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  1. Just wanted to let you know we're working on updating our text editor and this issue has been addressed in the new version. We're still testing the new editor and working on enhancements so I don't have a date for a release yet, but wanted to let you know we've heard you and addressed the problem. Thanks,
  2. @DTLow sorry about the delay. Give it a go now and it should be good.
  3. Hello Beta testers, Evernote for Mac 7.9 Beta 2 is now available for download. You can get it here. Fixes and Improvements: Fixed an issue where notes with tables would print without table borders. Fixed an issue where copying text from Evernote and pasting it in a third party app or website would remove blank lines. Known issues: Spotlight search in macOS Mojave doesn't work. Text appears fuzzy on non retina displays. Please continue sending us your feedback. Enjoy!
  4. @sokarie Try perhaps a forced sync to see if your notes populate in All Notes. Hold down `OPTION` + `SHIFT` on your keyboard and press the sync wheel on your toolbar.
  5. You can also press ⌘ Arrow Up and ⌘ Arrow Down to go to the top or bottom of the note.
  6. We're working on an updated editor that is addressing both these bugs. I personally just tested it and can reproduce the issue on the current editor, but not in the updated one. We're working hard to have it ready as soon as possible, but to be frank newer updates to the current text editor will not contain these fixes for now.
  7. @ewoks Correct, the fuzzy text issue is still there and will be a lot more work to fix that we initially anticipated, but we're on it. This fix will not be included in 7.9 Beta 2, nor 7.9GA.
  8. Hi Folks, Evernote for Mac 7.9 Beta 1 is now available for download. You can get it here. Fixes and Improvement: Small improvements to the client. Known issues: Empty lines are eliminated when copying and pasting. Spotlight search in macOS Mojave doesn't work. Text appears fuzzy on non retina displays. Please continue sending us your feedback. Enjoy!
  9. @christophe14 Thanks for reporting. I located your crash in our repository and filed a bug with our developers. So far this appears to be an issue with your search index and it only seems to affect users on macOS 10.12. If you don't have local notebooks, you might want to consider rebuilding your database following the steps from the article below. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004847 @JMichaelTX Thanks for bringing this up.
  10. This looks like a bug. @kelake, can you dismiss the pop up for now if you press "esc" on your keyboard? @Troy Guffey, can you provide more context in how it's not letting you save content to your local notes?
  11. Evernote for Mac 7.8 is now available and you can download it here. New: You told us you love Templates, so we’ve made it even easier for you to use them. Now you can view our gallery of templates—plus any you’ve saved—right inside the app. Just click on the “Template” button when you create a new note to see them all. Oh yeah, you know we’re doin’ our happy dance. FYI, they look great with Dark Mode too.
  12. Accessing your saved templates is a little different from how we've done things. To find your templates, you have to be on the new Evernote Web or the latest version of each of our clients. Open a new note, select Template and "My Template". Do you see your templates saved in there?
  13. I'd recommend contacting Support via Chat so they can help you. If you're still within the refund period, they can also help you get a refund for your Premium purchase.
  14. The old version of Evernote Web doesn't support the template service. Click on your avatar on the bottom left corner and switch to the new version. Let me know if you can't see the template feature then.
  15. Currently working on it, but it won't be included in the 7.8 Update.
  16. Hey beta testers, Evernote for Mac 7.8 Beta 1 is now available and you can download it here. This update doesn't contain any fixes. We're working on those. This update is focused on the template gallery and dark mode refinements. Improved: Using pre-made templates is now even easier with access to the templates gallery in-app and access to your saved templates Dark mode is now available in the template gallery Try it out and please send us your feedback.
  17. Thanks. We have a ticket open about this and should be addressing it soon.
  18. Just an update that Evernote for Mac 7.7 is now available via direct download, and it contains the fix for this issue.
  19. Hey folks, Evernote 7.7 is now available to download. You can get it here. Please continue to share your experience and feedback. Improved: You said you love Dark Mode, so we're polishing it up to make it even better. We made a few tweaks under the hood so you can now type faster than ever. We've made it easier to see if something isn't right when creating notebooks. We don't like error messages any more than you, but wouldn't you rather know? So, you like centering text? We brought back the keyboard shortcut to make it easier for you. Now when you export notes as a backup, it won't include the ones in the trash. Because you probably trashed them for a reason, right? Fixed: We took care of a few annoying issues with Dark Mode. Known issues: Spotlight search not working for Mojave users Text appears fuzzy on non retina displays.
  20. @ruiguerreiro, I'm unsure, but I'll make sure to submit your feedback to the product team. Thanks!
  21. hi @ruiguerreiro, Spotlight search will only locate notes based on titles or text written inside the note itself. To search within PDFs and documents, you have to use Evernote's search. Just to let you know, if you're using Mojave we have an issue with Spotlight search not finding notes at this time, but we're working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible Thanks!
  22. This beta is fairly solid as it's mostly aimed at bug fixes and dark mode refinement, but I would always recommend running a local back up of your own Mac before doing any beta testing for any software. If you want to give it a go, just use the link I posted above to go to the beta thread and install the new beta version.
  23. @Necktilt, the reason the HTML export fails is normally due to either the attachment name or note title being too long, or both. We've corrected this in 7.7 Beta 1, which you can find here.
  24. Hey folks, This is most likely a bug that we think we corrected in 7.7 Beta 1. You can give it a try if you'd like here. Let me know if it helps!
  25. @nyhunter77 Thanks for the post. I'm investigating with engineering to see if this was done on purpose. In the meantime, you can always drag the highlighted text to the Evernote icon on the dock.
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