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  1. If you receive a prompt from stating Evernote needs access to your Keychain Access app, please input your Mac's administrator password (the same one you use to login to your computer) and press "Always Allow". Evernote requires access to Keychain Access on your Mac to write your Evernote credentials into it. The credentials will be used from time to time by Evernote to authenticate with the Evernote service.
  2. Hey folks, We have introduced a partial fix for this in Evernote Web 10.7.5 with the new editor. Please let me know if you're seeing this issue on this version.
  3. Just wanted to update this thread that we're making progress on fixing this issue and should have an update soon.
  4. Hey @mikefinleyco, Thanks for chiming in. Sorry for the delay in responding. We're a small support group and it takes us time to get through thousands of requests from our support ticketing system, social media, forums, etc. The issues you reported in the first post are known to us. The issue with images not being displayed is being worked on and currently in testing, so we're hoping to have this fixed soon. I don't have enough details about your offline claim. If you can provide more detail, that would be great. I can tell you that we have a bug where offline notebooks take longer
  5. Hey Liz, Looks like support reached back out to you yesterday. If you need anything else just let me know.
  6. Sorry about this. We fixed this bug and it should be available in the next update coming in a few days!
  7. Thanks for reporting this and I'm really sorry you lost data. This is unacceptable from our standpoint. We're actively investigating this problem at its highest priority and I was wondering if anyone could help us providing some information. Some of this stuff you might not want to share, so please feel free to DM me. Version of the Evernote app you had the dataloss with Date you created the note Date you experienced the dataloss Did you lose the entire note, or content from the note only? If you only lost content, can you go to Evernote Web and access the note,
  8. Thanks for reporting. Can you submit your activity logs to us so we can take a better look? To send all activity logs, please follow these steps: 1. Open the Evernote app. 2. Go to **Help > Activity Logs > Save As...** from the menu bar. 3. Type "Evernote" as the file name and click **Save**. 4. Feel free to DM the logs to me.
  9. I've seen this issue reported a handful of times, and it's normally related to a third party integration you have connected to Evernote. I recommend you visit https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action to check our integrations to narrow down the cause. If you still need some help after that please provide me the following: 1. The URL of one of the notes that has a public note link but shouldn't. It doesn't need to be the public link. You can just open the note in Evernote Web and copy the URL from your browser. 2. The date of creation of the note With this I can lo
  10. We've seen this issue occur when users either: 1. Have local notebooks 2. Accidentally login to Evernote 10 with the wrong account. I recommend that you go to this article to download and install the previous version of Evernote. Your old database is preserved during update, so after installing and signing into the legacy Evernote app, all your notes should appear as expected.
  11. This is currently by design. In Evernote 10 you must decrypt the text to edit it, and then encrypt it again. We're evaluating this change at this time to match the legacy app.
  12. We recently fixed this and it will be coming out in the next update. Apologies for the inconvenience. Please follow the link to the thread @stocky2605 provided for a workaround. Thanks @stocky2605 for keeping an eye out.
  13. Hey @Michael Tokar, Thanks for reporting this . I can't reproduce this. What version are you using, and are you able to reproduce the issue and send us your activity logs? To send the activity logs , go to Help > Activity Logs > Save most recent activity log and name it evernote.log. Feel free to DM it to me.
  14. Thanks everyone. We're working on a fix for this right now. In the meantime you can try these steps to resolve the issue as a workaround: Quite Evernote, then: 1. Go to search located next to the start button 2. Search for `%appdata%` 3. Locate and delete the Evernote folder 4. Launch Evernote again and sign in Thanks for your patience.
  15. We're still working on a fix, but you may be able to get around the problem doing the following steps: 1. Open Finder 2. From the menu bar select Go > Go To Folder... 3. Paste `~/Library/Application Support/` and press Go. If you don't find this directory, try `~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/` and press Go. 4. Delete the folder `Evernote`. 5. Launch Evernote and sign in. If you receive a prompt from stating Evernote needs access to your Keychain Access app, please input your Mac's administrator password (the same one you use t
  16. Just wanted to let everyone know we found the culprit and we're working on a fix right now.
  17. Thanks everyone. We believe this is a bug with top list view and we're investigating right now.
  18. Hi there, Thanks for reporting this @Stacey. We're currently investigating this issue and it would be helpful anyone would want to collaborate by pitching in some activity logs. 1. Go to Help in the menu bar 2. Select Activity Logs > Save As 3. Save File name as Evernote.zip 4. Attach Zip file to your DM to me. Thank you!
  19. I can't reproduce this. If anyone can share a screen recording that would be great.
  20. For anyone having this issue still, can you please reproduce it and send me this set of activity logs please? Please DM them to me. 1. Open the Evernote app. 2. Go to **Help > Show Log Files** from the menu bar. 3. Attach the Evernote.log file to your reply. Then: 1. Open Finder 2. From the menu bar select Go > Go To Folder... 3. Paste `~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/logs` and press Go. If you don't find this directory, try `~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/Evernote/logs` and press Go. 4. Zip the files from tha
  21. Hey Kyle, Sorry you ran into this issue. This is a bug known to us and we're working to resolve it right now. Thanks for reporting!
  22. Hey folks, Sorry for the late reply here. We are aware of this issue and our team is looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  23. You should be able to edit attachments and save them back into Evernote. The exception to this right now is PDF files with Apple Preview. There's a bug open for that one. Can you share some activity logs with me? I'll DM you.
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