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  1. Hello - I don't want to just move the database - I want to actually install the program on the D drive.
  2. That's the original note. Sorry for the late reply! I thought it wouldn't highlight if it couldn't read my handwriting? Thanks
  3. OCR result is showing, but the yellow highlight is solid: Any way I can fix this? Thanks! Just as a side note, very impressed with OCR. Improved dramatically since I last used it a year or two ago.
  4. Thanks, that what I did but I put them all in a subject note. Thanks for the URL, I'll be using that! Unfortunately I'm on Windows, so no scripting available. I'm just going to add them to my subject note as I go along, and when I finish a topic, make a new merged 'master' note, along with the separate subjects. Thanks!
  5. I've split them up into subtopics, then I compile the notes together into an overview note, and link them in a master note like this: Works pretty well, I will do this from now on!
  6. I have a large note, a few thousand words long, which has notes on topics. For example, in my geography notebook I have one note for tectonics, coasts, etc: Similar for history and economics too. I am wondering if I can create a table at the top of the note to let me jump to the various sections? Or would it be better to split the note up into topics, and then create a table of contents for the topic with a link to each subtopic? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Anyone know of a tool for Evernote that can automate backups? I have all my school notes on EN, not backed up, so it would be a disaster if I lost them. Evernote seems to have corrupted a few notes from previous years (which I luckily do not need) and I think it would be a good idea to back them up into a less volatile area. Also, what is the best format to back them up in? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, I want to start backing up my EN notes. I have around 7000 notes, which are all very important. How can I automate a backup of them on Sundays, and preferably to somewhere remote? I don't have much money so can't really afford an online storage solution. Thanks!
  9. Glad to see that they are financially healthy. Just wondering why they are going through CEOs so quickly. Hopefully the new one can pull of these new features! Previous one did well imo, EN is faster, and glad to see a reduction in clutter of apps. Hopefully we can see new features added, and improvements to syncing.
  10. Still having the issue - computer has been restarted many times. I click on the note, it briefly flashes the word, then it disappears. If I click on the search button again when I am on the note, it shows the highlight box but as a weird line.
  11. The thing is it flashes the highlight, and then a fraction of a second the highlight disappears. Really annoying 😕 It's highlighting, but its not staying.
  12. Okay, thanks. I'm using a 6 year old bottom spec pc, so that may be the issue as it's super slow. I'll go and scrape around in settings and see if I've switched anything off in an attempt to make EN quicker. Thanks!
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