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  1. Intending to delete a contiguous range of notes, I inadvertently selected 4500 notes because the current record was not what I thought it was. As soon as I pressed delete, I recognized the problem, went to the trash and restored. Even without the major mess I made, it doesn't seem to me that restoring a note from trash should change the "updated" date. Or, at least the option given to keep it the same or update.
  2. Is there a way to set the default view (snippet/list)? Most of the time I want a list view. thanks,
  3. How do you save a search on the phone? (Please forgive the amnesia ... I have a couple saved so I once knew how thanks >Later: I saved a search on the desktop, and then found it on the phone. That works!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! it works ... that must have been a nasty bug that was well hidden. Thanks
  5. Reported "last sync failed ... http response code: 304" on 4/20/11 generating case #228571. A quick reply asked me to forward the log file, which was done the same day. On 4/30 I noticed and installed the update to 3.0.1. Installed that (after uninstalling, rebooting, etc.), but the problem persisted. Sent the log file again with a note about the update. Haven't heard anything since ... a bit frustrating!
  6. I frequently use evernote to log dated events. Because "date updated" may change, I use date created for the date of the event. It works well, but in list mode (by tag, or whatever), there is an option to sort by date created. But in the list the date displayed is the date updated. I'm working around this by changing the date updated to equal the date created. It would be helpful to have the option to replace "date updated" with "date created" in the list display. thx
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