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  1. The problem is still not solved. Very often links don't work, especially when selecting links in notes that are opened in a new window or notes from a search result. Very often these links do not open the corresponding note but either the home screen, another note or nothing.
  2. Well, as I mentioned in my last post, it does not work for me. I'll try it with more PDFs.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I have set my languages to German and English. These are the only ones I am using. AI search is still very unsuccessful. For example, I asked how a certain feature of my camera works. Result: No note contains information about this feature. However, when I ask in which chapter of the manual of my camera I can find an information about the feature, it tells me the correct chapter. When I then ask how this feature in chapter xxx of the manual of my camera works, it answers correctly. That is strange and makes the search pretty much useless. As far as the search in more than one PDF in a note is concerned, it finds notes which contains the information in one of the PDFs. But when I use the search within the note, it shows no result when I display the PDFs as title only. If I display them as one page or showing all pages, it shows the number of occurrences without any indication in which note, and it does not jump to the occurrences in the note. The only way is to open the PDFs one by one in the Mac preview app and search for the text outside Evernote. This happens with scanned PDFs as well as PDFs containing an OCR text layer and therefore its own index. So for me, Evernote search is terrible.
  4. I have the same problem. I use Evernote 10 for a very long time. I am on the personal plan, which contains search in PDFs and other document types. AI search tells me that it cannot find an information in my notes if this information is in a PDF, e.g. a user manual. The standard search sometimes finds notes with PDFs that contain the information, but if the note contains more than one PDF, there is no clue in which PDF the information is. Very often it also shows notes which don't contain the information at all. All in all, Evernote search in Evernote 10 is very unreliable. Therefore, I more frequently use tags to find specific information.
  5. The situation healed itself after some time. I think it was related to a change of the Evernote database which is currently under way. So be patient. I hope you will make the same experience.
  6. I encountered some serious problems with the new update this morning. Here some of my problems: Some notes need several minutes to load Adding PDF attachments results in 'unknown attachment' and the PDF is lost Renaming PDF attachments does not always work Some notes cannot be edited. Dublicating the note and trashing the old one is a workaround, but then links to that note have to be re-created, annoying. When clicking some links, Evernote jumps to the home-screen but not the linked note I hope by the update the database has not been corrupted and it is just a client issue. 10.62.2-mac-ddl-public (20230919180646) Mac Ventura 13.5.2 (22G91)
  7. Thank you, that was the hint I needed. The setting in Apple Mail was wrong. Now it works!
  8. When I enter an e-mail address (e.g. someone@somewhere.com) into a note I get a mailto-link (mailto:someone@somewhere.com). So far, so good. However, when clicking on the link, nothing happens. I expected my mail program to open, but it doesn't. Any idea? Do I need to define my mail programme somewhere? I couldn't find anything in the programme settings.
  9. I completely deleted Evernote from my Mac, but this did not help. All my notes containing reoccurring tasks change their "Last Updated" date every few minutes and always appear on top of the notes list when sorting for 'Last Updated'. This is annoying.
  10. This morning, another update arrived and fixed the problem for me. Great!
  11. I think the new version now is somehow much slower. I now can open my account in the web client, but it sometimes takes more than 10 minutes to open. I have a very fast internet connection. When using the Mac client it opens fast now, but it uses a local copy. When I change notes, it sometimes can also take more than a minute to show the content of the note. That is really annoying and slows down my workflow drastically. I hope that will get better soon. I have around 3000 notes and I never had such problems.
  12. I am using the new editor for a very long time and I never had any problem. But now I only see the spinning wheel when trying to log into my account using Chrome and Safari. I think I need to contact the support next week.
  13. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I cannot open my database in the web client. The wheel spins forever as in the Mac client. I will need to contact the support. I will do this next week.
  14. Unfortunately, I have the same problem in the Web-Interface. I think the new update destroyed my database. I will try to contact the support. It would be a catastrophe if my data is permanently destroyed.
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