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  1. Yeah, Windows desktop V10 is not ready for prime time for moderately complex workflows that feature editing and updating in tight time frames. The overall slowness and built in lags for updates to be refreshed in the client make it mostly unusable for me. Fringe use case in the new world I suppose. It's a shame as 6.25.1 enabled me to be a productivity ninja with pretty much instantaneous access to information and task lists (reminder search based).. Orders of magnitude slower with V10. And, I have had more duplicate/conflict notes in the last month using V10 IOS and desktop 6.25.1 than I had in the prior 12 years I've used EN. And I am diligent in trying to sync when I enter the IOS platform. Problem is you just can't tell when everything is synced. EN says it is, but it isn't as I have viewed notes I know had changes which aren't as yet changed. PITA.
  2. I am still on legacy which may be the issue I suppose. Link starts out https://links.notifications.evernote.com/u/click?_t=84b and a bunch more, probably 6 or 7 times as many characters in four wrapped lines. Yes on IOS whenever I press the link in the email I am prompted to open in the app. On Windows I am presented with Continue with desktop app but nothing happens when clicking on that option. Understand no support if this is a legacy thing. Fortunately for me this is not that important. I have an email reminder via FollowUpThen and a saved search for Today which accomplishes the same thing. Weird though that a link works in new but not old. Thanks.
  3. Sad news here, on my iPhone clicking the link in the mail sent me to a browser to sign into EN. Signed in and from that point on each time I click a link I have to press the allow to open in EN button from the browser. Pretty much useless as it is a PITA. 🤷‍♂️ Sigh.
  4. Maybe someone should closed the thread if the issue is closed. Open a new one on how S-L-O-W, EN web can be to load.... Which if you have to wait long enough could be confused with not loading. I was having a sandwich so I though I might run a test. It took 5 minutes 39 seconds for EN web to load. 5 minutes 39 seconds.. And this happens each time I go to the web, though I don't go often for obvious reasons. It's like the movie 50 First Dates, every day is a start over. Methinks after minute one a reasonable user might think that EN is not going to load. Don't mean to hijack the thread but I'm too lazy to open a new one. I'm sure there's one out there anyway. Internet connection is fine. 6.25.1 desktop is still instantaneous for me and my 56k notes, other than when I edit a PDF and save it back. Could be something related to the app perhaps. 🤷‍♂️ -
  5. And it is just S L O O O O W, performance and process. For me anyway. Still using legacy.
  6. I don't have any large text notes, mostly shorter notes or notes containing attachments. And V10 has been miserably slow whenever I have stuck my toe in the water. Then quickly back to the safe haven of 6.25.1. Might want to add note quantity to the list of slow downs which may be the issue in my case. And maybe highly interactive use cases, GTD and the equivalent. Whatever, V10 is not viable for my use case at this point in time.
  7. Pretty straightforward. You can backup your DB if you like. Make sure you have the 6.25.1 version of EN saved, or you can get it from filehippo. Install V10 and give it a test. I've done it on a backup machine, which is actually higher performance than my main machine (a 3 year old Surface pro versus an 8 year old docked Lenovo X230 laptop). The Lenovo is very fast with 56k notes on old EN Use RevoUninstaller or the like to remove V10 if you don't care for it. Don't edit notes with links in them, that can cause issues as links aren't that well implemented at this point. Your call, may not be worth the effort. Frankly I don't think I will do another test until early November. The forums aren't singing the praises of productivity at this point. Too many functional and speed reports to my liking. Particularly from long time users. 🤷‍♂️
  8. @WeCanLearnAnything It’s a use case thing in some respects. For me V10 is simply too slow performance wise and is click heavy on top of that. While missing features. In my use case everything just takes longer, much longer. With EN being a hub for me that is untenable I have dipped my toe in the Windows V10 pool every couple of months and have seen minor at best improvements. But still painfully slow each time, again for my use case. Throw your mouse at the wall slow. IOS has made noticeable progress other than the “has my stuff synced yet?” issue. I continue to use 6.25.1. At this point I will use it until it sunsets. Works like a charm. But I have begun to build a parallel data base of all the PDFs of the paperless bit of my use case. I would not want to do that export with V10, it might take forever So safety warrants I do it now. Net of it all you can fire it up and see how it works for you.
  9. Don't know anything about that, sounds good though. Sometimes I think it is no more than shite code or cost return on the investment to tighten things up, programmer hours vs new equipment will cover the sins.... Tough to find software companies passionate about the size of their footprint. Why would they be using Chromium if that were the case?
  10. Need lots of those bullets. EN is not the only software that seems to covet memory and is remiss to let it go. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I don't know, I guess I am not so philosophical about it. For my use case the designed in minute(s) lags renders some of my GTD and update processes unusable. This lagging was created knowingly which is mind boggling to me. I just can't drink it good looking. Net of it all I am disappointed in the design decisions that EN has made. Their testing foibles in the early days were far less disconcerting. It's like let's create an app which is supposed to help folks do anything and then leave them guessing as to when their last update will be available while the server churns away. Slow with an eventual message saying all is well would be better than this, uh, condition. Slow and no message simply frustrates. I mean, one hopes the system knows when it's done and the status along the way? Apps and computers are supposed to speed us up. We aren't supposed to slow down to use them. The angst with EN is due in some part from the fact that the previous IT worked just fine on the same hardware. This can happen when any IT changes. Of course I suppose I could be an outlier use case doing some things that are more interactive. Anyway, it is what it is after the better part of a year. My sub is up in November. I will probably keep it as long as 6.25.1 is working. Cranking on an exit strategy though as without massive improvements in responsiveness on the desktop I cannot use this new beast. Gloria Gaynor comes to mind at this point. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Resource hungry environment doesn't help at all, don't want to blame it all on the iron. Which is most frustrating for long time users. What worked fast a year ago does not now, same box. A glib way to develop software IMO. I recognize that you can't run software forever on older boxes but some consideration of performance would be nice. My 11SE is snappy but my two year old iPad not so much.
  13. Speaks volumes about EN's interest in implementing it. Maybe the new dashboard stuff would help you out.
  14. You can access cloud based files via links while using IOS, and the desktop. Opens in the app or cloud service on V10 IOS and in the browser version of the app or cloud service on V6.25 Windows. OneDrive files anyway. Side bar - as I was testing this on my phone I moved a couple of notes from my Inbox notebook to my main notebook. After a couple of minutes those two notes are still sitting in the Inbox. I'm sorry EN folks, but that is just trash. Mind numbing.
  15. There was a process that folks used on Windows back in the day to block EN internet access and thereby slowdowns caused by syncs. It required the creation of a firewall rule and a bat file. Instructions here. It was used by those whose EN would hang when performing mass maintenance or the like. It stops all EN internet access for a prescribed period. Don't know how it would work with V10 desktop though. Contents of bat file below. Timeout is now many seconds you want to block access, 12 minutes in the example. At that point EN will be unblocked automatically. Or you just close the Window. FWIW. netsh advfirewall firewall set rule name="Block Evernote" new enable=yes timeout 7200 netsh advfirewall firewall set rule name="Block Evernote" new enable=no
  16. I guess first question would be why have an inbox notebook and 2bsorted notebooks. Make the decision once while in the inbox. Perhaps with more frequency if you are getting 100s of notes in the inbox. If you are getting frustrated do it one note at a time and stop when you get tired. Or only group notes based upon those visible on the screen. Less chance to have an oops in the process. The key thing is to get caught up and when that happens to stay caught up. I use an inbox as well and my objective is to have it be empty by days end. And anything I send to EN from my email I use the notebook and tagging capabilities to bypass the inbox. That is I make the decision in email as to where to put the note in EN. In my set up I have 56,000 notes in 5 notebooks of record. I use tags (about 450) or text search to find things. And what I use EN for is to FIND things. Getting stuff in is the necessary evil. Whichever method depends upon your own use case. Mine is predominantly paperless and my version of GTD. Just about everything gets dumped into EN. YMMV.
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