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  1. A couple of comments about Bear - I am running both Bear and Evernote in parallel trying to decide which to stick with. I like the fact that Bear uses iCloud - the developers have no way to access my notes, and my experience is that syncing in quicker with Bear than with Evernote. Bear is a Markdown editor for sure, but can also serve as an archive - notes can contain anything you want as an attachment: image files, PDFs, links, web clips, or files from other apps, like Numbers spreadsheets. But I agree that a weakness is lack of OCR of attachments. So I have to decide how important that is. For many, it may not be an issue, or only a minor one. So I have to weigh the advantage of OCR in Evernote versus the speed and UI of Bear. One thing the two apps share is slow development. Evernote after almost a year, still doesn’t have all the functions of the previous version. And Bear has been promising a new version now for a couple of years, but hasn’t yet delivered.
  2. Evernote should support Dynamic Text, but since it is not a native iOS app, that may not be possible. The only real solution is to allow users to set a default font size. They didn’t implement this pre-v10, so I am not optimistic it will happen anytime soon. A workaround is to create a note, set the font to whatever size you want, and save it as a template. Then when you create a note, start with the template. But this will take a couple of taps. When you create the template, it must contain something - I hit return a couple of times, then move the cursor back to the top of the note. This seems to work.
  3. Are you sure that cat dog is the same as cat AND dog? When I try searching for two terms, it does indeed find notes with both, but also finds notes with only one of the terms. This is on iOS. After posting this, I notice that some notes that I thought didn’t contain both search terms actually did, but both weren’t highlighted.. need to play around with this more…
  4. One solution is simply try to avoid text editing in Evernote, especially on iPad. Think of it as a repository, not an editor. I try create text notes using Drafts, which is great for writing, and has the ability to send notes directly to Evernote, formatting intact. Just like I use a scanner to capture paper documents, or drag PDFs from whatever source into Evernote for later use, I use Drafts to capture text. if I need to do a lot of editing of Evernote text, I do in on my Mac. The editor actually works pretty good on that platform. At the same time, it seems like the iPad is the weakest platform, Evernote seems to be ignoring the fact that iPadOS and iOS are not the same. Of course, one might question the sanity of using two text apps when one should suffice… hopefully one day the iPad Evernote editor will be all I need.
  5. I don’t think Evernote has done any iPad specific tweaks with v10. I assume they have to make some OS specific changes for MacOS, iOS Windows and Android, but they seem to be ignoring iPadOS, and giving iPad users the iOS version. Running the Web version on the iPad does what you want, but introduces some other problems.
  6. You have a point. The biggest drawback of Evernote for me is that it clearly is aimed at the desktop, not mobile. On iOS you can’t drag a bullet item with a gesture, but you can with a mouse on the desktop. You can’t press the Evernote icon to get options like Create New Note like you can with most iOS app. You can’t see PDFs inline like you can on the desktop. There is no iOS widget like most apps have. As has been noted, dragging from other apps has mixed results at best. The big question is if these things are even possible given Evernote’s architecture?
  7. No, I always am connected to WiFi. Just guessing at what the problem is.
  8. I have a fifth generation (2017) iPad. It seems like everything - starting the app, opening a note, redrawing the Home Screen, showing the calendar - takes many seconds to complete. I often see the spinning wheel indicator when opening a note. I suspect part of the problem is that offline Notebooks never seem to get downloaded. Though I have it set up to download all Notebooks, they never seem to get completely downloaded. I also have to wonder if any iPadOS specific tweaks have been made, or if the iPad just runs the same app as the iPhone. Does anyone else see these issues? Is an iPad from 2017 just to old to run v10? Certainly Evernote runs just fine on my current generation iPhone. But using it in my iPad, it's the slowest app I have.
  9. I think it is fair to say that fonts aren't very high on Evernote's priority list. No way to set a default font and size, bullets and numbers and checkboxes don't align properly if you do change the size. One of the reasons Evernote continues to be lackluster as a text editor/note taker.
  10. ..and not having much luck. On my iPad, a couple of times I managed to reorder rows, but I'm not sure how I managed it - I think from pressing and holding, then I was able to do it. But not consistently. On my iPhone, I have yet to do it. Is there a trick to selecting and dragging a row with your finger? Maybe I'm just a klutz? Edit: Sorry, I didn't make clear I'm talking about v10.6, which allows editing of tables.
  11. The nice thing about Craft is that it was developed with mobile in mind. Unlike Evernote, all features are available on mobile and the desktop, and you can do editing on iOS with gestures, no more awkward cutting & pasting. And as you say, it is really a great looking app. Not as feature rich as Evernote, but it is constantly adding features, and at a quicker pace than Evernote.
  12. I ask because while Evernote is great for storing and retrieving stuff, I still find the Evernote editor not very good for use on mobile. A small default font that can't be changed, no way to reorder lines or paragraphs (other than cut & paste) make it frustrating to use on my iPad and iPhone compared to other iOS note apps. I have toyed with using Drafts for writing notes, then Sharing the text to Evernote when I'm done making changes. You could probably do the same with Bear or another iOS note app, but I'm not sure it makes sense to use two apps for taking and managing notes. Is anyone doing this?
  13. And modern iOS editors allow you to do this with gestures. An app like Notion or Craft is much nicer to use on mobile for text editing than Evernote is. Cut and Paste is a computer thing, not a mobile thing.
  14. I have been playing around with a new note app called Craft. The initial release was late last year, so within the timeframe of the release of Evernote 10. Craft is a pleasure to use on my iPhone, and especially on my iPad with its large screen. It is completely gesture based - like with v10, you can select and format text, but you can also reorder lines of text, or whole paragraphs, by dragging them around with your finger. It is an app that was built with the idea of mobile first - it fully uses the capabilities provided by a mobile operating system. And of course what you can do with your finger on an iPad, you can do with a mouse on a MacOS device (it is Apple only). My point isn't to recommend Craft over Evernote - it can only do a subset of what Evernote does, so it won't be enough for many users. But it makes me think that even when v10 has finally fixed all these initial problems that we are all complaining about, Evernote will still be behind the curve, because it is basically a computer app that also runs on mobile. So for those of us who use mobile devices as our primary device, Evernote is still going to seem old fashioned and not as mobile friendly as many contemporary mobile apps. Perhaps most Evernote users are computer only, or computer first. V10 features seem to show up first on MacOS, not iOS. But I think the future belongs to mobile, not the desktop.
  15. I see this all the time on iOS. One of the reasons I've stopped using it as my primary note taker.. I'm guessing this is some sort of sync issue - my offline Notebooks won't finish downloading on iOS, so there is no local copy of many of my notes, so they have to be fetched from the server, and it can take forever to do so..
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