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  1. Thanks for the "contains" syntax. 🙂 Do you have syntax for the tasks due dates? I want to be able to search for tasks in notes in a notebook with a due date within the next week.
  2. This is a problem for me too. I want to reorganize notes without changing their "date updated", as the contents of the note don't change when filling them into a new folder.
  3. All these problems arise because Evernote makes a distinction between web and app links. This may make sense technologically, but not as a good user interface. Evernote should be smart enough to convert, on the fly, without user intervention, internal web links to internal app links. All links should be web links and Evernote should be smart enough to open them in the app if the have been clicked in the app.
  4. Yes, this shortcut has improved the Evernote experience by a lot. Also, Evernote is getting faster (still slow on Android), thus the experience is getting better and better. Little by little the new Evernote will be on par in terms of features with the old one and it will be overall much better. Evernote will be back! 🙂
  5. Today I exported a note to html, in order to share it with a colleague. It didn't work well. The paths to the images were absolute. So, my colleague could not see the images when opened the html file in his computer. The solution was to edit the html and change all the paths from absolute to relative. A cleaner solution would be to embed the images within the html itself. Pandoc does this very well, using the --self-contained option. Maybe you could learn from pandoc. This way, a single html file would contain everything. You may wonder why I did not share the link to the note. Well, shared links, which point to a web page with the note, don't work well if the document has large tables, as the resulting page has wide margins and, thus, large tables don't fit well (they need to be scrolled).
  6. Well, I openned a ticket, and when I selected the topic, it showed me the following text: Note link behavior differs based on where the link is pasted. If you paste a note link within Evernote, the link will open directly in Evernote. If you paste a note link anywhere outside of Evernote, the link will open in your device's web browser. If you have any other issues, submit a ticket so we can help. This text is false in Evernote 10. That would be the expected behavior, but it isn't.
  7. I'm using Evernote Desktop for Windows 10.13.4. I'm editing a note and I want to link another note which is in the sidebar. I drag and drop the note from the sidebar to the current note. This creates a link. I would expect to get an app internal link (evernote:///) but I get an internal web link (https://www.evernote.com/shard/...), as a result, the links open on the browser, not within the app, which should not be the expected behavior. In general, I think that this difference between web and app links is a mess. My point of view is that all links should be web links ant the app should be clever enough to open the evernote internal links within the app and not in the browser. Having two kinds of internal links makes all more difficult (sometimes I choose the wrong link, I need to click two times in order to get the right type of internal link, etc.)
  8. Certainly, this approach would make me much more productive using Evernote. Now, I create less links than I should, because it is a multi-step process. Interlinking more notes, would make me more productive and would help in finding information. Ctr-K should open a dialog like the current one, but that searches for note titles when writing a text, thus allowing to link other notes by title.
  9. I agree that ENEX, HTML and PDF would be enough. PDF can be done through printing though. It is not necessary to have it integrated in Evernote. The other formats would be a plus. I agree, Evernote is not a word processor, but it is a place where a lot of texts are born, which later may need to be edited in a proper word processor. Being able to export to docx and odt would help those people that have such workflow, not everyone knows that Word can import html.
  10. Evernote 10 should be able to export to different formats. Ideally it should be able to export to enex, text, markdown, docx, odt, html, ...
  11. Same problem here. The note is cut ant the tables are also cut. When printing from Legacy product it works like a charm. Plus the legacy product ads a nice header with title, notebook, date created and date updated.
  12. This sounds strange to me. There are many Electron based apps that use shortcuts a lot. Visual Studio Code is an example.
  13. One of the complaints about Evernote 10 is the lack of basic features. One of the missing features is the Ctrl-Q shortcut, found in Evernote 6. I'm just curious. Why is it so difficult to add a keyboard shortcut, such as Ctrl-Q on an Electron app? Isn't this something basic that can be coded in a few days? What makes it so difficult?
  14. They work on the Evernote 10 app, but not on the web.
  15. In Evernote Legacy, if I copy an internal link and paste it to, for example, Google Sheets, I obtain the title formatted as a web link to my note. In Evernote 10, if I do the same, I obtain just the URL. So now, I have to copy the title and paste it in Google Sheets and I have then to copy the internal link and paste it, to form the hyperlink. It is twice as work as before. This is slowing me down as my task list lives in Google Sheets.
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