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  1. I think it is fair to say that fonts aren't very high on Evernote's priority list. No way to set a default font and size, bullets and numbers and checkboxes don't align properly if you do change the size. One of the reasons Evernote continues to be lackluster as a text editor/note taker.
  2. ..and not having much luck. On my iPad, a couple of times I managed to reorder rows, but I'm not sure how I managed it - I think from pressing and holding, then I was able to do it. But not consistently. On my iPhone, I have yet to do it. Is there a trick to selecting and dragging a row with your finger? Maybe I'm just a klutz? Edit: Sorry, I didn't make clear I'm talking about v10.6, which allows editing of tables.
  3. The nice thing about Craft is that it was developed with mobile in mind. Unlike Evernote, all features are available on mobile and the desktop, and you can do editing on iOS with gestures, no more awkward cutting & pasting. And as you say, it is really a great looking app. Not as feature rich as Evernote, but it is constantly adding features, and at a quicker pace than Evernote.
  4. I ask because while Evernote is great for storing and retrieving stuff, I still find the Evernote editor not very good for use on mobile. A small default font that can't be changed, no way to reorder lines or paragraphs (other than cut & paste) make it frustrating to use on my iPad and iPhone compared to other iOS note apps. I have toyed with using Drafts for writing notes, then Sharing the text to Evernote when I'm done making changes. You could probably do the same with Bear or another iOS note app, but I'm not sure it makes sense to use two apps for taking and managing notes. Is anyone doing this?
  5. And modern iOS editors allow you to do this with gestures. An app like Notion or Craft is much nicer to use on mobile for text editing than Evernote is. Cut and Paste is a computer thing, not a mobile thing.
  6. I have been playing around with a new note app called Craft. The initial release was late last year, so within the timeframe of the release of Evernote 10. Craft is a pleasure to use on my iPhone, and especially on my iPad with its large screen. It is completely gesture based - like with v10, you can select and format text, but you can also reorder lines of text, or whole paragraphs, by dragging them around with your finger. It is an app that was built with the idea of mobile first - it fully uses the capabilities provided by a mobile operating system. And of course what you can do with your finger on an iPad, you can do with a mouse on a MacOS device (it is Apple only). My point isn't to recommend Craft over Evernote - it can only do a subset of what Evernote does, so it won't be enough for many users. But it makes me think that even when v10 has finally fixed all these initial problems that we are all complaining about, Evernote will still be behind the curve, because it is basically a computer app that also runs on mobile. So for those of us who use mobile devices as our primary device, Evernote is still going to seem old fashioned and not as mobile friendly as many contemporary mobile apps. Perhaps most Evernote users are computer only, or computer first. V10 features seem to show up first on MacOS, not iOS. But I think the future belongs to mobile, not the desktop.
  7. I see this all the time on iOS. One of the reasons I've stopped using it as my primary note taker.. I'm guessing this is some sort of sync issue - my offline Notebooks won't finish downloading on iOS, so there is no local copy of many of my notes, so they have to be fetched from the server, and it can take forever to do so..
  8. I also found the glimpse of "Home" to be intriguing, but what is more important to me is when I open a note on my iPhone, the note actually appears. And that offline Notebooks actually download to my iPad. Get the basics working, then give us the new stuff..
  9. Unfortunately, this was not made clear when v10 was released. So now most everyone on iOS is stuck. Evernote acted in bad faith not warning us there was no going back and not providing a legacy alternative like they did on MacOS.
  10. Well, in fact it is mandatory if you use iOS. The legacy app has been available on MacOS and Windows for many weeks. On iOS, there is no practical way around having to use the "improved" version.
  11. That graph is pretty interesting, even if others are right that it isn't definitive. Its also curious that there isn't a recent bump in interest with the new releases (or maybe the graph doesn't go out far enough..). Another thing I've noticed but can't really quantify is that there is a definite lack of interest from the tech press.. back in the day, a new Evernote would be big news, with lots of reviews. Haven't seen the same thing this time around.
  12. Under Settings, Display & Brightness you can set your Display Zoom to "Zoomed". When you do, Evernote enlarges the font as it supposed to, but cuts off the display at the top and bottom. All Apple apps do the zoom display correctly, using the entire screen, as do most other apps I tried: Fantastical, Bear, New York Times, Spark, Reddit.. well, you get the picture. Perhaps a nit compared to all the other problems with Evernote on iOS, but one I potentially see everyday.
  13. Interesting.. speed (other than opening the app) on my iPhone XS is fine, but on my 2017 iPad everything in Evernote is slow. Running the latest versions of Evernote and iOS/iPadOS.
  14. Not to mention that the iPad version is much slower than the iPhone version. Makes me wonder if there are some iPadOS specific changes that need to be made.
  15. I agree the default font is too small on iOS (and there is no way to change it). But something that is much improved in v10 is pinch to zoom - you can enlarge the note and continue viewing or editing. Doing this with the "old" Evernote didn't work very well because it kept reverting to the default size, but now it holds whatever size you zoom to.
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