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  1. Yes, that is definitely new behavior in Firefox since a few days and I hate it!
  2. I once had a similar issue. I added a picture to a note on my Mac and did not see it some time later. Then I realized that I actually added a link to a picture and not a copy of it. Could this be somehow the reason for your problem?
  3. I think that this is not exactly possible. However, the search syntax allows you to search for all notes containing one or more checkboxes: todo:* for all notes containing unchecked checkboxes: todo:false for all notes containing checked checkboxes: todo:true
  4. Hi, Unfortunately, I am not allowed to install the newest Chrome version on my computer at work. I tried the new interface on the installed Firefox (Version 61) and experienced the same problem. However, I could install the newest Firefox on my computer without root privileges and in version 71.0.1 tags with a special character as first character work! That means it is somehow related to previous browser versions. I am now happy again and can continue using my work flow. Thanks for the latest hint! Regards from Bremen in Germany Bernd
  5. OK, I‘ll try this on Monday but I am not sure whether I have the authority to change my system at work. I shall report back on Monday. Thank you and have a good weekend.
  6. Thanks for trying to find the reason for my problem! It is related to my environment at work. I now tested it on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on my Mac (actually I was surprised that Firefox now works with the new Web interface). In all three browsers it works but not in Chrome under Redhat Enterprise 7.5 at work as mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, at work I am relying on the Web interface due to the lack of a client for Linux. The problem is not really related to search. The upgrade to the new search feature (which is awesome by the way) was just a coincidence. Something else must have been changed. When I use the new search e.g. using 'tag:.caas' which searches for all notes of a certain project I see the correct tag appearing in the search box. But when I press enter or click on the found tag I get the error message I described. The same happens when I click on such a tag in the tags window. My workflow is really simple. I work for a number of different projects and I keep track of my work on these projects with Evernote. All notes for a project carry a special tag starting with a '.<project>'. Notes for issues which need to be worked on additionally carry the tag '.<project>-open'. This easily allows me to show all notes belonging to a project or all notes which need work. When I finish the work on a note/issue I just remove the tag '.<project>-open' and keep the tag '.<project>'. But for the problem this is irrelevant. All tags starting with a special character result in the described problem. It would be a lot of work to change all the tag names to ones without special characters, and I am also reluctant to change it because I like this way organizing my notes. I also tried switching languages used by my browser and by Evernote without success. Can I provide additional information e.g. using Web developer tools of browsers etc.?
  7. Hi, Thank you for the quick answer. The new search was just activated for me yesterday and the described problem just appeared with this update. And I now think it is not the search but the problem is related to the tags with special characters. I use a dot for project-related, '@' for location-related and '#' for people-related tags. When I now search for such a tag or select such a tag in the tags window I get an error message. I took three screen shots. The first shows that I am actually in the classic editor version so this doesn't help. The next shows some of my tags starting with a dot. I tested all tags I use with three different special characters which are as mentioned above '.', '@', and '#'. When I now click on such a tag I get the following error message: When I then click on 'Reload Page' I see all notes and not only the ones carrying the selected tag. My system is Redhat Enterprise 7.5 and Google Chrome 54.0.2840 (64-bit). My locale is en_US.UTF-8.
  8. Searching for notes with tags starting with special characters like #,@,. is completely broken. It is also not possible to go back to the non-beta version of the Web-Interface beause the new search is active for this version as well. The Web-Interface is now almost useless for me because it totally breaks my workflow.
  9. It works for me (same Mac OS and Firefox versions). My guess is that it is related to one of your add-ons. Deactivate them one by one and test the clipper.
  10. Code block doesn't work for me. I entered ``` on an empty line before and/or after some text but it is not convertred into a code block. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Well, an empty list looks the same blurry or not. I think it's obvious. Focus on the snippet list and you will see what I mean.
  12. It is blurry on purpose but you are right I could have added some explanation. What can clearly be seen in the video is that the list of notes becomes empty when it is scrolled down or up. If it is scrolled just a little bit the content becomes visible again when clicking into the list but when scrolling a larger distance it stays empty. But when clicking into the empty list, the visible note in the note window on the right side is switched. It seems to be an update problem of the note list.
  13. Yes, this is annoying. Evernote please fix it for the next version. Here is a video showing the problem. https://youtu.be/69LCBH9CQLE
  14. Yes, I see this as well. Aditionally, the editor part on the right jumps so that I do not see the cursor any more and I have to do the editing without seeing it or I have to stop after each single delete, close the keyboard and scroll to the cursor again.
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