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  1. "Requirements" is a relative term. My advice: get over it.
  2. Wow, been away from these discussions for quite some time, only to hear that I've missed out on all of the frustration. So Evernote remains a now minor part of my productivity toolbox. They still do offer certain bits and bobs that I can't find elsewhere... so I'll continue to use it once in a blue moon for the incredibly useful databases I created therein.
  3. Can anyone think of a way to append the same identical thumbnail image to a selection of notes? With one action. A lot to ask, I know. It's a weird workflow for sure... so any workaround would be great... no matter how convoluted ?
  4. Actually... my bad... I just did an update to my Windows client... and the bug/ unexpected behavior has been sorted out. Hi ho, hi ho... it's [back] to work we go :-)
  5. I've long-since used import folders to batch drop text (.txt) files into a specific notebook... and the titles of the text files themselves would always become the titles of individual Evernote notes. This was/ is super handy! ... But now this no longer happens. Instead, the first line of the text files' content is used for the notes' titles. I hope I'm just overlooking something and that there's an option to change this behavior. Please tell me it's true! Thanks all!
  6. Thanks @DTLow and @ruudhein. Will give it a shot... It's for a friend. @ruudhein, fancy running into you here ... Frank Degenaar here :-)
  7. The 3rd generation iPad only updates to iOS 9.3.5 – and the current client in the Apple Store requires an update to at least 10.3 to install. Any workarounds via iTunes (or anything else) to upload an older version of Evernote?
  8. https://techcrunch.com/2016/09/13/evernote/ I'm surprised by the sheer number of ignorant comments on this thread - based on a lack of... research.
  9. Finally I can connect a face to the name :-) (re: your new avatar/ icon thingy)!
  10. Evernote shows your own related notes... and other news sources. They don't prompt you to buy stuff. Also, all of this can be turned off. Re: your relationship metaphor... In any relationship, I'd hope that one would try to get to know or express some interest in the other... so maybe you should get to know Evernote a tad more... the options you have... and whether or not you're afflicted by a strange bug, the relationship would not be as hopeless as you imagine it to be.
  11. Maybe a bigger issue would be why one would need to have so many note windows open in the first place. Why not give them all a reminder... or a (temporary) tag... or put them into a specific notebook... or create a saved search for that set of notes? That way you'd be able to select your notes (and identify them) in your note list. That would be a better investment of your mental RAM than trying to keep track of multiple open notes on your desktop task bar. For instance... you could have a tag, say, @wip (work in progress)... and you could access that tag context whenever needed from multiple places. When you're done with a note, delete the tag. It could be a "real" Evernote tag... or it could even be a "text tag" in the note title.
  12. Keep your eyes and ears open for an upcoming 3rd-party Evernote App called Crusoe. Its note-linking/ preview capabilities might just be up your alley.
  13. An incredibly short-sighted and one-sided OP. Don't forget the part about the new CTO being charged with building Evernote's new backbone... or the part about Mr. Kundu being responsible for 5 billion daily messages for Yahoo. the focus on GoDaddy is irrelevant here. Talk about selective reading of an article that presents quite an impressive repertoire.
  14. There's been an increase in features across the board - Particularly if you're a Windows desktop user. Mac is in tow. You're probably sitting on features you don't know are there...
  15. OK... that's admittedly a hard one to swallow. I hope you're not speaking from experience
  16. @Lazza, how about your posting multiple posts showing others how to hack the system and get cheaper rates by subscribing via a different region? Is that respectfully disagreeing... or are you *trying to* selectively defend your so-called respect?
  17. And using STFU is respectfully disagreeing? ... And multiple posts with hacks for people to get Mexican subscription prices is respectfully disagreeing with Evernote? Might they not charge what they please and not have others undermine their decisions, while you pat yourself on the back for it?
  18. So Evernote is in bed with who? A more logical analogy might be not wanting to put up with an increasingly higher high-maintenance spouse. But maybe you've been an overly oppressive, tight-fisted husband who won't fork out for your wife to visit (a decent) salon once in a while and make herself look pretty for you. Just maybe she wants the Brazilian blowout.
  19. I think if they haven't expressly documented changes to searchable PDFs with a downgrade from Premium to Plus, then I would not worry about it.
  20. On iOS (as least) you can sort your tag list by "Name"... or by "Count". Those tags at the bottom of the list sorted by Count will be unused, if there are any. As I tap on each of those at the bottom of my list, it shows that there are no associated notes. It says, "No notes found". You can hit the "Edit" button top right in your tag list and delete those tags one by one. Just be sure you're not deleting tags that are "placeholder" parent tags in your desktop/ Android tag hierarchy. Also, when sorted by "Count", interestingly they are also sorted alphanumerically. So a strategy for demarcating all unused tags on iOS would be to create a tag without any associated notes that you know will absolutely sort first - maybe "!1A"... and you know that all of the tags below that have zero notes assigned (while sorting by Count!).
  21. Or maybe it's not the most obviously accessible. +1's anywhere in the forum count... and it was once rumored that Evernote employees read through all posts. So either way. this is no secret.
  22. Where you missed the mark from the get go is that regardless of the "Guru" status, I'm a human being, just like you... and a paying Evernote customer... just like you... and unlike you, I actually try to contribute positively... as opposed to making fantastically void comments. Go ahead and request all you want. Knock yourself out. What you're requesting is awesome... but kicking things off with, "Wow... in other words...". is your melodramatic 5 cents that's going to twist Evernote's arm?... and you ridicule others for making an effort? A fine human being you are to have a comeback after such a crappy start. On a lighter note, @cornell2... here is some extremely good news re: find and replace across multiple notes in Evernote. Some exciting stuff in the pipeline: http://bit.ly/18gECvy
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