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  1. He may have been referring to the release thread.
  2. This situation is most often related to the accidental creation of a second account. Your info should still be on the Evernote servers. Be sure you are using the right username and password.
  3. Oops posted while you were posting. I would kick off a sync and then look at it.
  4. Have you taken a look at the activity log to see if the note is named there? Under Support under the account icon.
  5. Any chance you accidentally created a second account?
  6. If you drag a CSV into EN it appears as an attachment. If by readable you mean as text you can Convert the file to text using Excel or whatever, or Open the file in an editor and copy/paste into a note.
  7. Are your notes there if you go back to current EN web?
  8. You are not the lone soldier on this one... happened more than once to me.
  9. For sure, but the OP knew that and was looking to keep it simple if possible.
  10. Note links are green and there isn't a way change that default as best I know.
  11. An All search for tag:f tag:u should do the trick.
  12. Yeah I had a couple of crashes in the last couple of days. Really not doing anything of note at the time, switching notes or whatever.
  13. Same could be said... That being said I am in the camp of less air in all variants of desktop usage, without the drama though.
  14. This also occurs if you are using a link in a different program and you have a search of some sort in EN at the time. As in clicking on a link in a the reminder email. If in a search in the main EN window you do not transfer to the target note, you get some other note that is in the current search results. Bad bug in my view.
  15. Q1. None that I can think of, only pluses. Q2. In Windows you can’t view Word in line. If the Word document is static and you want to view it without opening Word you might consider printing to PDF and having the PDF and the Word doc in the same note. There may be a case for copy/paste of the Word doc into a note, but I’ve never needed it. Net of it all, experiment a bit and see what feels good to you. Easy enough to change after you have some experience.
  16. It's been that way since the blue screen of death days... The below bring back memories?
  17. Much better description of the problem which I posted about here. I think this problem appeared with 6.21.2 .
  18. Better description of the problem I describe above detailed here.
  19. Just wondering if there is any plan at all to address the drop down arrow in tables. Sort of leaves the impression no one cares....
  20. Since you are a premium member you should import the documents so that they will be searchable. You can bulk import them if you like by creating an import folder via Tools - Import Folders. Then you can copy/paste or move the files into that folder and a note will be created for each document. The note title will become the name of the document, word or pdf. Once you are comfortable the documents are in EN you can delete the originals if you like (I would). Good luck.
  21. The all caps leads to more Out than Over.
  22. If you don't need the new features and the version you have works well I wouldn't update until you need to. This could be for a feature you want or if you feel you are losing currency by being too many versions back. But only if the forum for whichever version is quiet. My view anyway.
  23. I have a base note I use for monthly processes. It has a table in it wherein the first column contains a note link to a note with instructions for a specific task. The other columns are months of the year for documenting the complete date. Prior to this release when I clicked on a link in the first column I would go to the note represented by the link, as one would expect. Since this release when I click on the link the base note flashes and I stay in the base note, I do not get transferred to the target note. If I Shift + Click the link the target note opens in its own window. If I open the base note in its own window and click a target link things work as expected. If I cycle EN, clicking a link works right the first time but not after that, whichever link I click in the base note. I have a shortcut to get to the note in the form of a search. If I change context to all notes and then click a target link things work fine. IAC, this never happened before this release. I've fixed my problem by making the shortcut the a note shortcut vs a search shortcut. Still, a problem however fringe was introduced with this release. And I'm not getting the time back it took to fix it for myself. EDIT: Looks like the problem may occur when clicking on any link located in a table.
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