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  1. Thanks @DTLow and @ruudhein. Will give it a shot... It's for a friend. @ruudhein, fancy running into you here ... Frank Degenaar here :-)
  2. The 3rd generation iPad only updates to iOS 9.3.5 – and the current client in the Apple Store requires an update to at least 10.3 to install. Any workarounds via iTunes (or anything else) to upload an older version of Evernote?
  3. I'm surprised by the sheer number of ignorant comments on this thread - based on a lack of... research.
  4. Two device limit is a bad idea

    Finally I can connect a face to the name :-) (re: your new avatar/ icon thingy)!
  5. I Hate Evernote

    Evernote shows your own related notes... and other news sources. They don't prompt you to buy stuff. Also, all of this can be turned off. Re: your relationship metaphor... In any relationship, I'd hope that one would try to get to know or express some interest in the other... so maybe you should get to know Evernote a tad more... the options you have... and whether or not you're afflicted by a strange bug, the relationship would not be as hopeless as you imagine it to be.
  6. Maybe a bigger issue would be why one would need to have so many note windows open in the first place. Why not give them all a reminder... or a (temporary) tag... or put them into a specific notebook... or create a saved search for that set of notes? That way you'd be able to select your notes (and identify them) in your note list. That would be a better investment of your mental RAM than trying to keep track of multiple open notes on your desktop task bar. For instance... you could have a tag, say, @wip (work in progress)... and you could access that tag context whenever needed from multiple places. When you're done with a note, delete the tag. It could be a "real" Evernote tag... or it could even be a "text tag" in the note title.
  7. Showing preview of linked note

    Keep your eyes and ears open for an upcoming 3rd-party Evernote App called Crusoe. Its note-linking/ preview capabilities might just be up your alley.
  8. New CTO for Evernote

    An incredibly short-sighted and one-sided OP. Don't forget the part about the new CTO being charged with building Evernote's new backbone... or the part about Mr. Kundu being responsible for 5 billion daily messages for Yahoo. the focus on GoDaddy is irrelevant here. Talk about selective reading of an article that presents quite an impressive repertoire.
  9. Pretty awesome, right??!!
  10. Obviously Evernote is useful enough for you to take the time out and express yourself in this forum. You're lobbying for a paid tier of less than $1/ month - and that's as far as practicality stretches for you? My guess is that many people feel there should be a bare-minimum tier because they don't use many/ most of the available features (and if there were no further augmented features, there'd be less of an issue with forking out, because there wouldn't be many features they're missing out on). It's like telling Netflix that you only signed up to watch one of their original series, and that you're not interested in their extensive archives - so why not allow a $1/ month payment plan?
  11. "Embracing" is a very funny word in this context. I think my neighbor heard me LOL. Why would Evernote want to embrace "forever free" when their marketing strategy was always encapsulated in the phrase, "If they stay they will pay". From a business perspective, is there any difference? I've been a freeloader in multiple online contexts to varying degrees, on and off, since the dawn of the internet. It would be pointless trying to deny that fact.
  12. If I am in fact trolling (or whatever you think I'm doing)... it's more of an exception to the rule. Historically, here in the forum, I've done more good than "harm". You're free to take a look around. I'm not after approval ratings, although you'll see that I have well over a 50% ratio of likes to post count (historically). I'm not looking for a pat on the back... just chipping in and giving my opinion about a fallacious opinion (Care to focus on that?). "Typically one of the main reasons" has no relevance here... because this is not the case with Evernote. I get it that you and others are venting... but at the very least, try not to push opinion as fact... and focus on the topic at hand (pricing models) - which I happen to think might be kind of steep. But to say that Evernote is increasing prices because they're desperate to raise revenue (because of past dead-end endeavors) is entirely incorrect. I've already stated a couple of facts, to which I'm not getting a direct response. That's to be expected from people who throw out statements they can't back... and when they don't have a decent rebuttal, they may try to turn the tables by, say, pointing out how mean someone is being and how offended they are.
  13. Actually, your comment that I quoted is valuable. Just that it doesn't have much to do with Evernote's change in pricing. You haven't yet addressed the points I've made, except to show your offence. I do not claim to be intelligent. Even not-so-smart people can point out fallacious arguments. I didn't intimate that I was trying to encourage anyone... or that I was being helpful. "Disapproval" is irrelevant. Just thought I'd point out something... sort of like when you tell someone: "Hey. you've got a booger in your nose." Still, you have not taken a serious stab at where I've pointed out that you may be in error. You're being emotional and not engaging me in the actual rationale I've followed. Not that I'm trying to be rational or smart or anything. Just that you haven't plainly and simply told me why the substance of what I've written is wrong. I didn't know that I was baiting anyone (at least I wasn't conscious of it): see point #4 above
  14. Your anger is misguided and illogical. The increase has nothing to do with Evernote's dead-end endeavors in the past. Your association, although at face value seems logical, is unfounded. Think about it. See my answer to @Stephanie C. here: If you have anything more logical or substantial to support your initial statement (than just an opinion), please do tell :-)