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  1. Well .. I took a break from Evernote and returned hoping that I might be able to finally use more than one Premium account, at the same time on my iOS device. No luck! Evernote for iOS still only supports a single Premium account logged in at a time .. What is it going to take? - OneNote, Twitter, and many other apps do it because they know it means people are paying for MORE THAN ONE account, and they want to support that. EVERNOTE TEAM .. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO ACCESS >1 Premium account at the same time on my iOS device. I'm willing to live with storage and other limitations !!
  2. The costs don't matter to me ... This is my workflow. I can already do this in Trello, all google apps, Slack ... Just not a priority for Evernote team.
  3. It is correct .. I'm even paying Evernote for the most expensive plan x2. Still I want to access both from a single device.
  4. Okay .. I stand by what I said. "I want to access both my Business and Personal accounts. Both of these are actually 'Premium Accounts' so this does nothing for me. " Note that BOTH accounts are separate Premium accounts. I pay for one Premium account for my work stuff, and another Premium account for my personal stuff. So my Feature Request remains open. Evernote 8.0 does not offer a fix for me .. and I suspect many others.
  5. Here are the instructions you point to "Simply long-press ‘Account’ on the tab bar to switch to another account." No instructions on how to add the 2nd account .. do you have a pointer to those instructions so i can try it?
  6. Sorry .. Does not meet the original intention of this feature request. I want to access both my Business and Personal accounts. Both of these are actually 'Premium Accounts' so this does nothing for me.
  7. This January, this request will officially turn 2. Two (2) years waiting for a fairly popular feature, maybe someday! I'm thinking about doing something special to celebrate the wait. Suggestions welcome.
  8. @RCMears - I'm not sure that's true. Looking at Evernote 7.11, released on Feb. 23, 2016, there is no capability to login to more than one account at a time. What leads you to believe this request has been satisfied? What am I missing? Unless I'm mistaken, we are all still waiting for Evernote to deliver this feature request to the iOS version of the Evernote apps.
  9. Story: "As a user, I want to easily switch between existing Evernote accounts, on my iOS devices, so that I can easily access notes from several accounts without having to share or mix them in the same account." Acceptance Criteria: - From the Evernote iOS app for iPhone or iPad, users can add multiple account credentials - New account credentials are stored on the device - Users can select an account already added to switch to that account. - Users can delete account that they want to remove from the device. - Removing accounts from the device removes them from the list of accounts and deletes all the associated data. - Supports a mix of accounts using varying authentication schemes; single and 2-phase authentication/ Please update, and or supplement .. Thanks Erick Crowell,
  10. All in favor of raising the notebook limit for all our us 'old-school' thinkers who have faithfully paided our Evernote premium group membership ... I am not having to change my entire scheme of organizing notes to accomodate this 'setting' change. Please let us choose Thanks! Erick
  11. This seems crazy, why not an edit panel? if your looking to keep the interface clean then give me a click to view option.
  12. Folks, I'm very sad to see that the list of 'filter rules' that comprised my saved search are no longer visible to me in the interface (Lion OS 7.6.2). In previous releases when i clicked on my saved search i would see the filter rules being used, for example: tag:Active, tag:P1:, etc. Now when I click on the saved search it filters my notes but I no longer have access to the original rules being used ... can I have that back? Am I missing it? Can someone help me here or take this User Story as input .. "As a user, I want to see the filter rules being applied when I click on a saved search, so that I can understand the resulting list of notes. I also want the power to edit the list of rules so I can modify and tune existing searching creating new ones. " Help!!
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