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  1. Okay. Only thing I can think of is to put the special character in position in the search string, all of it surrounded by quotes.
  2. Example of a note title with unsearchable characters?
  3. To search for all notes containing tags under a parent tag go to Tools - Options - Navigation and select Automatically select child tags. This creates an Any search for these tags. In general a search for tag:sauce should only return notes tagged with sauce, a search for tag:sauce* should return any notes with tags beginning with sauce. Works that way for me anyway.
  4. You don't mention which platform, but notebook sort order can be set if using the Windows desktop.by selecting the view drop down (just to the left of the search box).
  5. Just an FYI, you can export an EN table to an ENEX and modify the ENML. However, changes relative to padding and the like are ignored when the note is brought back into EN. This used to work a ways back, but no more.
  6. Yeah, so with all this noise I downloaded Notion to take a look. Tried for 10 minutes to get a PDF to display in line and couldn't. Okay fine.
  7. Of my 41,801 notes 21,633 are PDFs, some large but most not. !0% are 1 MB or larger. Data base is 21.3 GB. And I have no response time issues. My docked laptop is 6 years old with 8 GB of memory and a 256 GB SSD. I turn off all the services I can in Windows, particularly any of their data capture and indexing stuff. I also try to keep other concurrent processes at a minimum exclusive of cloud sync services and he like. All that being said, don't know what the twinkie dust is that prevents me from hitting the performance issues of others.
  8. The built in EN annotator is good enough for a neanderthal like myself...
  9. Okay, not sure I have the same concern with the Clipper, but I could be wrong. OTOH, I use a VPN with a built in ad/tracker blocker. And Brave.
  10. Just reset the size on the original text and you will get the same result. If you look at the ENML a font size parameter gets added, <font style="font-size: 10pt;">. Don't know what the plumbing is, but it would appear that EN left to its own devices has two different sizes, 10 isn't quite 10. I've seen the same sort of stuff when dragging default text from one note to another, values get added which then causes display size on IOS to vary for what one would think was the same parameters, ie, default. Saw this with my workout notes, the font was smaller on my phone after dnd when creating a work out note. Copy/Paste is the workaround for that. Oh well.
  11. Well, all I can say is these forums are littered with posts of accidental secondary accounts causing notes to "disappear". It is the de facto way to start the debug.
  12. Whatever you select for those two settings become the defaults, for any default text in notes in any case.
  13. Often times this is due to signing in with a different user name and password (it has proven to be easy to create a second account by accident). I would suggest going back and signing in again being sure you are using the correct user name.
  14. Look at you, leave the cloister of snippet view for a sec and learning happens!!!
  15. Not actually a "screenshot" if one wants a picture though, which is two down the list. Assuming screenshot means picture and screen capture means content anyway.
  16. Click on the support link in my signature, sign in, go through the three drop downs and you should see the chat option.
  17. No prob, my bad. Sounds like lack of success confirmation by absence. Not a good thing.
  18. Only way I know would be to open multiple instances of a browser and open EN in each to a different notebook. So one notebook open in the EN Window and the other four each in their own instance of Chrome/Firefox/Brave/Opera whatever. Be careful not to create conflicts, but if you stick in one notebook per session it should be safe.
  19. Do you have the San Francisco font installed on your Mac?
  20. Not sure about the counting against usage, but you can get a notification of a successful clip via Clipper Settings.
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