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  1. Context is maintained when adding a note. Thanks.
  2. Need a Mac user to answer that one. I'm sure someone will come along.
  3. You can add it to the title bar, your end up with two buttons, but it is doable. Windows desktop at least. I'm for getting rid of the green one in the left panel....
  4. Per @jefito, no. I use Side List view so saved reminder searches/views with reminder time showing work fine. My workaround pending EN enhancements for reminder maintenance have been PhraseExpress hotkeys. The one that addresses this is change the date, Alt+2 in my case. The calendar panel appears with the date/time showing. Not perfect, but quick access to time if needed.
  5. CalS

    How can I delete recent research?

    Search history or actual notes?
  6. CalS

    Can EN encrypt Tables, Yes/No ?

    You used to be able to encrypt tables, but when the new format was introduced that went away. Interestingly, if you already have an encrypted table you can clone it, copy/paste, to create a new one in a note.
  7. intitle:"Brainfa$#". Shift+Alt+I is my hotkey. Thanks, will fix the above.
  8. Thanks. I sometimes click on a shortcut to get the tags set when I create a new note. In 6.16 when the note is saved/closed you go to all notes as opposed to returning to the search context. Hopefully this is now fixed, I'll update my backup later and see.
  9. When you close the note do you stay in context or go to all notes? Assuming the note is opened in its own window. 6.16 exhibits this less than friendly behavior.
  10. Indeed you can. Ctrl+Shift+I Shift+Alt+I wraps intitle:”......” around whatever I have in the search box.
  11. CalS

    Left Panel will not UNcollapse

    You are welcome. Glad it is sorted.
  12. CalS

    Where is Export and Import?

    You are welcome. Glad it is sorted.
  13. CalS

    Where is Export and Import?

    Your screen shot is from the browser version of EN, not the Windows client 6.16. You can't export notes from the browser version. Do you have the desktop version installed?
  14. CalS

    Where is Export and Import?

    Open the left panel (F10) if not already open, then right click on the notebook and select Export Notes. Click on options to make sure everything is checked and then click Export.
  15. CalS

    Left Panel will not UNcollapse

    How about a File - Exit from EN and then reboot your machine.
  16. CalS

    Can EN encrypt Tables, Yes/No ?

    Used to be able to, not anymore.
  17. CalS

    Read-Only Option for Notes

    Good question. Though, typically I don't know something has happened until I access the note and realize something is wrong, or I can't find the note (one I'm sure I created). Doesn't happen often, but at that point History does the trick mostly, but the backups support the oops delete. Local notebooks I have to use my own ENEX backups for both altered and deleted.
  18. CalS

    Left Panel will not UNcollapse

    F10 should work for sure, still works for me anyway. Do you have one of those keyboards where you have to have the Fn key depressed or anything like that? Have you tried View - Left Panel?
  19. CalS

    Pinning Notes

    As a workaround pending EN doing anything about pinned notes, you can use the shortcuts bar for single click access to individual notes. Works fine if you don't have a lot of pinned notes.
  20. CalS

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    Bug report. I'm pretty sure I saw this someplace else, couldn't find it, so I'll report here. I downloaded a PDF from a web site. Immediately opened the PDF with Acrobat, highlighted some text, and then closed/saved. The PDF disappeared from the note. I was able to recover from history so a copy was taken quickly. Repeated the edit process and everything was fine the second time.
  21. Not sure, but notebook note counts only appear when the left panel is open, F10 toggles it on Windows.
  22. CalS

    sync red exclamation mark appears

    Hold the Ctrl key and press the sync icon. This should display any notes with sync issues. If there are any, edit them to see if you can force a sync. You can click on the View icon in the search information area to change views. Or Ctrl + F5 thru F9 wiil change views.
  23. CalS

    Feature request: "Log" note

    Excellent! Good tool to know about. I use PE extensively on my PCs but not at all on my iOS devices, don't spend enough entry time there to put in the effort. This may be something to use if it is as easy as your report. Thanks.
  24. Hard to tell. I’ve had spurious results with the arrows, not backing up in the sequence notes were viewed and sometimes getting the drop down of recent notes as opposed to last note. So I don’t trust the arrows too much. Now I’m in a period where back arrow takes me back a note vs the list, a good thing. Still, not developkng any PhraseExpress macros with them. 🤷‍♂️