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  1. A contrarian view. I don't think EN is the place for things like grocery lists, particularly if you share the list with someone. Just not as easy as a standalone app. Our household started with Wunderlist and morphed to Microsoft To Do. One shared list, maintainable from about any platform, press the square box and the item drops off the list. EN works fine for single item purchase stuff. And I do use EN for all my to do items using the reminder functionality. Over 2,000 notes have had or currently have a reminder at this point. That bit works well for my use case, but not grocery lists.
  2. Is it your default notebook? If it is make another notebook your default notebook. Then delete this notebook.
  3. Log out of EN using File - Sign out username. Move your EN data base (username.exb) to the desktop or wherever. Click on EN and then before you sign in go to I think it is options and set the folder to what you want. Then sign in. This should rebuild the data base in the location you specified.
  4. This thread from a few years back references putting a limit on download amount, at least temporarily. Might be worth a go. Otherwise, it may be time to contact support.
  5. Had some time on my hands so gave Joplin a 30 minute spin. My takeaway is you REALLY have to like markdown to use it and the two panel set up. Perhaps I didn't give it enough time but it seemed it would take me forever to get anything done. Probably a use case thing as well, I don't have that many what I would call notes in the classic sense. So hyper contolling format not that much of an interest. The little formatting I do is with color and that doesn't exist in Joplin best I could tell. At least not with a couple of mouse clicks. Horses for courses.
  6. CalS

    Wrong time

    Select Help - Go to My Account Page, Then select Reminders to see what time zone EN is using. Hopefully it is one off where you are.
  7. You can select Help - Go to My Account Page to check the status of your limit. Relative to the problematic notes I might suggest tagging them for reference. Then sync, sometimes adding the tag forces a sync which works, don't know why. If that fails I would export one of the problematic notes to the desktop using ENEX format and then import it. See if the imported note syncs. If that fails I would move them all to a local notebook, sync, and then move them back to a synced notebook one at a time with syncs after each. If none of this works I would contact support.
  8. Depends upon what I am looking for but I may start a search with tags, text, or Intitle:. Depending on the quality of the search results I will add one of the two I didn't use to pare the results down. Of course there are some source and reminder searches which use those variables. As with all things EN, more than one way to get from here to there. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Uh, use PhraseExpress? It is available on Windows. I use PE hot keys all day long.
  10. Cool, whatever works best for you.
  11. I didn't mean to imply I would put the file info into Excel, I would put it in EN. My point was sometimes I add info to the actual file relative to its purpose in life. Yes you can build the template in Excel and then copy/paste into a note. You may have to adjust the columns after you have created the note. Give it a go.
  12. Back to basics. How do you know notes aren't being synchronized? Can you share a screen shot?
  13. What does organizing your electronic files mean to you? Assuming no templates available: If you mean a note for each file with salient data then that would probably be best suited by your designing it yourself and creating your own template note. If it's summary info about the file you could do it with a table in one note. Column headings of Date created, Location, File Name, Purpose or the like with a row per file. You can always add the file to a note in EN and add the data about the file in that note. Could run into storage limitations as a Basic subscriber though. As an aside, depending upon file type I often put notes in the file explaining its purpose and origin. Typically Excel in my case.
  14. Okay. Not sure, but sometimes the coding of links on a page don't make it to EN so the select buttons don't appear. It looks like a payment page so maybe the author added some sort of block??? Have you tried clicking on the ? mark or right clicking to see if there is an embedded address? Is it happening with all sites or just the one pictured above?
  15. Is the clip from the original web page or from the note as it ended up in EN?
  16. Pending EN implementing something like this you can roll your own with a text expander like PhraseExpress. I do something at the note level, Shift+Alt+C adds _Completed 2020.06.30 11:16 am at the current position in the note. FWIW.
  17. Web clipper is the same. Really doesn’t make a difference what EN client you are using. Relative to the little blue x’s can you share a screen shot?
  18. You are welcome. Let us know what you learn.
  19. Make sure you have the new version of Edge. When I tried months back I didn't realize I had the old version to start. Downloaded the new one and things got much better. This version hasn't crashed since I started using it. Not shilling for Microsoft, I'm sure Brave will leap frog at some point. Good thing is they are both Chromium based so the settings and extensions look very familiar. And that's all on this subject for me!
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