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  1. Previously (pre v10) all columns in ‘Top List’ view were sortable. Sorting by tags, given the application-wide usefulness of such, would add further user benefits, especially where workflows rely on this, such as TSW, GTD etc.
  2. Same issue here on latest version. IPad Pro 10.5 - CMD+Shift 4 then paste back into Evernote produces 3 copies. Have pasted the same image into Apple Notes and just got a single copy as expected, so this is not an iPad OS bug.
  3. As above, previously created audio recs on legacy desktop play fine on my iPad Pro - (m4a), but the webm formats in V10 just sit there and do not play. Is this intentional? Thanks
  4. Just to confirm, this does work after reinstalling the app, but you need to allow the blue pop up guides to complete before pressing the 'small home icon in the top right of the screen to start to customise your layout. Thanks @Shane D.
  5. Previous version all working fairly well. Have updated to above version, selected 'Get Started' to get to the 'Home' feature. Screen frozen. Have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. iPad Pro 10.1
  6. Agree, the audio files recorded in the v10.11 desktop version (webm) do not appear to play in iOS/iPad either, which continues to disrupt my workflow. Still using Legacy
  7. Of course @PinkElephant, apologies @Shane D. no offence intended. I just wanted to clarify that there appeared to be 2 different issues with the helper as the posts had been merged.
  8. @Shane D. please could you acknowledge that there are 2 issues here, one regarding the capture function bringing the Evernote to the foreground and @TonyLim's issue above, which I am also seeing - see attachment. Thanks
  9. Unfortunately, the only way was to disconnect the IFTTT connection. I am not sure if it was specific to this particular recipe, but it did concern me that it wasn't particularly clear that it was doing this. In some ways, thank God for the new Evernote interface making this clear that it was being shared.
  10. While experimenting with the web client today (I am currently using the legacy Mac client) I noticed that new notes created both within the Web client and Mac client becomes shared/published without them either residing in a shared/published notebook or opting to share/publish a note. The only reason I noticed this is that the new web client has a small green 'share' icon (2 green heads) in the top right of the window. Had I not used this client I may never have realised that the note had a public link Please see below - the default notebook is !CAPTURE INBOX and is most definitely not a shared or published notebook. Creating a note in the default notebook in the web client (and the Mac client) produced a shared note. Looking at the properties for the note (last image) it shows that string is 'enabled'!! Have I missed an option to 'autoshare' every note I create? UPDATE - This was caused by an IFTTT recipe that copied notes over to Google Docs for backup but first auto enabled publishing a public (albeit hidden) link. You live and learn.
  11. @bigtelco Just some thoughts that I'm sure you've tried - but just in case... EN v10.0.3? - closed and restarted EN? - rebooted iPad?
  12. Not sure if this has been reported yet but turning off Scribble feature fixes the Sketch functionality in EN 10.0.3
  13. @fkhorton, I've got Notability, which has always been rock solid for handwriting and audio recording (I particularly love the synced audio feature), neither of which, I'm afraid Evernote is currently not doing well. I sincerely hope the EN team are on this and working out the bugs.
  14. Thanks @Shane D. Just to clarify, I am using a Apple Pencil V1 if that is useful. I notice that using my finger in sketch mode is OK, so I know it’s not the screen hardware.
  15. Some notebook stacks not appearing with their respective Notebooks in the sidebar - to clarify the notes and the notebooks still exist, they just don’t display in the sidebar.
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