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  1. Don't know what to say. I just tested the hotkeys and they worked for me in the Current and Beta web versions.
  2. Have you tried rebooting. I have had instances in the past in which some combination of apps have managed to hose certain hot keys. Reboot fixed it.
  3. Since my first post in this thread my note count has risen to 43,277. Still have instantaneous response time 99.9% of the time (I've learned to not back space in searches).
  4. Capture from PhraseExpress below. Since the search strings are in a table a triple click highlights the cell. Pretty straightforward, Triple click - Ctrl+C - F6 - Ctrl+V - Enter. So hover over the search term in the table, hold Alt and press the right mouse button and the phrase activates.
  5. I think bulk editing reminders for whatever reason is a great idea. Not sure if there is a voting thread for this in the forum though.
  6. Yeah get that. I use links within notes but not in any TOC or master note concept, unless it is a true reasonably static TOC. My point is the the note list from the search represents what I want to see. I tend to be low maintenance and just add notes and let the currency of the search give me the new view. I do have one note with not so frequently used searches in it. I have a PhraseExpress hot key such that if I hover over the search term it executes. That note is in shortcuts. Again could be a totally different uses case.
  7. Small reason I keep the left panel closed the majority of the time, got some bite marks in early days. Plus I don't use it to navigate anyway. Easy enough to click on one of the icons to see list of notebooks, tags, saved searches. More real estate for the note and note list as well. But I stray....
  8. Three in my view, Stacks are embedded in the product and provide another level of search winnowing. Which speaks organization to me.
  9. So you want to give them some personally developed baggage?
  10. Different view of the elephant, I tag as I go and use saved searches for organization. Simpler use case I suppose.
  11. Might nit-pick here and say EN provides three levels of organization, Stacks - Notebooks - Tags with the note being the organizationee. And then there are any other personally developed "taggish" structures like structured titles or keywords anywhere, __keyword in a note for example.
  12. I use LastPass. There is a sort of default backup in that the encrypted password file is synced to all devices on which you use LastPass. On a new device, add the LastPass extension and you are ready to go. Assumption on my part I suppose, but that encrypted by the known to me only password file sits in the web somewhere for this to work. Belts and suspenders you can find the file in the bowels of AppData if you want to back it up. In my case it is a 3 MB file located in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\databases\chrome-extension_hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd_0\ FWIW.
  13. If you are working on notes that are in a search result go to Tools - Options - Search and uncheck Search when a note is updated.
  14. Ouch. Had there been time to sync the new notebook, if only the name. EN sometimes does not play nice if you create and move something before whatever IDs have been applied from the mother ship.
  15. Go to settings on the web app and check to see which version of the app you are using. If it is the beta switch to current.
  16. And sometimes the exact size isn't, that is rounding occurs. I notice this with trouble tickets. I leave the title Ticket # 999999 descriptionofproblem for emails I forward to EN. If enough bytes don't get added between emails they are theoretically duplicates in the title size match. And I'm with you, the juice is definitely not worth the squeeze.
  17. For sure on the follow up. ODS kind of works like offline notebooks but it's at the note level, if that makes sense. All note headers are downloaded but only recently accessed notes are fully local. They get released based upon a time value entered by the user. Helps if you are disk constrained but more issues with search times, merges, and backups for my liking. Heard today that a preview 3 is close so we'll see what changes are in it. I'm guessing not on the preview as a base for the beta as well. Just seems like the plumbing to support local storage is not trivial, even if you have done it before. Maybe the code is highly modular, don't know. End of the day I can only react to what is in front of me and the preview as it sits is a browser app in desktop clothing that performs like a browser app. Optimistic it is temporary in general and because of the quote you reference. As always, the musings of this writer have no particular basis in specific fact or knowledge. Never been one to let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  18. Yeah, I get it. Title, size, tags, and then the lesser fields. Just wondering what the OP had to say.
  19. You can edit created and updated dates on the desktop versions, not so much on the mobile versions. Still doesn't provide the physical look and feel of calendar like functionality. Just a workaround pending the feature being deployed or not.
  20. I'm guessing not. PDFs accessed in Windows Preview have to be downloaded and notes are slower to display in general. I wonder if the local store is similar to the mobile apps, limited to recently accessed notes. This would be good to know for many reasons like off line access or personal backups of notebooks, two not so small issues for desktop centric folks.. Simple spelunking shows only one EXB for me. Of course a different naming convention could be in use. After the above, turned off connectivity and got the answer, see below. The message appeared in the top middle of the Preview window. Couldn't do anything. Now I understand why there are no sync options in the Preview. It basically acts like a browser or, better put, an EN mobile app.
  21. Created date doesn't work for you? You might want to remove your email address from the post.
  22. Sort of a duplicate finder? Interesting as to what criteria one would use to ID duplicates?
  23. Have you tried right clicking in the note and selecting Save Attachments...? Sometimes they can be saved and then put back into the note. Not sure why this happens but it does from tme to time.
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