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  1. Thanks for those tips. I'll give that a try and see how that works for me. Another trick I found was to use the companion program gnsync, I put this in my crontab gnsync --path /home/stephen/texfiles --mask "*.tex" --logpath /home/stephen/gnlogs.log -t That puts a synchronized directory that does a two-way sync with evernote every 5 minutes and keeps everything up to date so I can work on the files in evernote or on my linux desktop with vim. Steve
  2. Yes, I was able to get in contact with support via chat and they approved the request within minutes. Very helpful of them. Thanks.
  3. Ok, I guess that makes sense. I thought the web form was a form of support ticket but never got a response. Maybe using the general support ticket would be better than the forum.
  4. I sent a request to activate a developer api token last week through the web forms and another one this morning. I have not heard back from developer support. I want to get a key to use the GeekNote app for command line access to evernote. From what I can see on thewebsite for the github fork of Geeknote, I need to request a developer token from evernote support. The webpage last week said to expect a response within 24-48 hours. Is there another wait to get in touch to get access to a developer token for geeknote for my account? Thanks!
  5. The only one I'm familiar with is ZenDone. I use it every day and I love the Evernote and Google Calendar integration. I don't think it's as strong on the group and team integration that you are looking for. But, for a personal productivity app focused on the GTD method, Evernote, and Google Calendar, I think it stands out. It doesn't have a lot of bells & whistles but focuses on providing a framework to practically and efficiently use the Getting Things Done concepts.
  6. It's not that it goes away from the main screen, it just get's a tick smaller. I would say that it is more than a "tick" smaller. I think they made the right changes here to allow for it to be removed to a tiny icon that will never be seen unless you scroll all the way to the bottom. Or, if you are very interested in what the Marketplace has to offer you make it a large section with pictures at the top of your home screen.
  7. We talking on iPhone or iPad? On iPad, you have about the same number of notes in snippet view (if not more) as the old list view because of the way we used to present list view--we just use more of the iPad's real estate now. iPhone - I can only get about 4 1/2 Snippet notes on the screen. Yeah, but with the old version, you only get 5, and what is shown in the 5th that is cut out of your 1/2 isn't too much, so not sure this is a big deal. JMHO. For it to be meaningful for me, we'd need a pure list with just the note title, just like on Windows. Of course, you're right. I would prefer to have a pure list view but I hate to see them moving in the wrong direction, even if it's only 1/2 a note.
  8. We talking on iPhone or iPad? On iPad, you have about the same number of notes in snippet view (if not more) as the old list view because of the way we used to present list view--we just use more of the iPad's real estate now. iPhone - I can only get about 4 1/2 Snippet notes on the screen.
  9. The list view would seem to be the easiest view to implement and consistently has many devoted users. Yet, it is removed from the latest version. I hope they decide to make it available again in the near future. Also a toggle to remove the announcements section from the home page would be beneficial. It takes up a lot of unnecessary space.
  10. I have both a Doxie and a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300. In my opinion, the Fujitsu is better in every way and I use it almost exclusively for my scanning needs (although I am seriously looking at obtaining the Fujitsu iX500).
  11. But there's no mention of this feature in any of the public documentation I can find. That makes it apocryphal. I believe it's because it's unreliable. After a few more tests here, it seems that sometimes it works as described, sometimes it doesn't and makes a new note, sometimes the text is appended to the wrong notebook. That makes in inaccurate. It is documented in their email they send out when you first email notes in to Evernote. It seems to work as described for me but may be unreliable in some cases.
  12. The information is accurate. It's a useful feature that I use often. I just tried a note with your exact subject "ThinkingOutLoud" and sent a note with the + sign and it worked. Maybe you have a newer note with the same name?
  13. The original poster has filters set up in Gmail to send to Evernote but wanted a way to send it to the right notebook with tags automatically. There is a Gmail script called "Gmail to Evernote (gm2en)" that performs this task well. If you combine this script with appropriate gmail filters you can automatically take an incoming email and forward it to Email with all the HTML and attachments intact and appropriate notebook and tags attached (along with header information and a link back to the original e-mail in Gmail). Saves a lot of time in processing notes manually.
  14. I couldn't find a way to delete my account either which I agree is bad form. I just went to account settings and changed all my information to meaningless text. Steve
  15. I am just updating this topic to let you know that I no longer recommend Tarpipe as a viable alternative. The application development has stalled and the lead developer recently downgraded an account that I had paid for without explanation. After several days of bouncing e-mails, he finally told me that he was not ignoring my requests but hadn't got around to fixing it yet. It's a week later and still the system is broken. The cost structure of Tarpipe was always a bit ludicrous anyway. To make it useful, you need the 'Max' account which is $15 a month. Anyway, when I disabled tarpipe, I realized how much that I loved having all my routine e-mail forwarded and automatically tagged and placed in the right folder. I was so accustomed to having this that it was hard to go back to doing it manually. I have looked around and I still haven't been able to find any other services that provide the necessary functionality of altering the incoming e-mail's subject line. So, I am still hoping that Evernote sometime implements this functionality. Maybe multiple incoming e-mail addresses to Evernote that you can pre-define with Notebook and Tagging information? Until then, the only way I could find to do this was to set up a linux box with procmail, fetchmail and sendmail that scans my gmail account and forwards the email to Evernote based on matching rules. Actually it is far more flexible and works much better than tarpipe ever did. I have several recipes for procmail that will scan and replace the subject line of incoming email with the Evernote notebook and tagging information if anyone is ever interested in giving this a try. Steve
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