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  1. Gazumped.. thank you for your reply... I know the forums are for user to user... I was merely attempting to see if a user had similar issue and quick fix...last support ticket I submitted took more than a week to resolve so wanted to check here first as support suggests to check here first
  2. Tried logging out three times and still no linked notes...
  3. I am on Windows 10 using latest version. As of a couple days ago the note linking to Google Calendar stopped working. I have deleted calendar widget and re installed on home page multiple times with no success. I tried going to templates and linking a template I have and that does not work either. Any suggestions?
  4. rmw

    Calendar Sync

    Well the success was short lived...its back after turning off computer while away...sent ticket to support...
  5. rmw

    Calendar Sync

    HMMM....after two hours events were not there....must be a scheduled sync with google....all good now
  6. rmw

    Calendar Sync

    I am on Windows...same issue with events remaining on Web and IOS. Have signed out of all platforms and back in and sync but still there. Tried your suggestion and did not work. Kind of irritating
  7. rmw

    Calendar Sync

    I have my Google Calendar connected and have really liked the visibility on the home page. However this morning I deleted some canceled events on Google calendar but the events remain on the Evernote calendar widget. I have disconnected and reconnected calendar and signed out of EN but the appointments still show in EN but not on Google calendar. Any suggestions on how to delete events in EN?
  8. HMMM....can't see the new calendar or task widget on windows desktop or web as premium user...on IPHONE new calendar widget shows...added it and connected to google calendar...said contact support...tried again and connected then calendar showed blank...tried again said contact support...logged out 2x and still same issue
  9. Yes there was...I had same issue and submitted a question to support...the answer I received was that it was initially there but due to some technical issue was removed until the issues were resolved
  10. I typically don't like to see completed task for more than a couple minutes. If I need to see one in my current task manager I can always search or look in trash folder. In the new EN task manager for tasks that are standalone once I check off I don't need to see. If it is part of a note or project I have liked being able to see the progress in the note. My view is once done get it out of my view so it won't distract. Have used multiple task managers and am optimistic EN may be able to handle what I need for tasks going forward
  11. The only time I have need to see a completed task is since intro of EN tasks. In notes of ongoing project or task it has been nice to see the progress. The only irritant so far is that once a task in a note is complete the note stays in the task tray. If the task is not part of a note and just an individual task I do not need to see the task after completion. In my outside task manager I never go back to look for a completed task.
  12. All good on web client...how do I get support ticket and activity log..now not able to work with IOS as instead of task showing not shared with me and I can't check box..must have really messed it up somehow
  13. The task note shows several notes but just not in the task area. Just added another task from email and it shows up on default note list on IPHONE but not Windows . Not sure what is going on. Have uninstalled and installed twice. Will leave open and see if eventually loads tasks
  14. PinkElephant did as you suggested...no notes show up in the task area...I checked and the default note is designated and checked in the settings on the task area and shows up in the all notes section but not in the task area
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