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  1. If you want the txt as an attachment hold the Shift key while dragging into EN.
  2. We should remember that EN changed the back end in some ways during this V10 journey, not sure it is the cause though. IAC, IOS searches post changes that worked quickly pre V10 don't now. Best of my memory anyway. Variable lag in indexing seems to be a characteristic of this new development platform. Other services suffer the same malady. Interesting trade off - development simplicity with functional excellence
  3. That only applies to the body of the note. You can do searches for tag:!* for example.
  4. You are welcome, I just tested the same process with a folder and it worked for me whether I created the link via the desktop or the web. FWIW.
  5. How are you creating the link? I just added a link to a note using 6.25.1 desktop and the link was clickable in new IOS. I used the share option in the web version of OneDrive - copied the link and pasted it into the note. FWIW.
  6. I got sidetracked for a couple of days and my Late Reminder search had 24 notes. I decided to test V10 a bit via changing the dates using the new web version, As one would expect the notes did not disappear from the search as the reminder dates were changed. Funny thing was the reminders visible in the search were the updated values. So everything updated and displayed fine, it just shouldn't have been in the search. It took the better part of 15 minutes for the search to be accurate. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, "... it's all about the indexing,... ". What a major PITA for anyone trying to accomplish anything in a semblance of real time.
  7. CalS

    Symbol search

    The only special character that is searchable is the underscore. It is best to use it as a prefix to text. For example I use it for _Paid and _Completed. Works in legacy EN anyway, not using V!0 yet so not sure there.
  8. You may be able to sort of backup V10 using the save data at log out feature. Should something go awry you could disconnect from the internet, restore the backup, and then go through the pain of exporting your notes. You would lose any activity since the last backup. Not 100% sure this works with V10 as I am still on V6.25.1 myself. But logically it should assuming the save data at logout actually works (test by disconnecting from the internet). Probably not the answer you are seeking. 🤷‍♂️ Relative to backups I have been using Backupery with legacy EN for some time. I have 8 notebooks, 5 synced and 3 local. Two of the notebooks are typically empty, INBOX (synced) and Scans (local). Anyway I have Backupery set to back up to ENEX at 1 AM each day. Once a week I zip/encrypt the local backups to the cloud. Backupery does not work with V10 at this point. Another future PITA should I decide to stick with EN when 6.25.1 goes paws up. 😟
  9. The last time I tried the desktop version (a month ago maybe??) it was painfully slow as compared to 6.25.1. Lose your train of thought slow. But not as slow as the web. That, the additional clicks, missing features, and the indexing lag have kept me with 6.25.1 pending improvements. V10 isn't built for everyone at this point. Thought I would try a different browser, I used Vivaldi with the above. With Edge it took about 5 seconds as opposed to the 45 above. With Firefox it took 6 seconds. A return to Vivaldi took 24 seconds, though it did take 8 minutes to get started. It treated my access as a first time event, not sure why. A return to Edge, EN recognized I had been there before and it took 9 seconds this time. Moral of the story - still slow but use Edge or Firefox I guess??? EDIT: Back to Edge only. FF does some weird stuff like not displaying all info in the notes list until you click on one of the notes. Edge seems to be most uniform. FWIW.
  10. Doing some testing with the web version it took 45 seconds to complete the display of the list and the first note when I selected my largest notebook. 45 seconds. I used an on screen timer. 20 seconds to display a search result of 15 or so notes. I can’t drink to a world where this makes any sense. Larger notes data base at the core I suppose. ☹️
  11. Didn't happen by accident, decisions were made. Someone decided a lag was okay. The lag doesn't impact generic searching as much as it does note maintenance. For example if one uses reminder searches extensively modifying the reminder of a note in a search list causes it to immediately leave the search list. Or if one is doing maintenance for some reason having notes appear/disappear through the process prevents errors. The infamous -tag:* search for those who tag all their notes for example. It's a use case thing for sure. Coupled with how accustomed one has become to the lightening quickness of 6.25.1 it's just more the irritant.
  12. Amazing that you even have to think about it though. Has to be one of the weirdest design decisions to knowingly build a lag into an information processing app. /end.snark.to.Evernote
  13. Or as stated above roll your own if you get tired of waiting. I use Autohorkey for reminder actions and searches. Have had the benefit for a few years now. Also use AHK in other apps where there is a missing hotkey or a repetitive process (like cleaning up and forwarding mail while adding notebooks and tags). From my dipping of toes into desktop V10 I will have more to add if I end up going that way. FWIW.
  14. The above quote only works with old EN. You can go back to the legacy version for the time being if you like until EN gets this sorted. I am still using 6.25.1 waiting for some level of functional and speed equivalence. Not a strategy for everyone though.
  15. Yup. Takes upwards of 10 seconds to display some reminder searches containing a few notes. Typical web lag plus a bit when selecting notes. Too easy to forget what I was doing I am afraid to say. 🤷‍♂️
  16. You need to be sure that the folder structure containing your .exb file is on that P drive (Tools - Options - General). This is the folder that contains your data base and the attachments folder which sometimes contains remnants of files not fully closed. Not sure about what is actually left in all the roaming folders. And be sure to dismount the P drive when you leave your machine.
  17. Thanks for the quick response. For me not sure of the need for sync complete need for a search which is performed on the server. In any case the note count on V10 was representative and the typed search returned the note right after the shortcut search did not. Back to the shortcut search and the note did not return. So murky on a good day for me. Re Ctrl+Q I just saw a video that represents its features. It looks good though it is a subset of Ctrl+Q in legacy, best I can tell from the video. Ctrl+Q became a go to search starter for me when I realized it will display recent searches, saved searches, tags, and notebooks on its way to a text search. Each letter you type changes the display of options. Particularly helpful for accessing recent searches. I thought if deployed in new like in old.1 I might be able to bypass the inane number of clicks to find something in V10. Will try again in a month or so. Quick "demo" below of how it works in old EN. A tribute to an old friend and its power if nothing else before the sunset. To your point though, not for everyone.
  18. I saw Ctrl+Q was making a comeback in some form so I thought I would take a look on a backup machine. Plus I hadn't taken a look at V10 in a while as I still use 6.25.1 as V10 isn't there for me use case. I found a search issue right out of the gate before I even took a look at Ctrl+Q. I tested a shortcut first. I have a tag, !LM, which initially I used for follow up for calls wherein I left a message. It is up front on my shortcuts bar. During the pandemic I started using it to track on line purchases. So a single click on !LM in the shortcuts bar displays all left message calls and not received orders. The first thing I did when 10.14 came up was to click on that shortcut. The result was no notes though I knew there should be one. So I cleared and entered tag:!lm in the search bar and the result was three notes, one of which was supposed to be there, two not so much. Things look fine in 6.25.1. Annnnnyway, did not see much sense in checking out the new Ctrl+Q after this bit of non performance. 😟 So I uninstalled and put 6.25.1 back on my backup. I can't use something if I can't rely on the search results. This exercise was hours after any updates on my main 6.25.1 system. It probably took 15 minutes for V10 to show notes in any case. Anyone else have any similar problems with search results.
  19. It's like the old TV show Mission Impossible. The fact that the discussion exists of an indexing lag being somewhat okay is in of and of itself remarkable and other worldly. 😢
  20. When Local notebooks were removed with V10 I started moving/putting sensitive documents on OneDrive using BoxCryptor to encrypt the data on the fly. Would work the same for any cloud service. I have the benefit of local search of title and contents on my PC(s) and web search of title (mobile devices). Visibility of contents on all platforms with BoxCryptor installed. Sort of works the same as EN, document list on the left, document contents on the right, search at the top. It is lightening fast as well. FWIW.
  21. Using the desktop version of old EN one could create and encrypt whatever within a note in a local notebook. Then that note could be moved to a synced notebook and little risk of exposure. Worse yet with the new version, with the dynamic syncing that now exists encrypted text can be copied to history while you are editing the text. A bad thing. Less than compelling design choice or compromise.
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