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  1. If Windows, you can turn on On Demand Sync on your work machine and keep the complete data base on your home machine.
  2. Got me. I now either download from the website or make a copy before starting the install. IAC, the file disappears in my AutoUpdate folder. 🤷‍♂️
  3. At some point the download file was deleted from the AutoUpdate folder after the install. A ways back, don't remember when.
  4. Asked for many times. What is your default sort for the notebook(s)?
  5. Not sure the consensus in such a small data set. 😉 More than anything else folks seem to tailor their process to their use case and whatever suits their eye. Consensus may be do what feels best to you and here are some lessons learned from others. Don't think there is a "right" solution in all of this, but some learning for sure. One of the strengths of EN is the ability to lever its capabilities to so many different use cases.
  6. I use the OCR process that came with the ScanSnap s1300i, OCR as I scan. Seems to work well. I use Adobe if I need to redo or OCR something I've downloaded which didn't come that way.
  7. EN OCRs the PDFs on the server. That OCR on the server doesn't always match the OCR on the desktop, in my experience. Nor does it download the OCR to the desktop if the document is already OCRd on the desktop. Again, based upon the search results I get. I trust the desktop OCR at this point. I get the fullest search results there.
  8. Segoe UI Symbol seems to work for me in the note title.
  9. I take it you are of somewhat of the same opinion re PC vs Mac UI?
  10. Take your pick. Yeah, less snark in my comment. Just seems it would be slower getting things done in the Mac client. But again, first blush.
  11. Kind of lost me at the first sentence - Let’s imagine how you would use Evernote if you had a brain. Left me out of the pool of readers I suppose. 😉
  12. Yeah, I wasn't clear, sorry. I meant sync the settings for the device. I use ODS on my backup laptop, but not on my main one. That would get hosed with an account sync. Plus, I just inherited my daughter's old Macbook Pro, not the same. Thought I would give EN a spin on the dark side. 😊 First impressions are meh to not-so-much based upon the client interface. Could be newness and I haven't found the toggles yet, but I digress from the topic....
  13. Mine too. Not pretty but sometimes faster than trying to techno the solution. Would be nice if settings synced.
  14. Yeah it's a bug, but it is a bug with the OCR process EN uses. Per my above post the OCR process at the servers is not recognizing the font correctly so the OCR is not always right. If you are searching for word try searching for "w o r d" on IOS, you may find some of the "missing" notes.
  15. Evernote sends one email a day for all reminders for that day, not an email per reminder with time. Sends it sometime in the "early" morning.
  16. I have some large PDFs but the majority not so much. I decided to go paperless using EN some time back, which is one of my use cases. So just about any document, statement, manual, research article, whatever goes into EN. 20k PDFa at this point, half my notes more or less.
  17. I like having all my stuff in one place and accessing the non private stuff on all platforms. EN helps with this other than some dysfunction with web/IOS searches. I don't have any issues with too many results in a search. My notes with PDFs in them are tagged. Typically I do a tag search before I do a text search. For example if I am looking for a technical article, I would do tag:pc.stuff whatevertext. Also, I don't have too much trouble with too many results based upon a pure text search, and if I do I add tags to the search. Could be a use case thing.
  18. PDFs you OCR yourself should be searchable, no matter the membership level. Can you perform the same search using a desktop version of EN? I found that the server based OCR from EN does not perform the task as well as the OCR software I use on my desktop. Found this when I was looking for a receipt from a specific merchant. Could not find the note via IOS or the web, could find the note with the PC app. It was a receipt created via a ScanSnap scanner letting the scanner provided software doing the scanning. I submitted a ticket and the problem was verified, something to do with the server OCR engine not recognizing the font correctly and thereby getting the width wrong. Whatever, doesn't work right is my view. Haven't heard of a solution, submitted the ticket last August. Just did a like search for our local hardware store, 426 notes on my PC, 353 on the web and IOS. The search includes resource:application/pdf so it's only PDFs in the search group for only synced notebooks. So give a go on a desktop app if you can to see if you can find the notes.
  19. 20 GB on a PC, no slow downs. I have my media files (about 10GB of mostly video) outside of EN. They are in folders on my PC which sync to the cloud, currently OneDrive. I do have an EN note for each file containing a link to the file on my PC so I can have easy access even though the actual files are stored outside of EN. Reasoning for me is that EN doesn't really do anything with the video files other than store them, you can't search their contents, it adds 50% to the DB size, and for me it's easier to share using a cloud service. Just presenting as a different way to handle the use case. Not a direct response to your question though, sorry.
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