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  1. And there is the rub! - If Support or Evernote Employees used this medium to update its users (particularly paying customers) on a regular basis, I don't think some of us would be asking 'are we there yet?' so often. I really do understand that customers have requested a lot, but we are talking basic functionality here, the kind we find well implemented in Open Source Word Processors, Onenote and Word. - All we are asking for is for undo to work as advertised.
  2. I really like it and set it up from the start, however what is frustrating is when, for whatever reason, pasting a GD link into EN for Win7 sometimes shows a placeholder with no title and a request to connect, even though I know it is set up and connected and shows other 'connected' placeholders.
  3. Evernote Premium cx here. Count me in. Zoom feature required for any serious note taking use. Will continue to use Noteshelf until Penultimate updated.
  4. I am finding the same here, although I am using Outlook 2007. Evernote is automatically started when starting windows, but outlook will hang on launch, with the 'Send to Evernote' button greyed out. I have had to remove the add-in to get Outlook to start until a fix is available. All is well with Outlook and it starts first time. Stuart
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