the squeeze.
  6. CalS

    mac Edit business card?

    There have been some improvements since 2015. Do you have a specific issue?
  7. Can you position the right of the attachment and press backspace? Works for me to delete an attachment or a picture.
  8. CalS

    Issue with connected devices

    Not sure it will help, but Try logging out of IOS on your iPhone Go to web EN and check Settings - Devices to see what devices appear Revoke access to anything other than your PC Sign back in on your iPhone.
  9. Not with the above phrase, it just wraps intitle around whatever is in the search bar. However, I also have a hotkey (Ctrl+<minus sign>) which places any text I've highlighted into the search bar in All Notes context, no matter what app the text appears in. Easy enough to add the Intitle phrase to the end of it to get an intitle search for whatever the highlighted text may be. Just haven't had the need.
  10. Ctrl+Alt+I puts Intitle:" on the front and " on the end of whatever I have in the search bar. PhraseExpress is my tool of choice. Term turns in Intitle:"Term".
  11. CalS

    Open Link with Desktop not with Browser

    Things have changed. Try this or delete all cookies to see that helps
  12. But I would like to be able to delete the top line and start the note with the table. Not the biggest issue in the world, but if I had my druthers.
  13. CalS

    Why is Evernote so slow lately?

    A most excellent move.
  14. We may be talking about different things, I can't delete the top line in a note with the table first. Can use it, can't delete it.