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  1. Will do. I got sizes of 160 MB and 2 GB for the same notebook, ,and 300 MB for a different notebook, details above. Didn't sound right to me either.
  2. Great, and 0 will act as things do today. Out of interest, will this also fix the variable sizes we have seen in our testing of the beta?
  3. You might want to check with EN, your avatar says Basic.
  4. Good to know thanks. I haven't had any issues of which I am aware other than this one. Weird thing about this was adding the new tag to the note on the Surface and then the tag disappearing form the note but sticking to the tag tree. That's how I knew I wasn't dreaming the edits.
  5. Bug Report. I have this beta installed on a Surface. I am running 6.18.4 on my main system. I downloaded a PDF through IOS. I modified the note title and added a new tag to the note on the Surface. I exited EN on the surface and everything synced. When I went to my main device the note was as it was before the editing. So okay, maybe my memory is slipping. However, the new tag was available for selection and after "re-adding" it to the note there is only one note with the tag. I don't know, sometimes notes created via IOS share get added multiple times, but I've never had one lose edits, or get overwritten.
  6. Was referencing your no title comment. Do what you like. Just suggestions.
  7. Seriously, might be worth a go to see one or more files are produced.
  8. I prefer the term paperless, not to be confused with clueless... which I might be if I didn't save all this stuff.
  9. Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."- Mark Twain's Own Autobiography: The Chapters from the North American Review
  10. Well my 15 GB into 9 files can't be bent into 16.
  11. Uh, enter a title? That is consistency, not sure how it helps you keep things organized.
  12. First of all, you have to import each file separately. I ran a test with a smaller notebook to check that out. And, in the process the saga continues. This notebook was just under 5 GB, image below. Export generated 16 ENEX files in the 325 MB range, image below. So another target size in the mix. @Iriska, we know this is a beta and we are testing it. A bit of feedback as to what is supposed to be happening might be appropriate at this point.
  13. Don’t know, though I have imported a file larger than that in the past, to recover a dumb a$$ note delete. 🙁 I think the file was 10 GB +. But that was the past.
  14. Well, decided to try the export again. This time I got 9 files versus the 106 the first time, a marked improvement. Target file size seemed to be 2 GB. Based upon @gazumped above at 1 GB and my first experience at 160 MB, it begs the question if some parameter is getting diddled somewhere or is it a random act of violence as to the target file size for each export file? IAC, the previous mentioned option to decide if a single fie is okay would be appreciated.
  15. Don't think so. Shift+Alt+T search tags is the only thing I've seen that winnows relevantly, but that is for tags. Would seem logical to display notes by notebook for the search dropdown.
  16. Yup. Not that hard to search using the link name. I already have a PE hotkey to search for highlighted text EN.
  17. Go to DropBox, create the link, paste it in an EN note. The link will work from IOS.
  18. Can't access the link in Chrome, security block. So I brought up a PDF from a site I use and Clipper would not open. Not a partial clip, no opportunity to clip whatsoever.
  19. Just clipped using EN Clipper from the above, image below. Seemed to work, make sure you aren't releasing the mouse button before you have highlighted the entire area. Also, if you are using the Windows desktop app, you can use Capture screen, set your own hotkey if you like. Again have to be sure not to release the mouse button until the entire area is highlighted.
  20. Wonder what I did to turn my 16 GB prime notebook into 106 odd 160 MB files. Must have a special version. Will try again later today. Ditto the Backupery experience, one file. Importing those 106 one at a time might be a PITA.
  21. According to @gazumped above the beta does not seem to effect Backupery.
  22. Notebook is not lost if you export by Notebook. Notebook links are lost for local notes, not so much synced notes. I have made it a habit to have the link be the same as the note title. Then if a link is broken I can simply find it via a search.
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