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  2. Have you tried to downgrade again to the regular version ?
  3. This is all grand but what e-mail address should I use? The option to submit a ticket is not available in 8.9 either.
  4. Downgrade would be possible for example if you were already on a beta version. When you are logged in, go to the settings, account overview (or however it is called in English): There was an issue with Firefox and the web client - maybe try another browser like Chrome, Safari or Opera.
  5. So you logged into your account through a FF session - on which OS (Windows, MacOS, ...) ? Personally I use the regular clients, so not much experience with the web client. I remember there was an issue about Firefox not supporting the software that was used to program the current web interface. But I did not follow up, maybe it was resolved in the meantime. You can search the forum for threads about this. I just entered on my Mac into EN using FF, and created a test note, no problems doing so. Another option would be to use another browser, like Chrome or Safari, Opera should work as well.
  6. @IriskaHello, thanks for the heads up. Will the "automatic split" by any means influence our backup processes for the local EN database ? I am using Acronis Backup for frequent backups of the EN data folders.
  7. What does this mean, before I dive in? Thanks.
  8. Today
  9. Anything please ? This is pretty much unusable since we cannot scroll! Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the notification - currently updating... Outlook restarted / Evernote restarted / desktop icon in place... and we're back! Does anyone know if the changes to ENEX file generation have any effect on Backupery's process? (I'm also asking them!)
  11. just tried a 165 MB PDF file. It took about four minutes, but it did sync. May be something specific to your setup or the file(s)?
  12. I get scrolling on my iPad You could open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  13. Solution with this version. See https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/120059-evernotespotlight-wants-to-use-your-confidential-information-stored-in-evernote-in-your-keychain/?do=findComment&comment=540293
  14. The popup issue continues and it has been almost a month since "working on it" was uttered. Any chance we're going to see a solution sometime soon? Thank you.
  15. Sorry, I guess I was mistaken talking about web client... I'm connecting to www.evernote.com from my Firefox browser....
  16. Hello, And thank you for your answer... But how can I downgrade as I'm connecting online to www.evernote.com with my Firefox browser?
  17. This is not just trolling, per se. While the Android application isn't "crashing all the time", or at all, currently, a lot of folks -- myself included -- are experiencing a very noticeable slowdown accessing our notes, including notes that are in offline notebooks. This is a real problem that started with the last public release and continues with the most recent beta. For reference:
  18. I'm on 8.11 beta 1 and I agree - generating a log takes me to a share menu and I can select Evernote to generate a note, or email to generate an email without a 'to' address. The option is to generate a log to send to Evernote, but users need a destination address... Work around (I guess) would be to share the log to Evernote and then request support, copying the share URL of the note containing the log into the support request...?
  19. The technical support team came back to me on Friday requesting I make a video demonstrating all the issues I'm experiencing. I did as requested, and showed my inability to upload/sync large attachments (images/videos/emails etc)... actually it's mostly just sync, as the files do upload to EN-for Windows, but simply wont sync, and no errors are generated. The EN web client however says can't upload when i attempt to upload the same files. Not being a techy, I wonder if its some change in my BitDefender anti-virus or network settings, as i know I'm the only one experiencing this buggy behaviour. Still no word from tech support since Friday... so today I went the nuclear option and completely wiped EN off my system.. process i followed: Signed out and exited EN for Windows Deleted Chrome EN Clipper Extension Uninstalled EN-for-Windows using REVO Uninstaller Shut Down and rebooted PC Downloaded EN install files and ran setup Logged in and let EN rebuild my database (took 2 hours for this with 4788 notes) Result = NO CHANGE! I still can't sync any uploads/emailed-notes or attachments that are large The sync wheel of death just spins for 3-5 minutes each time I attempt a large upload, and then just return red-sync failure icon...and no error message. This is super weird/strange. Anyone have any other ideas please?
  20. Would be nice if Firefox would be supported. It is my preferred browser as well. As workarounds you can install another browser (beside FF I use several more, depending on OS and my task), or use the old version of the web client.
  21. I agree it could be easier to find. But going to the forum at least must do you some good 😉 And basically EN lives of their paying users. So they focus their effort (including support) there. If this is good marketing is another question.
  22. If you read the forum, there is currently a high number of complains about the android app, mostly „freezing“ and „slow“. From the sources this comes from I seriously doubt „trolling“. Since the Android universe is much more diverse than Apple/iOS, it is probable there will be users that are affected, and others that are not, depending on device, OS-version and other apps installed (coming from multiple sources, not only the PlayStore). Even when iOS and Android is different, there is one common denominator: Both work off the server, not like the desktops from a local database. So both rely heavily on permanent syncing. At least every time you open a note, this will be called fresh from the server (excluding the special case of offline notebook + being in flight mode).
  23. I use the Android app, there are no issues with the app at all in my experience it works well. Never observed any glitches or sync issues on it, it works as you would expect it too. Just someone trolling it seems.
  24. There's no such information on the website. Nor in the app. That's a poor design if you ask me. Related:
  25. It used to be that generating a log in-app somehow initiated a support ticket submission process. Now I only get an option to. Related:
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