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  1. I was getting that pop-up, but after I actually used the clipper to save a PDF to Evernote, it went away. I wasn't paying close enough attention to know if it was an immediate result or not, but I'm no longer getting the pop-up.
  2. Has anyone else seen this issue? I know someone who is having this trouble on his new Macbook, and as @nargalzius said, the checkbox is no longer an option.
  3. Thanks, Chuck! I'd love my top three shortcuts to appear in the widget.
  4. I believe if you go to Evernote Settings>>General you can turn off showing notes, and your quick actions will be visible again.
  5. Just reporting that I'm experiencing issues with the iMessage app as well. It is installed and enabled, but nothing happens when it is clicked. I've tried deleting it and restarting my phone, but the issue remains. I use an iPhone 6.
  6. Is anyone else experiencing Google map links to be broken after the most recent update? I'm asking on behalf of someone else who has experienced it.
  7. Were you able to resolve your issue with the screen capture? If so, what was the fix? Thanks!
  8. Here's a comparison of clipper results I did to support another user. The source page is: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-21/australian-agricultural-trade-performance/7647784 1) Examples straight from Web Clippers Safari/Article (Jumbled on public link, but clean in Evernote desktop client): (web) https://www.evernote.com/l/ACYir7-_Na5E2ohGoR6Jq_rQpbeq8cwj0G8 (client) https://www.evernote.com/l/ACaMhoTVu4NIsovP3PHwY5a4R5EAUPlbUeU Unless I knew that I would be sharing a public link of the note, this is probably the method I would use most, as it looks great in the desk
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