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  1. "Requirements" is a relative term. My advice: get over it.
  2. Thanks @DTLow and @ruudhein. Will give it a shot... It's for a friend. @ruudhein, fancy running into you here ... Frank Degenaar here :-)
  3. The 3rd generation iPad only updates to iOS 9.3.5 – and the current client in the Apple Store requires an update to at least 10.3 to install. Any workarounds via iTunes (or anything else) to upload an older version of Evernote?
  4. Finally I can connect a face to the name :-) (re: your new avatar/ icon thingy)!
  5. There's been an increase in features across the board - Particularly if you're a Windows desktop user. Mac is in tow. You're probably sitting on features you don't know are there...
  6. OK... that's admittedly a hard one to swallow. I hope you're not speaking from experience
  7. @Lazza, how about your posting multiple posts showing others how to hack the system and get cheaper rates by subscribing via a different region? Is that respectfully disagreeing... or are you *trying to* selectively defend your so-called respect?
  8. And using STFU is respectfully disagreeing? ... And multiple posts with hacks for people to get Mexican subscription prices is respectfully disagreeing with Evernote? Might they not charge what they please and not have others undermine their decisions, while you pat yourself on the back for it?
  9. So Evernote is in bed with who? A more logical analogy might be not wanting to put up with an increasingly higher high-maintenance spouse. But maybe you've been an overly oppressive, tight-fisted husband who won't fork out for your wife to visit (a decent) salon once in a while and make herself look pretty for you. Just maybe she wants the Brazilian blowout.
  10. Or maybe it's not the most obviously accessible. +1's anywhere in the forum count... and it was once rumored that Evernote employees read through all posts. So either way. this is no secret.
  11. P.S. I didn't name myself "Guru". That's the forum's thingamabob... but instead I dubbed myself "Mischief maker" for this phase of my life. So my participation here is not necessarily to be taken as advice. That's just the way I roll. I should not be confused as someone to imitate Promulgation shmomulgation....
  12. @RadicalDad, I've had 3 hard drive crashes over the last 7 years here in the unforgiving, corrosive Brazillian tropics. Haven't been hacked yet. Thus far, cloud services have saved my butt the last 2 of those 3 times. I don't have a scrap of data on any of my devices that I would mind losing. Evernote... Lack of response to their buggy software? Hmmm. Seems like you can't live with or without them.
  13. Yep... I was around to see the birth of that. It mostly centers around a couple of peripheral gripes. The OP does say: Still hypothetical...
  14. Stupidly deleting notes sounds more justifiable.
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