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  1. I'm going to try hard to not turn this into a personal attack, but.. Why in the world would someone post this? This is a forum for requesting features. Someone requested a feature, and you feel you need to post something discouraging about their request? What does this mean - its a poor idea, because there haven't been many requests? You don't agree with the need, even though you apparently don't use iOS? If you really think there are 225M currently active users, ALL requests in this forum are going to be from a very tiny percentage of users. If someone makes a feature request you don't agree with, or you think will never be implemented, why comment at all? Seems to me any feature requests should be welcomed. And yes, I agree completely with this request - the tiny default font on iOS is a pain.
  2. A clever idea to record this - maybe it will help get across to Evernote the kind of things users see almost every day. The most striking thing you notice when you use some of Evernote's competitors - in my experience, Bear - is how bug free basic text editing is. If the Evernote editor was as seamless as Bear's, I think many of the complaints on this forum about pricing or rebranding would go away. Expending energy on re-branding or raising prices when the basics work great is fine; doing it when there are still basic, obvious problems with core functionality isn't.
  3. Depends on what you mean by "close". I agree Bear is focused on the editor, which Evernote certainly isn't. But Bear works just fine for filing features - you can drag a .pdf file or text note or any other document in or out of a Bear note, just like with Evernote. Everything is stored in a database, just like Evernote. So for many people, Bear can be a direct replacement for Evernote, only with a good text editor. Its not that Bear is EXACTLY like Evernote, it doesn't have every Evernote feature (nor is the reverse true), but for many users it will work just fine in place of Evernote.
  4. For many users, the small unchangeable default font on iOS isn't that big of an issue - this forum isn't exactly overwhelmed with complaints about it. But for some of us this is indeed a crucial issue. No matter if writing a "basic note", or something more complicated, having a font that is unpleasant to view because it is so small is a deal breaker. It has nothing to do with the type or complexity of a note, its a basic UI issue. If an app isn't pleasant to use, then I'm not going to use it.
  5. This is why though I keep Evernote around as an archive, I am no longer a paying customer. Something so basic, yet fonts have been ignored for years.
  6. Thanks, that does seem to work. The dashes are weird - the first two are close together but the third one inserts a space between itself and the previous one. Not sure what is going on. I have also found that "Jan 160.0" does not create a phone link, so in this particular case that works as a workaround too. In general, Evernote seems way too overzealous in creating links. I have several notes where a series of numbers are treated as a phone link when they are not. And numeric dates are usually turned into links, but not always. I wish you could just turn off links all together.
  7. I like to keep a log of my weight. But Evernote is convinced that I am typing in phone numbers. As you can see below, it treats each entry - a date and a weight - as a link to a phone number. If I touch any blue entry, I get a popup to call that number. I tried formatting in several different ways, but it is always interpreted as a link. If I type out the month instead of using numbers, it works differently - and still incorrectly. It ignores Jan and Feb, but notices Mar is a date, and turns it into a calendar link, so it isn't consistent and so isn't very useful, even if I wanted months to be links. What I really want is NO LINKS. I don't want Evernote trying to guess what is a phone number or what is a date. Is there any way to accomplish that? By the way, on MacOS, the "Mar 01" is not treated as a calendar link, but the number only dates are treated as phone numbers.
  8. On the other hand, Evernote Android got a slider to control font size a few months ago, iOS still doesn't have it. The "unified editor" isn't very unified.
  9. One workaround: use the app Drafts. When you tap its icon it opens to a new note, so you can just start typing. Drafts has the ability to create a new Evernote note from its contents, and with a little bit of geekiness you can add the ability to append to an existing Evernote note. Makes a great front end to Evernote.
  10. Notice that the first post in this thread goes back to Jan 2015? For whatever reason, Evernote has ignored font issues on mobile for years. Maybe the developers have to get older with declining vision before they will deal with such a basic issue ?
  11. Which is true, but awkward. Evernote on the iPad has an undo button, so why not have it on the iPhone too? Like essentially every other editor on the iPhone.
  12. I downloaded Bear to my phone and Mac a few days ago, and am impressed. Not quite as feature rich as Evernote, but especially if your main use of Evernote is text notes, very nice. It looks great, and is very quick. Unlike Evernote on iOS, lots of ways for you to customize it. It does handle images and .pdfs as well as text. I imported 600 Evernote notes, which while hardly perfect, worked in a reasonable fashion. After a few days use, the only problem I see for me is that Bear uses iCloud, so you are limited to Apple devices. If it used Dropbox, I would probably switch from Evernote. As it is, I'm thinking about it..
  13. in iOS? Pasting does the right thing on the Mac versions..
  14. If I create a file in Simplenote like this: - line one - line two - line three then copy the whole thing and paste it into Apple Notes, I get: - line one - line two - line three but if I paste it into Evernote, I get: - line one - line two - line three ..blank lines are inserted between each line in the body of the text. I can "simplify" the text to fix this, but that just adds another step to what should be a straight forward cut and paste.
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