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  1. Hi @RMorgan I think it might be more far reaching than that I had a new work laptop yesterday with Office 365 installed by my IT Team; I installed Evernote 10.22 yesterday - all was fine, office apps opening correctly Today, I installed 10.23 from the website as a direct download; all the following file types were set and associated to Evernote as the handler - I would state this is bad behaviour on the installers part; it should be asking about default handling surely? .avi .csv .doc .dotx .mov .mp3 .mp4 .ppt .psd .rft .text .wav .wmv .xcf .xls .xlsx .xml O/S Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 On my iMac; no such issue
  2. Not sure if this helps, but, I have tended to find that since forever If you drag the right edge to the width you like, the content reformats and stays that width always I tend to check, see if the content is too 'slim' widen it to my expected width and then it's always right
  3. 2 methods, one works, one doesn't. Using 10.19.2 but have seen this before and failed to report it 1. Select a Notebook. Using the upper right Filter controls apply a filter such as a Tag or Date filter, I see maybe 5 or 6 results returned 2. Select same Notebook chosen above. Click into Search. Click Add Filter. This has added the Notebook specifically to the search. Click Filter on the support right and add a Filter of choice. Using this method I see 54 notes, the correct amount. I am as near to certain as I can be that method 1 was working at least better. I believe I tried it a few releases back noticed the issue, got distracted.. failed to raise it. Today I needed to search and found the issue again. I also note that depending on the Notebook, the difference in search results varies. It's more than a bit concerning; I have an expectation for search to be on point
  4. Hi there; I don't see that happening here. Documents left behind do not import again, it's occurring as a one off action. I have verified on macOS Big Sur and also Windows 10 Enterprise v1909 Here, my documents are in the root of the monitored directory although I do also have the option selected to pull from sub-folders
  5. +1 I don’t use Google for anything as a rule, but, I wanted to incorporate the new calendar and note abilities - I have to say I am finding the work flow a huge help. I created a Google calendar to sync but keep the details purely to a title; I just don’t trust Google with privacy. It also means I have a Safari tab open to be able to add Calendar entries which is functional but clunky. If we had iCloud calendar it would be awesome.
  6. Unfortunately, this happens regularly with subscription/service providers where they enforce changes in terms and plans. Typically you are given notice and you can either accept or you can terminate. Here in the UK an example NOWtv a subscription streaming service - they have altered their plans and regressed features whilst introducing adverts which were not part of the service beforehand - AND - increased the monthly price. So, for 10% extra each month you get adverts you didn't want and where you could watch on 2 devices at the same time you can now only watch on one. A bolt on which previously increased resolution from 720p to 1080p has increased in price by about 70% and now includes the resolution element plus the ability to stream from either 2 or 3 devices at the same time and also remove the adverts. Google are also prone to feature change on their business plans and are not afraid to force price increases regularly, neither are Microsoft for their services.... I think Evernote fare well in that company
  7. Have you guys read the FAQ's which clearly say no one is forced to change or accept a price increase? https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500006213161-Changes-to-Evernote-subscription-plans for as long as they offer the plan and for as long as you keep the subscription active Flying in face of those against a price increase here... but I consider Evernote too cheap. I'm glad they are hiking the prices. 20 UK pennies a day for Professional £74.99 per year] , for a tool that delivers to me all the functionality it current has and all that is to come. It's a complete bargain! Just my opinion of course 😀
  8. Usually they are AND... OR ... NOT ... Quotation Marks “ “ ... Parentheses ( ) ...
  9. Hi Scott, I upgraded from Premium/Personal to Professional, upgrade went through fine pro-rated. Web interface reflected right away. macOS didn't show the new options and update Tasks status from 'Early Access'. Closing and relaunching didn't resolve but Logging out and back in has done the trick there. Will do so on iPhone and work PC too
  10. I can't answer specifically why you don't have the app listed in Notifications, but, I know I am getting them and upon checking I do indeed have Evernote listed with the various control options When I install and also when I update I always do so by downloading directly from the Evernote site; I don't use the in built update. [partly because I am impatient and want to update as soon as possible] How do you update your copy; might it be connected? I know in iOS with apps in the past if the app wasn't showing in the controls I removed the app and reinstalled - as the app has to 'register' into the Notifications Centre I suspect you may need to do the same?
  11. Have to say, I don't see the issue. The e-mail and Evernote's reasons for sending it are clear as crystal to me. it says 'Dear subscriber, we are going to be changing our subscription plans, your price won't change, your features won't change. We will be in touch with more details in the coming weeks with new options you can choose' Simple. Totally clear. Why might they send this? Oh, I don't know.. maybe because of all those folk that have been chirruping on about features.. will they have to pay blah blah and so it goes on I personally think Evernote's charges are so cheap THATS the biggest laugh!! £0.865 a week for all that we get as a premium customer - thats such good value.
  12. Hi Jack, I use 'Things' as my core task manager and don't see that changing due to the rich feature set it has and I wouldn't really be expecting Evernote to match. The new Task function in Evernote is brilliant for my workflow and I appreciate the Note centric focus the Task system has - you have that so spot on!! This perfectly compliments Things and is already helping me greatly in both private and business activities I have several use cases I have in play already and I am sure that as I touch Notes in my account I will find more, but, I would actually love the following for completed items-: An ability to choose a global setting for Completed Tasks, such as to be retained for a certain period, for me 'Always', for some perhaps for X amount of time etc - but - with a Task specific override to have a Delete when marked done option My use case here is that I would like to remind myself of certain Tasks, such as I have added an e-mail for an item ordered on Amazon, I want to remind myself to collect the Invoice and add it to the note, when that Task is done, I complete it... I don't need that to clutter the Note after that and its cleaner for it to vanish. Right now I am manually deleting those but an auto-vanish option there would be a real treat Completed Tasks I would generally keep always/forever as part of the Note please, but, I would like to see them semi-hidden behind a collapsed item to keep the length of the Note tight and uncluttered. My daily project Notes, contain all my information for my daily assigned project work with customers. I am loving the fact I can now quickly add Tasks to that Note with brilliant context. If a Note has 2, 3, 5 and higher Tasks the length begins to grow and it begins to look potentially untidy and certainly adds to the scrolling. When completed, I still need to see all these so that I can overview what I completed and have evidence in some circumstances of it - but - it would be super helpful to keep the Note space used by Tasks to a minimum. If the collection of Tasks is collapsed it would be great to have a 'count' as a visual of how much is contained in the collapsed set Would it be possible to add a Date/Time in terms of when a Task was completed; that would be great information to have to hand When Printing or Exporting a Note, it would be great to have the to piton to include or not include the Tasks and I suppose to include or not include the completed Tasks I know you are working on Tasks in Tables but this specific missing ability is something that would really excite me to have as a option; I have quite a number of Notes with information and/or entries in Tables which collect information on a timed basis - which are literally screaming out for this ability - so just a +1 to your efforts in this direction if I may Loving Task V1, it was never in any doubt but you guys have cemented my subscription being paid ✊
  13. I believe Google Authenticator is just a 'style' as opposed to an absolute. I have used Authy in the past but for years have used 1Password as my 2FA token generator with Evernote; always works with no issues whatsoever You can just go ahead and use them.... see attached
  14. Took delivery of my iMac M1 on 28th May; not one single crash with Evernote yet I have over 12,000 notes and use Evernote all day every day for work and personal and use all it's features fairly readily. Seems very stable to me especially when considering from the moment my iMac was powered up it's remained so and not had a reboot. I would like to see them embrace native code rather than needing to rely on Rosetta but from my viewpoint is very serviceable.
  15. Hi there, sorry, cannot confirm. Both macOS and PC installers are downloading here very quickly. I am seeing 4 seconds to complete
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