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  1. v10.6.9 seems to have alot of optimisations in this area. I have had the release installed 1-day now and Helper use is currently 2.5% CPU. It does increase when there is work to do, as you would expect, but then drops back to minimal. In addition the RAM use by the application appears optimised. This, along with additional speed improvements in the interface with navigation and note loading
  2. I can't answer the why we can't do that, there may be a technical reason, it may have been tried and ruled out by an earlier test group - it is the same on the 4 platforms I use though, Web, PC, Mac and iOS [don't go anywhere near Android] - and at the end of the day thats the end result they were shooting for 'uniformity'. It's maybe muscle memory required 😀
  3. Click 'Notebooks' You will see the list of all Stacks and Notebooks within them To the right hand side of the Stack you want to rename, click the 'three dots' Select the Option Rename Stack Type a new Name Click Save
  4. I would be solving this without support teams help Web is the point of truth as far as I'm concerned; I always check here first to be sure things have ended up in the right place and actually I am always signed into web so that I can see that as regularly as I want. I hope in future to not have to do this but for now V10 still needs an eye keeping on it as they work on further stability I would look at how many notes are in Web, how many in Legacy and V10 macOS and iOS Legacy may have local note content which would need to be taken into account If Web and Legacy are th
  5. Using 10.5.7 here on macOS 11.1 - I have 10,558 notes many as you say are notes with oftentimes multiple PDF attached. I just searched the entire note list for the authorisation number on a random PDF - search found it and highlighted the number as you can see. is that whats not working for you?
  6. Happy to; but we've both used quite open statements. What is unusable? That suggests it doesn't launch/install? Could you narrow in a little and expand on what specifically is the main issue?
  7. I should like to begin 2021 with a virtual HUG and THANKS for the team at Evernote for providing such an accessible and useful tool; one which I couldn't be without. I realise that against a tide of seeming upset with Evernote this comment is maybe a small voice - but - it's an honestly given shout out to the Evernote team for all their efforts. Here, I appreciate the choices you have made and the challenges you face - and - I can see you have the scope to 'potentially' deliver a wonderful leap in this services abilities over the coming months. Evernote for me delivers on so many le
  8. Yes, v10.5.7 - I am seeing this very regularly although random in nature. Usually clicking the Notebook a second time loads it - but there is a definite instability here. macOS 11.1 4.2Ghz i7 64GB RAM, 1GB duplex fibre Internet
  9. I have a number of notes which are built as templates stored in a Notebook. I duplicate these as needed to perform templated and recorded tasks With 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 when duplicated, the Note appears correct in macOS; when you check Web the attachments haven't synced - when macOS next syncs with Core they then vanish from the note in macOS
  10. Two notes stored in my Evernote with Purchase Receipt information. 1st note contains a copy of the e-mail sent to Evernote a copy of the source .eml attached from Apple Mail 2nd note is a Web Clip of the website page where the purchase was completed I decided to merge them together on this occasion using the new merge process. Finding the result to be as below, I tried the merge process with and also without the options to insert a divider/retain or remove Note titles. The result of the merge is that the e-mail address details have text   inserte
  11. ...ah that will be it... I am updating from Evernote site directly
  12. @iMarcYou are a few versions behind being 10.4.4 it's now 10.5.7
  13. @gbarry Just updated the release details - I had an auto update on a new launch, thats how I knew actually... But it's available via Download from Evernote.com/download
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