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  1. When I open Evernote 6.9.1 on OS X El Capitan, I see a banner across the top reading "Critical update available" and an "Update now" button. When I click the button it takes me to the App Store, which lists the current version as 6.9.2, but there is no option to update Evernote -- the only option is "Open." If I click that, it takes me back to Evernote. There is no "Check for updates" menu option in Evernote's help menu. I suppose I'll have to download 6.9.2 from the Evernote site, but something isn't working in your App Store release.
  2. Thanks - I didn't know about the Simplify Formatting option. I'll see how that works out.
  3. Sometimes when I ask the web clipper for a simplified article I want to include the images in the article. Often I don't -- the images often don't add useful information and just clutter up the text (and increase my storage needs). It would be nice to be able either to ask for a simplified article without images, or to be able to remove all images from an existing note.
  4. I often have trouble with pages I've clipped, when I want to remove extraneous material. I realize this is a hard problem. I like the "simplified article" feature, but often I can't get it to line up with the actual article--there's either too much or too little. Then I have to clip the entire article or the entire page, which has too much stuff on it. And then when I try to edit the clipping to cut out that stuff it often behaves in very strange ways, not letting me insert or delete portions (e.g., if I try to cut the blurb for an ad between paragraphs, and preserve the formatting of the following paragraph, or if I try to delete the ads in the sidebar). It's really frustrating when you have something you want to delete and you can't highlight it, or you can highlight it but it doesn't delete. Or when you highlight and delete it and wind up radically changing the layout and font of the page. Even just being able to see and edit the HTML would be helpful.
  5. I've added my vote. It's incredible how many features I don't care about have been added to this product where something as basic as this hasn't been added.
  6. There are features that are pretty standard on rich-text and web editors these days that Evernote (at least on the Mac client) still doesn't have. The first two of these are pretty important to me: Indent/outdent. Interestingly, there is an indent/outdent feature on the editor I am using to write this post. The lack of indent/outdent is one reason I don't use Evernote to take notes. "Remove formatting" -- I often want to paste something into an Evernote note, but I don't want to keep the formatting from the source page. I just want the pasted-in text to get some neutral format/font, or better whatever format/font the text around it has. Superscript/subscript/strikethrough. These aren't particularly important to me, but they're pretty standard nowadays (again, the editor on the Evernote forums has them).
  7. I'm also seeing synchronization problems with 5.0.3 and Leopard 10.6.8. Lost all the edits I made to one note -- never got sync'd and, it seems, not even saved. Also having problems pulling down new notes that were saved using the web clipper.
  8. I keep having to drag the elephant button for the clipper out onto my Safari toolbar -- it keeps disappearing. This behavior seems to have started after an Apple Safari update from a week or two ago. (However, I also lost the button in Firefox but now it seems to be staying put.) Any ideas? I have "Use the Safari clippler plugin" checked in my Evernote clipper preferences.
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