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  1. Isn't the reason no one has heard back about the beta program, that there are no betas to test yet? I thought the videos made this clear. The only beta available right now is what Ian Small called the "modern web experience", which seems to be randomly available to more and more people. But it doesn't even seem to have a way to report bugs, so it doesn't seem like a formal beta (maybe I'm wrong about this - I applied for the beta program, and some weeks later the modern web experience became available to me, but no notification that I was now a beta tester). I'm only talking about the "new" Evernote. There is still an active beta program for existing releases - betas for upgrades to the current iOS version still happen.
  2. Well it is a Beta, so I expect bugs. And actually, you don't need to go to Settings, you can switch versions from the main window in the lower right corner. But I also expected a more direct way to report problems to the developers. Hopefully they are reading this forum.
  3. Using the new Evernote web beta, I got the message: "This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your mac” This is using the latest version of Safari on an iMac using the latest version of MacOS.
  4. Thanks. People do seem to be posting web beta issues there.
  5. For anyone using the new Evernote Web Beta - how do you report a bug? There is a menu to "Provide Feedback", but it is a survey, not a place to report issues. Or maybe I'm missing something obvious..
  6. A contrary view: the link feature, which I believe is Apple code, not Evernotes, doesn't work very well. I would constantly have problems with text containing numbers, like blood pressure readings, being flagged as a phone number. And dates also were highlighted, which I personally see no use for. Part of the problem is that the highlight of a link is bright blue, so these kinds of errors really stand out (the same error shows up in Notes, but they use a more subtle dark underline). So I am glad this "feature" is no longer turned on. Since we users disagree on this, hopefully when highlighted links return, it will be a user defined option.
  7. The "Evernote Web Beta" isn't really new, and everyone has access. I think it was released almost a year ago. The new Beta is invitation only. That is the one with the tool bar that starts with "Normal Text" and "Sans Serif" and has the button in the lower right corner. This is what is featured in the videos we are all chattering about. Things are a bit confusing with two "betas" on the web.
  8. I'm curious about this.. I'm now using the iOS 13 beta on my iPad. Using the "old" Evernote Web, I can't scroll past the length of the screen. Using the "new" Evernote web, things appear to be fine, but trying to edit is difficult at best, as I can't easily tap to place the cursor, which when it does appear, jumps around on its own. I don't have the new beta being talked about in the videos. So I'm curious which version you are having success with? Maybe iOS 13 broke it..
  9. The small default font on iOS has long been my biggest frustration too. I'm hoping the "new" Evernote - featured in the videos - will allow more font control, but from what they showed, it looks like font and size still can't be set ☹️
  10. Isn't Safari on iOS 13 supposed to be a "desktop" browser - which would seem to mean that using Evernote Web on an iPad would work just fine. So maybe iPadOS can be the lowest priority of the various platforms..
  11. Unfortunately, I didn't think to check this forum before downloading the iOS 13 public beta to my iPad.. I'm running the latest Evernote beta, and it seems to work as long as you don't touch a note - that makes it crash. So Evernote beta does NOT work yet, though you can at least see your notes 😏.
  12. Not sure this is a fair characterization. It is true that new stuff hasn't been released yet, but if you have seen for instance the video on redesigning the editor, it does appear that big changes are being worked on. Hopefully this stuff will see a release to the real world soon.
  13. Is anyone actually using the web beta yet? I haven't seen any feedback about it. Or maybe participants aren't allowed to post about it?
  14. Well, Apple provides the ability to access this "feature", but plenty of apps, including many text editors, don't use it. So responsibility is on Evernote if it doesn't function properly since they choose to use it anyway.
  15. I assume you are talking about iOS, where a "feature" of Evernote is to turn dates and strings of numbers into clickable objects. But it doesn't work very well - as you can see below. This shows a snippet from a log I keep of my BP and HR, and Evernote thinks the date and first half of my BP are a phone number. I believe Evernote is using iOS to figure out what to turn into a link. But there are plenty of iOS text editors that do not do this, so it could be turned off, but Evernote doesn't choose to do that, or allow the user to specify not to do this. It seems to me there are 3 things wrong here - its guess as to what is a phone number is wrong, it colors the not-phone number bright blue making a page full of not-numbers quite ugly, and since this is inside a code block, I would think all formatting would be turned off anyway.
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