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  1. Assumption was warranted in the past as it wasn't an assumption, longevity was an assumption for sure. Kind of makes one, or me anyway, yearn for an OS level dictionary that all apps use that is editable. No more adding the same word to email, Word, Evernote, Google Docs ......
  2. In its current incarnation it's clear that was the decision. Problem for some users is that it used to be editable, and take aways are never fun. Casting errors in concrete doesn't help matters. I'm with @Dave-in-Decatur on this one, why not have it be editable? Rhetorical question to be clear. Can't fathom the logic personally. Really not that big a deal to get the dander up though. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Agreed, pick one's poison, keeping the personal help desk open was mine. Though one can get a new laptop delivered. 😉
  4. I like the personal satisfaction of doing a mechanical thing. I never had a Mac so when my daughter upgraded her MacBook Pro she gave the old one to me. I added an SSD and some memory and it runs like a scalded dog now though I am a lot slower re the interface and all. It was easy to upgrade. When I got to the point of the below in the Lenovo YouTube video, I decided self accomplishment might not be worth it. But we do digress the thread.
  5. Amen. I was going to add an SSD to my wife's 5 year old Lenovo so as to cut down on my help desk duties whenever some Windows process would take the machine for a ride until I watched a YouTube video on how to do it. Getting a guitar pick and peeling back the keyboard was a bit more than I was interested in doing. So the help desk is still open.... 😒
  6. IMO, EN doesn't do so well with classic to do lists, particularly if they are lists that keep growing and/or contracting. Things like Wunderlist, now Microsoft To Do, and others work well for grocery lists and they are easier to share with a partner. I've found that creating dynamic to do lists by adding a reminder to a note in conjunction with saved searches works well, for me anyway. I get a note list that is equivalent to a do list and it adjusts itself as I add/close reminders. Not saying this isn't a valid request, just saying there are alternatives in the meantime pending EN making any changes to checkboxes. Sample of my saved searches included. FWIW.
  7. Which platform? Windows Mac IOS Android Browser
  8. And New ( Evernote Web 5.30.0) / Previous (no version number) are the terms that appear when I access the web version. I think Previous is the new classic post the old classic. I'm sure that helps clear things up.
  9. May not have anything to do with it, but there is an option on Windows to create new notes in a new window. Is there such an option on the Mac? Again probably not related, just spitballing.
  10. Oops, What @PinkElephant said. Not you, north of you in the thread.
  11. A different style. I guess I don't get tags being unwieldy and a combo of tags and key words not being unwieldy. Seems like you end up with the same number of identifying thingamajigs. If it works for you, great. Horses for courses. Relative to your people example, my method is to create a tag for the important contacts, last name preceded by the equals sign, =. I have about 25 of those tags. Same basic concept - when I want to add a person to a note I hit F3 and start typing =lastname and typically get a hit after a few keystrokes. Works for me since I prefer to keep things mostly in one flow which tags accommodate. And my feng shui isn't impacted by funky names in the text of the note. FWIW.
  12. Thanks for the detail. Still not dancing for me, made the change but still get a png. Logged out, cycled the machine the whole bit. Not a biggie, I don't need to have a jpg vs a png all that often.
  13. Couldn't find this when I went to Regedit. Did it move or am I messing up Regedit access? And is this for clipper, capture or both? EDIT. Just checked. Clipper screenshot saves a jpg, EN desktop capture saves a png.
  14. Have you tried using the Capture screen shortcut key in EN (Tools - Options - Shortcut keys)? Capture in conjunction with pressing CTRL puts the image on the clipboard, otherwise into its own note. The clip below of your post is 50.6 kb. File size depends on how dense the image is I suppose, more graphic bigger image. FWIW.
  15. I've had Adobe for a while, pre their license change, and not cheap in any case. A search will return all kinds of options which one can filter through. No particular knowledge here though.
  16. You gotta do what you gotta do. I hope it gets better for you.
  17. You can roll your own with something like PhraseExpress using _tagname for text within the note. Don't know that is worth the effort though.
  18. Per @gazumped, by opening the PDF in another program from within EN, applying the password, and saving.
  19. You can make it tighter and display more shortcuts by not showing labels in the toolbar.
  20. If you are using the computer at work your company may be blocking access to Evernote. Check with your IT team.
  21. Okay. In that case not sure what can be done other than adjust when the photo is added to the note.
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