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  1. @ruiguerreiro, I'm unsure, but I'll make sure to submit your feedback to the product team. Thanks!
  2. hi @ruiguerreiro, Spotlight search will only locate notes based on titles or text written inside the note itself. To search within PDFs and documents, you have to use Evernote's search. Just to let you know, if you're using Mojave we have an issue with Spotlight search not finding notes at this time, but we're working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible Thanks!
  3. This beta is fairly solid as it's mostly aimed at bug fixes and dark mode refinement, but I would always recommend running a local back up of your own Mac before doing any beta testing for any software. If you want to give it a go, just use the link I posted above to go to the beta thread and install the new beta version.
  4. @Necktilt, the reason the HTML export fails is normally due to either the attachment name or note title being too long, or both. We've corrected this in 7.7 Beta 1, which you can find here.
  5. Hey folks, This is most likely a bug that we think we corrected in 7.7 Beta 1. You can give it a try if you'd like here. Let me know if it helps!
  6. @nyhunter77 Thanks for the post. I'm investigating with engineering to see if this was done on purpose. In the meantime, you can always drag the highlighted text to the Evernote icon on the dock.
  7. Thanks for reporting. Our mac devs are aware of this issue and working on a fix as we speak. Thanks!
  8. Hey folks just want to let you know that our Mac devs are aware of this bug right now and working on a resolution. Thanks!
  9. Hey @RichW, Thanks for the feedback here. I made sure to forward it to our design team.
  10. You can use Apple Notes in a Mac to import enex files. It's in the File > Import menu.
  11. Thanks for reporting this issue. We're currently aware of it and will be looking to resolve as soon as possible. This beta post highlights this issue as well as some other pressing ones we're aiming to fix by version 7.7. Thanks,
  12. Hey there, I'm unable to reproduce this on the latest Mac beta, 7.7 Beta 1. Are you able to send me detailed steps to reproduce, or try installing the beta to see if the issue persists? Thanks!
  13. Hey Folks, Evernote 7.7 Beta 1 is now available for download. Get it here! Fixed and Improved: Fixed an issue where notes and resources with long titles would fail HTML export Fixed an issue where using macOS's share extension to create a note would create a duplicate note Fixed an issue where business notebooks would remain in the Evernote account after leaving a business Improved performance for larger accounts Fixed an issue exporting local notes Miscellaneous crash fixes including crashes during annotation Miscellaneous UI fixes and improvements. Known issues: Spotlight search is not working for Mojave users. Search highlight doesn't scroll with the note. Text appears fuzzy for non retina displays. Please know we're working on fixing these issues above. Thanks again for your help reporting bugs.
  14. Hey Fred, Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce it too and have opened a ticket with engineering for a fix. Thanks!
  15. In the first instance, does the receiver have a new Evernote account? If so it's possible that they haven't verified their email yet. To prevent spamming, Evernote requires that user verify their email first before they can share. Have the receiver open Evernote and send you a WorkChat. That will verify their email and sharing should work moving forward.
  16. Hey @Vincent Noel, Thanks for reporting this. We have a ticket open with engineering to address this and it should be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting!
  17. Thanks for your feedback. The issue with the search highlight and Spotlight are currently with engineering and being addressed. Thanks!
  18. Are you still seeing this in the general availability version of Evernote for Mac 7.6 ?
  19. Thanks! This is fixed in our internal version of Evernote, so it should be out to everyone soon.
  20. Hey there. Thanks for reporting this. Can you DM Me your activity logs from Evernote for Mac? 1. Open the Evernote app and sync your account 2. Go to **Help > Activity Log...** from the menu bar 3. Click **Save As** to save the log as a file on your computer 4. Attach the saved log file in reply to this email Anyone else experiencing the same issue, feel free to DM me your logs as well. Thanks!
  21. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you a little more context on the items put into the overflow menu for the sake of transparency with you. The design team has moved some of these items into the overflow because in overall user activity, they're not frequently used features, and often can confuse newer users. They also have plans to use this space for other new features planned for the future. To help users who were accustomed to using those icons have a more efficient workflow, we're working on implementing shortcuts for all of the tools in the overflow. These key commands are being tested internally now, and we hope to have them to beta and GA soon.
  22. Thanks for calling me out on this. Here you go:
  23. Hey Folks, Evernote for Mac 7.6 is here, and we're happy to announce Dark Mode moving forward. More information can be read here. Improvements and fixes: Dark Mode Accessibility fixes Many crash fixes Known issues: Spotlight search results are not populating for Mojave users Special thanks to all our Beta testers for helping us catch and squash bugs. Enjoy!
  24. I can't reproduce this. Can you give me more information around System Preferences > General and any changes to your color schemes?
  25. Weird. I can't reproduce it. Can you DM me a screen recording so I can see your exact setup to properly reproduce? Just reproduced it. Thanks. @romelden, this is the culprit to the bug you're seeing too.
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