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  1. I can use Evernote without an internet connection at least on my Mac. Versions for mobile devices always needed an internet connection or you had to use local notebooks. I don't see a difference to earlier versions.
  2. I normally leave Evernote running all time on my MacBook. However, on the rare occasions that I newly started the app I had the same experience. In that case it helps to stop and re-start the application. Apart from that I am quite happy with the performance on my MacBook Pro. Only the iOS app on my older iPad Air 2 is slow but performance has improved as well on this platform. I also use the Web app and after a long time I am now very happy with this because now all platforms look alike and features have been added much faster recently.
  3. I think its a server rather than a client issue. Yesterday I added several notes with the same tag. It took hours until they appeared in a search for the tag on all clients I use.
  4. Yes, I have the same serious problem. It either takes a very long time after adding a tag the note appears in the search for this tag or it never is found. I hope it is a temporary problem and gets solved soon.
  5. Yes the Home feature is nice. But I also had some annoying problems: I added some notes with tags in the iOS app. About half of them don't appear in a search for the tag in all clients (iOS, Mac, Web) When using the iPad sideways (horizontal) I cannot use the menu which opens after clicking "+", e.g. for adding an attachment. It is covered by the keyboard. When closing the keyboard it disappears as well. It only works for the vertical orientation of the iPad.
  6. Yes, search is completely broken on Mac and in the Web App. I hope it is fixed soon because Evernote is now almost useless.
  7. Hi I think the problem is that a note cannot be sent to the E-Mail address that is used with Evernote. Try to send it to a different address.
  8. Move all other notes into a new notebook, because I think you also cannot move it to a different notebook Delete the notebook with the remaining note. If it is the default notebook you have to configure another notebook as default notebook Rename the new notebook to the one you just have deleted
  9. I still cannot use it on my iPad Air 2. It takes too long to start and much too long to switch notes. It actually seems to get worse. Terrible. The same happened to the android version on my phone. I am now down to one platform, the legacy version on my Mac. I might soon switch to another solution because I don't expect a solution soon. The slowness seems to be platform related and I don't think there will be a solution. Sad.
  10. Unfortunately, the print problem remains the same with Evernote Web Version 10.4.2.
  11. I think this has been addressed but the ENEX-Format does not provide enough information to recreate the links in Joplin. I don't know whether other apps like OneNote are able to do this when importing ENEX files from Evernote. And no, I have not tested Nimbus because I also need either a Linux client or a Web access as with Evernote because my work platform is Linux. But thanks for the tip.
  12. Yes, this is the same in the current Web version where it was implemented quite some time ago. In previous versions you could use a right click to edit the link. The current way is awful. A link should always need one click only to follow. I don't know any other application or Web-page where a double click is necessary.
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