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  1. I think the beta is now the New Evernote Web, without feature parity and the inability to sort large note lists. Version 5.27.0. Glad I don't have to use the web often. Old and new account screen shots below.
  2. Mine is to put saved searches in a table in a note which is on my shortcuts bar and use a PhraseExpress hotkey to activate them. Hover over the search term and use the hotkey. FWIW.
  3. I believe you can encrypt your client side data using something like VeraCrypt at the file level or the system level. And there are other tools to encrypt at the system level. With VeraCrypt your app runs as normal but the data is encrypted. You have to create a "container" and open it as a "volume" (M: for example) in their parlance. I do use VeraCrypt for EN but I do use VeraCrypt for financial data backed up to the cloud.
  4. Set your EN window the way you want and do a File - Exit. When you start EN again it should return to that setting.
  5. Highlight all the text in the note, right click, encrypt. Not on the web version
  6. Who knows, note currency needs to be checked whatever the case so maybe the bandwidth to download the PDF was a concern, which fits early days as well.
  7. May be semantics, but to me the behavior is driven by an EN decision to not automatically download PDFs when a note is accessed on an IOS device. Could have been done either way, they opted to force the download, maybe a bandwidth decision. Per @DTLow above an option would be great.
  8. Today your user ID and the email associated with the account are the same. You can change the email address to your personal email at any time by going to account settings on the web. Not sure, but you may need to contact support to change your user ID. In any case, I don't think that the user ID is attached to the company, it's attached to the account, if that makes sense. I think EN set up attempts to simplify things by making user ID be email. Wasn't the case when I started with EN, then you could create your own user ID and add an email address for the account. I would also think about whether your EN data base is on a company PC, that would be problematic if you left and didn't have it on your own device, or hadn't deleted from the company device..
  9. This one has less to do with adding the PDF to a note (with today's desktop you can just drag a PDF into EN) and more to do with the viewing of the PDF, or devolved to it if not the OP's intent. On the desktop when you access the note the PDF is visible assuming you have not checked Always show PDF documents as attachments. Not so much on mobile devices, you get an icon which you have to press. Folks would just as soon not press the icon. Me included.
  10. Hmmm. One question, ENML or EML files? Three thoughts, There is an option in EN to export attachments for selected notes, but it would be really hard to accidentally do that. Hard to tell without the file extensions visible in the PDF. Any of these files ones you've imported in the past, didn't delete and they got moved around in your reorg? Have you ever tried a product called Backuppery? It creates a folder structure for backups that mirrors notebook structure.
  11. Good thing about this thread are the examples. So take the best ideas and roll your own. Have fun doing it.
  12. What is the folder structure containing the files?
  13. Funny thing, my main purpose in starting with EN was to find things. Found myself not forgetting things, just not remembering them at the right time, mostly work stuff and mostly about what others were doing. I had “notes” but where were they. EN even without reminders solved the problem for me. And then it morphed into my work and life second brain. So now I’m paperless and have access to whatever wherever I am. 😎
  14. Through all this, let us not forget search, my personal how-come-for-why. The only reason I put anything into EN is so as to be able to get at it later with ease.
  15. written down has been typed most of my lifetime. I too am done. All Good!!!
  16. Not my experience. Stuff gets broke for sure but not at an ever increasing rate. Anyway, if you click in the table you should see something like this, if it is a proper table.
  17. Tools - Options - Navigation and uncheck Match tags by word prefix in the Tag Picker will do it for Tag Picker (Alt+Shift+t) searches. Can't do it for tag assignment (Alt+Ctrl+T) though, it still works from the front of the tag only. So probably won't give you what you want.
  18. The early marketing that caught my eye was the "Second brain" tag line. Note just being a vehicle to that end. Fit me to a tee, someplace to store whatever and find it later. On a less serious note, a simple search for note definition yields the below. Which supports both positions, note writing and aid to memory. So, whatever at this point. Coke or Pepsi? 😊
  19. If you hover over the PDF (Windows desktop anyway) the menu above appears. If you see an icon, right click and Save as is there.
  20. You can add the email icon to the toolbar. You can use the down arrow in the PDF view and save the document to the desktop, then drag into your email. I miss the older version of the PDF editor in EN when you could simply drag the PDF to the email, oh well...
  21. Try using Revo Uninstaller and a reboot and then try to install again.
  22. Saferoom sort of does this. You create/edit your notes in Saferoom where they are zero knowledge encrypted. Not the same interface as EN obviously and none of the benefits of EN search, etc., which sort of deletes the purpose. But you can save the notes in EN for backup and syncing with another device. Probably not a good fit, but a data point. FWIW.
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