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  1. Unfortunately, the print problem remains the same with Evernote Web Version 10.4.2.
  2. I think this has been addressed but the ENEX-Format does not provide enough information to recreate the links in Joplin. I don't know whether other apps like OneNote are able to do this when importing ENEX files from Evernote. And no, I have not tested Nimbus because I also need either a Linux client or a Web access as with Evernote because my work platform is Linux. But thanks for the tip.
  3. Yes, this is the same in the current Web version where it was implemented quite some time ago. In previous versions you could use a right click to edit the link. The current way is awful. A link should always need one click only to follow. I don't know any other application or Web-page where a double click is necessary.
  4. I also had this problem. The only way is to delete the old checkboxes and create new ones.
  5. Yes, I also lost images and PDFs by using the new iOS client. I uninstalled the iOS client from my iPad. Currently, I am only using the Mac client (old version) and the Web client which also works in Safari on my iPad. I have absolutely no trust in the new versions. If this is not getting better soon I will switch to Notion.
  6. I agree. It really would be nice if all search capabilities were available in all clients in a uniform way by means of the user interface. But this never has been the case and the knowledge of the syntax gave me the opportunity to use the search in the same powerful way on all platforms. Since it became natural to me I doubt that I will change this event if the user interface provides a fully featured search.
  7. I agree and what really concerns me is that performance now is an issue on all platforms when switching to the new versions. I see the same lag on my Mac, under iOS and also in the Web version which always was the most direct view of the Evernote database. I'm afraid that this is a platform problem rather than a client problem and if this is not solved soon it could kill the company.
  8. Yes, I know I can see my notes via iCloud.com. But the editing features in the browser are very limited and not sufficient for me.
  9. Sorry, but I have to disagree. Version 10.2.2 (in the newest Firefox) still only prints the first page of the note and a second empty page.
  10. I agree with the reasons for your decision to switch. However, Apple Notes would not be a solution for me. I need a web client to be able to access my notes without the need to install a client application. For a long time I used the old version of the web client when Evernote started to re-create the Web client. They actually used the Web client to test out new features of their new platform like the new search etc. However, it took quite a long time for me to switch to the new version because they remove features from the old version that I needed. But for quite some time now I can use the n
  11. I always used the search syntax of Evernote. Over time Evernote several times changed the way to use client features for search and these features in most cases did not provide the full power of the syntax. I didn't bother with these. I learned the search syntax once more than 10 years ago and use it ever since. But one statement you made is true. "stack:" is not documented and it was not in 2012 when I put the syntax in a note which I just now checked. I am using "stack:" frequently but I cannot remember when I discovered it. Anyway, I would recommend learning the syntax. It is not too compli
  12. Yes, Joplin is interesting. I tried it using WebDAV sync on my Synology NAS. But I found a number of problems which at this moment are showstoppers. The Evernote import does not recreate internal note links. These links are still pointing to notes in the Evernote database. I would have to re-create all internal links which is impossible. I had serious problems with syncing. All attachments in the imported notes had conflicts and many notes could not be synced at all. And since I am using my notes on different devices this is important for me. But this could be due to the installati
  13. Well, because the different clients always used different convenience methods for using tags in searches I never used them. Instead, I am always using the pure search syntax like "notebook:Projects tag:Project1 -tag:completed" etc. In that way I am not relying on another way a client supports for tag handling. I just had to learn the syntax once about 10 years ago.
  14. I totally agree. Whenever somebody complained about the lack of nested notebooks for organizing notes the answer was: tags should be used for organization purposes and I liked the idea because tags are closer to the way our brain works. Therefore, my workflow is completely dependent on tags and works very well. If this workflow were destroyed this would be the end of Evernote for me.
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