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  1. Unfortunately, I didn't think to check this forum before downloading the iOS 13 public beta to my iPad.. I'm running the latest Evernote beta, and it seems to work as long as you don't touch a note - that makes it crash. So Evernote beta does NOT work yet, though you can at least see your notes 😏.
  2. Not sure this is a fair characterization. It is true that new stuff hasn't been released yet, but if you have seen for instance the video on redesigning the editor, it does appear that big changes are being worked on. Hopefully this stuff will see a release to the real world soon.
  3. Is anyone actually using the web beta yet? I haven't seen any feedback about it. Or maybe participants aren't allowed to post about it?
  4. Well, Apple provides the ability to access this "feature", but plenty of apps, including many text editors, don't use it. So responsibility is on Evernote if it doesn't function properly since they choose to use it anyway.
  5. I assume you are talking about iOS, where a "feature" of Evernote is to turn dates and strings of numbers into clickable objects. But it doesn't work very well - as you can see below. This shows a snippet from a log I keep of my BP and HR, and Evernote thinks the date and first half of my BP are a phone number. I believe Evernote is using iOS to figure out what to turn into a link. But there are plenty of iOS text editors that do not do this, so it could be turned off, but Evernote doesn't choose to do that, or allow the user to specify not to do this. It seems to me there are 3 things wrong here - its guess as to what is a phone number is wrong, it colors the not-phone number bright blue making a page full of not-numbers quite ugly, and since this is inside a code block, I would think all formatting would be turned off anyway.
  6. I'll make one comment here - I left Evernote a couple of years ago for Bear for day to day note taking. But I didn't abandon Evernote completely, I use it as sort of an archive for notes I don't need access to very often. This keeps Bear more manageable, and lets me keep an eye on Evernote development. And I must say that the new management seems to be doing all the right things. And I realize we have had promises from new management before that didn't turn out so well So assuming you like a lot of things about Evernote, I would suggest keeping your options open. Even with a Basic account you can keep your current data, there is no need to delete everything after exporting to another app.
  7. Nothing to cite.. I said we don't know what technology they are using, but as many other posters have speculated, it appears to be web based (so one code base works everywhere) and Electron is used by a number of existing apps as a way to accomplish this. This thread is based entirely on speculation, maybe I should have been clearer. We won't know for sure until Evernote tells us.
  8. (Maybe people can vent here instead of filling up the comments about a search video with worry about Evernote's direction) First, Evernote has announced some goals, but not exactly how they are going to get there. And they have released a Windows only beta of the new technology, which I haven't seen, not being a Windows user. There is also a new Evernote Web, but I don't know if that is using the same new technology that the Windows beta is using. And we don't know what the "new" technology is, though it appears to be Electron, or something similar that allows multiplatform development using web based tools. There are pros and cons to Electron if you search the web. There are a number of apps that use Electron, the two I'm familiar with are Notion and Simplenote. Notion is no speed demon, but Simplenote is. Notion doesn't work offline so well, but Simplenote does. For me, while things are in beta, I'm not going to get too excited. I really think it is important for Evernote to unify their various platforms, so I'm hoping the new strategy and tech work out. It all depends on the implementation. But we can't judge the full implementation until we see it. Missing features in a beta doesn't mean they will never show up.
  9. I don't really understand what you are saying.. that iOS limits the font sizes that can be used to three? Take a look at 1Writer on iOS, very similar to iA Writer, but lets you set the font and size. Or closer to Evernote, look at Bear or Agenda, which allow you to set either or both the font and font size. In fact, iOS includes a mechanism to set font size for apps - Dynamic Type, which you can set in iOS Settings. Many iOS apps honor the type size set there. But Evernote doesn't. As for font consistency and control not being important, well to each his own. One of the primary reasons I use Bear now is because of this issue.
  10. I want Evernote to act like iA Writer - a note, and its font - looks the same on any platform. Using the Evernote defaults, this is not the case. And if you change fonts - font size on iOS, size and font on MacOS - you get all kinds of weirdness when moving across platforms. Not to mention that the tools for controlling fonts are different on different platforms, not because of platform requirements, but because different coders and different code bases resulted in different capabilities. As to the idea that Evernote is only for "note taking" or "simple" notes, I've never understood why people say this, except as an excuse for the poor editor. Evernote gives you a whole toolbar full of formatting tools - bullets, italics, bold, etc. This clearly implies more than the simple capabilities of say Simplenote or other simple text editors. I wouldn't write a book using Evernote (though I'm sure someone has), but I expect to write a decent looking document, and for it to look the same on my iPad and my Mac. My hope is that the rumored current development towards a common code base across platforms will resolve most of these issues. The same fonts available on different platforms, and the same methods for controlling those fonts.
  11. I'm going to try hard to not turn this into a personal attack, but.. Why in the world would someone post this? This is a forum for requesting features. Someone requested a feature, and you feel you need to post something discouraging about their request? What does this mean - its a poor idea, because there haven't been many requests? You don't agree with the need, even though you apparently don't use iOS? If you really think there are 225M currently active users, ALL requests in this forum are going to be from a very tiny percentage of users. If someone makes a feature request you don't agree with, or you think will never be implemented, why comment at all? Seems to me any feature requests should be welcomed. And yes, I agree completely with this request - the tiny default font on iOS is a pain.
  12. A clever idea to record this - maybe it will help get across to Evernote the kind of things users see almost every day. The most striking thing you notice when you use some of Evernote's competitors - in my experience, Bear - is how bug free basic text editing is. If the Evernote editor was as seamless as Bear's, I think many of the complaints on this forum about pricing or rebranding would go away. Expending energy on re-branding or raising prices when the basics work great is fine; doing it when there are still basic, obvious problems with core functionality isn't.
  13. Depends on what you mean by "close". I agree Bear is focused on the editor, which Evernote certainly isn't. But Bear works just fine for filing features - you can drag a .pdf file or text note or any other document in or out of a Bear note, just like with Evernote. Everything is stored in a database, just like Evernote. So for many people, Bear can be a direct replacement for Evernote, only with a good text editor. Its not that Bear is EXACTLY like Evernote, it doesn't have every Evernote feature (nor is the reverse true), but for many users it will work just fine in place of Evernote.
  14. For many users, the small unchangeable default font on iOS isn't that big of an issue - this forum isn't exactly overwhelmed with complaints about it. But for some of us this is indeed a crucial issue. No matter if writing a "basic note", or something more complicated, having a font that is unpleasant to view because it is so small is a deal breaker. It has nothing to do with the type or complexity of a note, its a basic UI issue. If an app isn't pleasant to use, then I'm not going to use it.
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