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  1. I guess I have got used to leaning back in a desk chair, mouse in hand, keyboard nearby, and not having to touch a screen when in "work" mode. One ear bud in for phone, two for music. Horses for courses. 🙂
  2. Are you sure you logged into the right account? What platform were you using?
  3. Windows. You can highlight whatever notes and right click and select Save Attachments. Then save the file list from wherever you saved the attachments.
  4. That and not many other options when working with a multi monitor set up.
  5. No disagreement with any of that. I'm just not sure that with my fingers I would ever be as productive on an IOS device as I am with a mouse. 🤷‍♂️
  6. You are welcome. Let us know if it helps.
  7. Just responding to the bit of the first post quoted below which MIGHT confuse a newbie. I do all my heavy lifting on my laptop, docked or not, or a Surface. iPad is for simple stuff or searching mostly. Without offline notebooks.
  8. You could try using Word. Found this Searching for remove hyperlinks with word. How do i remove hyperlinks in a word document? To remove a single hyperlink without losing the display text or image, right-click the hyperlink, and then click Remove Hyperlink. To remove all hyperlinks in a document, press CTRL+A to select the entire document and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.Nov 3, 2019
  9. Per @DTLow you can have complete DB on an IOS device if you use offline notebooks. Not so much multi note actions. Account - Settings - Notebooks - Offline Notebooks - Download all notes
  10. For me a history entry is created right after a change, unless I also changed the note a bit earlier (hours). Then the change will be added to history on the next not specific time interval. If you Change a note frequently you will NOT get a commensurate number of history entries. Don’t know if size of change has an impact. It’s been this way as long as I can remember, history to 2014 supports that.
  11. A lot more than a few. I have a work out note containing an excel spreadsheet that has multiple versions a week of history back to February 2014. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 versions. Just a fact for the discussion..
  12. The contra is that for some of us buttons and shortcuts are faster then remembering Markdown code. Me being in that category. Potato potahto I suppose. I would prefer some completeness and uniformity of format and formatting across platforms before adding any new stuff. Like a table that column wraps on one device and not on the other, using default fonts in both cases. No issue at all if EN adds Markdown, more power to those that want it. I'd just like some consistency in the formatting and display with default fonts I control. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Same as the other post, Nope. Nor for younger users who would like font control, be it larger or smaller.
  14. Yeah, my bad on that one. I think you got me here. I tried in my test account, not enough notes I suppose. That and I still have my cold. <whine><whine> I too have up-voted.
  15. You can use a hot key to put the date/time into the note each time it is edited. I use a PhraseExpress hotkey (Shift+Ctrl+;) to put 2020.01.08 11:29 AM into notes in which I want this kind of tracking.
  16. Yes. Also, any PDF you OCR yourself is searchable in EN, whatever the subscription level. Unless EN has made a change in the last year.
  17. Yeah, that's what I said. Transfer used to be to Windows Desktop. There is/was a setting in the browser which forces open in Windows desktop. I don't want to spelunker back (it has been a while) to that if this is a willful change. If it is a willful change it is a PITA as I have links in other apps I want to open in the desktop. Opening in the browser is of little value to me. Could be a change in my default browser, not sure, just trying to find out if EN did anything.
  18. It happens this works. An ?idiosyncrasy? of how EN converts symbols to blanks seems to find notes with $xxx in them. Note the blank in front of sym in the search information. It's kind of like a word beginning with a blank is in the search index... You just have to know what is after the special character. OTOH a $s search will return $sym and any note with a word starting with s. I don't get it, it just seems to work that way. Idiosyncrasy.
  19. Used to be I could click on a note link in the EN reminder email and be transferred to the EN Windows desktop. Not so much today. This on purpose? Don't want to dig back through the how to reset this if this is an intentional change.
  20. I just clipped a recipe from the front page of Bon Appétit using EN Web Clipper and it worked fine with Article and Simplified Article. The columns was narrower than need be (half the note window width) with the Article clip but simplify text fixed that. What OS and browser are you using? A specific recipe with issues?
  21. Another option I just remembered is to highlight the recipe and use the Copy selection shortcut Ctrl+Win+A, or change to what you like in Tools - Options - Shortcut keys. This may be after you select the print option on some sites. Whatever it takes to get the best representation of the recipe. Most of the time this does a good job of keeping the presentation of copy as it appears on the web page. Pretty quick too.
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