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  1. Thanks for reporting. Engineering is aware of this bug and we'll be looking into it. Thanks!
  2. Hi there, Evernote for Mac 7.10 Beta 2 is now available and you can download here. Improved Improved note loading speeds Improved search performance in slower networks Fixed Fixed an issue where spotlight search kept invoking the keychain prompt Fixed an issue where a migration message kept appearing after launching Evernote Known issues Text is fuzzy in non retina displays. Complex notes are choppy when scrolling. When you open a note with Spotlight while Evernote isn't running, it opens Evernote but not to the note you searched in Spotlight.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement around our logic here. I'll forward this feedback to our product managers to see what can be done. If I have any updates soon, I'll post here. Thanks!
  4. What you're experiencing is by design and it's triggered when we detect network problems through your browser. Because Evernote Web can't rely on a local database like Evernote for Mac or Windows, we create the duplicates with the history of the changes during the network problem. Frankly it's not the most graceful solution, but it avoids losing data. If you find that this happens too frequently, we recommend that you try using Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows.
  5. @MatS14 To unblock someone just start a new WorkChat thread with the email of the user you blocked at first. After you submit the message a splash screen asking you to unblock the user will appear. Hope this helps.
  6. @MatS14, Thanks for reporting. This is a known bug and we're working on a fix.
  7. You're not alone. We've identified and fixed this a few days ago. It's now under testing and you should see an update soon containing the fix.
  8. 7.9.1 has a security fix that's already included in 7.10 beta 1, so I'd recommend to just stick to the beta for now.
  9. @abisland, which version of Evernote are you running in your Android device? We made fixes to Samsung keyboards in 8.9, but we're rolling out slowly. Let me know if you have that update and if so, does it fix the problem?
  10. Thanks for bringing these up. We filed bugs for each of them and will be investigating a fix.
  11. We've released 7.10 Beta 1 today with several fixes. Please see the link below:
  12. Hey folks, Evernote for Mac 7.10 Beta 1 is now live. You can download it here. Improved Improved note loading speeds Improved search performance in slower networks Fixed Fixed an issue where copying text from Evernote and pasting it on 3rd party app would introduce an extra carriage return Searching Evernote notes with Spotlight now works on Mojave Fixed an issue where tags wouldn't delete using the keyboard shortcut Fixed an issue where the mic access prompt didn't appear Fixed an issue where text was illegible in the saved search edit field Fixed an issue deleting a page from a PDF in annotation mode Known issues: Text is fuzzy in non retina displays. Complex notes are choppy when scrolling.
  13. This is a known bug we're looking into. Sorry about that! The best workaround we can offer is to use our desktop apps instead of the web app at this time. You shouldn't see this error in there.
  14. Thanks for the feedback here. The newest version of ENWEB is still in the works and we will be introducing feature parity with the older version soon. In the meantime, what are the features that make you switch back to the current version? I'd love to read more about this. Thanks,
  15. @edenuk, Do you not see your shortcuts if you go back to the current web version? Click on your Avatar and select Switch to older version of Evernote Web. After this click on the star to see your shortcuts.
  16. Stacks are coming to the beta client soon. Stay tuned!
  17. The extra carriage return bug is fixed in Evernote for Mac 7.10. We will be releasing a beta for this version this week. Thanks for the patience.
  18. Agreed. This is pretty important to us to get fixed so we're moving as fast as we can right now to get it fixed, but at this time we have some bugs that will take priority over this one for being on supported operating systems.
  19. @Rashid Thanks for confirming. This is a known issue to us and it's related to apps accessing permission group changes introduced in Android Q. We're trying to fix up some of these more critical bugs, but please know we don't officially support Android Q yet. Thanks for reporting!
  20. @Cardin Thanks for reporting this. I reproduced the problem and filed a ticket with engineering. After you receive that error, reload help.evernote.com and it should let you in. Alternatively you can use your Evernote credentials. Thanks for reporting this!
  21. @sergio.stanislauskas@gmail Just to confirm, when you capture from the website, are you sure the images are saved into Evernote? We normally see these issues when the images are hosted somewhere else, yet they display in Evernote as an embedded object. If the location of the moves or is taken offline, Evernote won't be able to locate it and will display a broken image link.
  22. @Cardin, can you try again one more time? I made an adjustment on your account on our end. Thanks,
  23. Hey folks, We're actively investigating this issue right now. Thanks for your patience.
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