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  1. I discovered that, under certain circumstances, the "X" appears in the Search field and sometime it doesn't appear. If you open a notebook that has notes already in it, the summary panel shows all those notes. In this case the "X" does NOT appear in the Search field. If you do a Search on a word, the "X" does appear in the Search field.
  2. Dave-in-Decatur, Dammit Jim! I looked for that forum and somehow missed it. I wonder if a moderator could move it there? Thank you, Steve
  3. CalS, Thank you! My tool bar doesn't have all the icons that yours does, so i'm going to add some of them. However, i did NOT know about the icon you showed. It works perfectly. I was hoping one of you guys would know a good workaround. Thanks again, Steve
  4. Add an icon or letter in the search box to clear the current search and default back to all notes. See attached image which shows how another program addresses this issue.
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