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  1. As a premium subscriber you shouldn't have the 25MB limit for a single note. I don't have the issue and am still using 6.25.1. You could try using revo uninstaller to completely remove EN and then reinstall.
  2. Go to the file hippo site and look for version 6.25.1. This is the last actual pre V10 version, Windows anyway.
  3. Add a tag for notebook name to each note. Not pretty but your hierarchy will be maintained.
  4. New or old EN will search and find the PDFs that contain the search phrase. You have to Ctrl+F or equivalent in a native PDF app to find the occurrences within the document.
  5. If business has history, I think it does, then you should be able to recover the note. I don’t know how the trial works.
  6. You are welcome. I bought a 2 TB USB SSD drive to accommodate OneDrive storage, only have a 256 GB on my laptop. Costed as much as a low end PC but works nicely. For me the drudge work has been in the cleanup/consolidation of the documents prior to the save. With the bulk rename utility it is easy to add [FY2020 Trd] for example to the end of a batch of file names. Since I don't use that many tags the risk of a mistake is acceptable to me. May not work for all. One thing I didn't mention above is that I am also looking at something like BoxCryptor to encrypt all the files
  7. Not quite the same. When EN eliminated local notebooks with V10 I needed to find a way to handle the 8,500 private notes I stored therein, mostly PDFs. As they are private notes sharing is not so much a requirement other than tax time. The solution I am deploying uses a Windows root folder containing folders for years, Windows indexing (turned on for only those folders), and file explorer. To your tag point, a bit barbaric, but I append the file name with [tag1 ...], brackets included. Typically no more than three tags per document, mostly two in my case. This should preclude futur
  8. If you don't have any backups the only way I know to get the note back is to sign up for Premium for a month and recover the note from history.
  9. Only used Basic for a few days way back when so a question. Kind of a moot point, but I was under the impression that with old EN Basic you could continue to change/add notes after reaching the limit but they would not sync until the renewal cycle. Not true? If true then @ArjenC is describing a new behavior with V10.
  10. Nimbus Note has a similar look and feel to EN. It's search and shortcut/saved search capability falls far short of EN though. Search works but is not as easy to use. I think the product is based upon the same tech as V10 and is much faster than V10, though not as fast as Legendary EN. Nimbus also supports local notebooks. IAC I am still holding out for an improved V11 of EN. Fingers crossed anyway so as to avoid the work of moving all my stuff.
  11. Working is better than fixed. 😜 Reminds me of Start the Revolution without me. https://youtu.be/tueW-r1x_FM
  12. Not really correct, particularly on IOS. The new version landed with no warning other than glorious praise of how good it was. Turned out to be a complete cluster. IOS version is working its way back but still not the performance of before, as you say, particularly when starting up. And it is full of new presses which don't help much. Pretty much the same on Windows other than one could backtrack to the previous version. I tried V10 for about 15 minutes back in October and have not been back since. Monitoring the forums to see if Win EN makes its way back, particularly with performa
  13. iPad G6, it's about two years old. iPhone is SE 2020, less than a year old. Once the app opens performance when selecting notes is sluggish but not to the point of attention fully straying. Better for sure on the iPhone than it was with V10.0. Search is still way slow compared to desktop as it has always been, though worse than legacy IOS EN in my view. Something else added with V10 that slows things down. However, I find it most annoying that when searching the results are single pane. That is only the list but not the list plus contents of the selected note in a right pane.
  14. Ditto here. I accidentally updated EN on my iPad last week. I had been ignoring there after the cluster when I updated my phone. I accidentally pressed Update All, DAA, geez. I will say EN is performing better on a mobile as a lookup device. The wobbles aren't as noticeable if you aren't doing anything significant. That is once EN is open. It takes upwards of 30 seconds to load when first selected. I have maybe 10 off line notes so nothing in particular to download. Some administrative handshake SNAFU? Which is better than the web where I don't even have access to the V10 ve
  15. Or use IOS where you will find tags at the top. Part of the uniformity of user experience created with V10 <dripping sarcasm>. 😂
  16. Reinstall and use the old version until EN gets this sorted. I am using 6.25 on Windows until this gets better or am forced to move.
  17. You are welcome, glad it is sorted. The reminder search syntax can seem a bit stilted but not that bad once one gets used to it.
  18. To show not completed reminders through seven days ago try remindertime:day-7 -remindertime:day+1 -reminderdonetime:*
  19. You could roll your own hotkey for dates using AutoHotKey or PhraseExpress. I've done this so as to not have to rely on individual apps to all follow the same course. For example the below creates a hotkey Ctrl+Alt+D which produces 2/10/2021. Looks more complicated than it is. There are ways to have leading 0's as well. Just change the M to MM. Not for everyone though. FWIW. +!d:: FormatTime, CurrentDate,, M/dd/yyyy Send %CurrentDate% Return
  20. Oh well. Something else to add to my list of reasons to delay as long as possible up/down grading to V10 desktop.
  21. May not work on the new version but I found If in legacy (or legendary at this point) you do a Ctrl+A in the note and set the font it will persist in blank cells. Of course this sets the font for all text in the note. YMMV.
  22. I guess you can’t find ***** with the new EN, literally. Sorry for the dark humor, I couldn’t help myself. IOS not working for me either. Will check Windows legacy desktop in a bit. I assume it will work as it is local based.
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