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  1. Where do I find the lock screen widget? Not showing up when I attempt to customize the lock screen? IOS 10.43
  2. It does look like that but when I click on date it adds the current time to the date?
  3. Whenever I add a task on IOS and then add date it automatically adds the time as the time task is created. I do not need the time on tasks as most are date specific but not time specific. Any suggestions on how to over ride time being added?
  4. Seems to have resolved after rebooting three times.
  5. How do I stop the popup telling me to try recurring tasks every time I open EN on Windows Desktop? I have already updated and am using recurring task
  6. I tried this several times with no success.
  7. I updated to v 10.29 on windows. The task drawer does not load and all that is there is a green circle updating. Tasks drawer works on mobile and web fine.
  8. @gazumped no it was just a blank white icon....if I clicked on it it went to EN as a new note...once I right clicked I could chose what app to open with
  9. The issue is that once I import to EN every time I open from shortcut on desktop it creates new note in EN. Solved the issue by right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting open with Excel
  10. Windows 10 Laptop using latest version.
  11. Attempting to save excel spreadsheet sent to me to desktop to edit. I saved the email to EN. Every attempt to open the spreadsheet on desktop opens a new note in default notebook. Not sure what I have done to create the issue. Have submitted a support ticket just wondering if it is quick fix. Windows 10 latest version.
  12. Gazumped.. thank you for your reply... I know the forums are for user to user... I was merely attempting to see if a user had similar issue and quick fix...last support ticket I submitted took more than a week to resolve so wanted to check here first as support suggests to check here first
  13. Tried logging out three times and still no linked notes...
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