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Turning an Elephant


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Fifteen months ago, Business Insider called Evernote the first dead unicorn. While some might despair at such criticism, we took it as a challenge. In a conversation with Jason Lemkin last week at SaaStr Annual, I announced that we’re cash flow positive and in control of our financial destiny as a company. From here on, our operations will be self-funding, and we’re investing in new experiences that our users have told us would help them get more done. In the last year, we’ve added our 200 millionth user, doubled the number of paying users, moved three petabytes of data to the Google Cloud Platform, redesigned our Windows app and Evernote for iPhone, and begun winning awards again. But the thing I’m most proud of is the “Notable Herd” of Evernote employees that came together to achieve those milestones.

Read more in our blog post and join us on this thread for questions.

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I agree, for me as user is nice know Evernote is financially sustainable, this means I can continue to trust my personal notes and information capture to it.

I also agree that the service is more reliable and less buggy.


But is time to get it better. For what I see in iOS and make releases there is path to this, but it should be more public - having something like User Voice. Microsoft has done this with Onenote! And Evernote as a very strong community, that could could bring a lot of value to Evernote and his community.


  1. First will allow Evernote clearly identify users needs;
  2. It will allow users be aware in what Evernote is working on.

(It don't have all the roadmap public, but at least parts. A lot of times I evaluate change for Onenote due to their features they say are working. For now just using in work "things").


To finish, working on IT I understand the difficulties of build and maintain a tool like Evernote, so Thanks and keep the good and hard work.

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1 hour ago, Urbano Freitas said:

having something like User Voice

I would love to see this. Whilst the forums are a great resource, it's not a great place for requests. It's hard to find a duplicate request or something that is highly upvoted and is being added.

Another thing I think should be done is clients with the same look. Each and every client for EN is different, and I think that's a problem. EN for Windows has a different interface and user system than for Mac, same goes for iOS and Android. If the UI is made the same across apps (within limits obviously), it will be an easier user experience. 

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Happy to see that you managed to get your financials in order and that your move to Google Cloud was successful in every way. It's a big step for sure.

I have all but stopped using Evernote because it doesn't fit my way of working with text on big screens (try make Evernote full screen on a 1440p och 2160p screen, it's impossible to use) but now and then I upload images and other files I need to save.

Sincearly hope you give us professional writers some love in the future and I will be eagerly awaiting any news regarding it. Until then — keep that elephant going strong!

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22 hours ago, raj sharma said:

How to change font color


3 hours ago, leejinhwan5517@naver.com said:

please put it back.

Instead of tacking on to an existing discussion, you will get a better response to your posts by creating a new discussion in the proper forum

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5 hours ago, leejinhwan5517@naver.com said:

I am a user of evernote on iPhone. Ui has changed to flat design and there is a missed part. When I try to read after re-edit the note, I need to have a key to hide the keyboard like before version. please put it back.

Try swiping the note down.

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32 minutes ago, Chris Guy said:

If you implemented draw anywhere with stylus like OneNote, I could ditch OneNote! OneNote is clunky at sync but best for writing

Your post isn't really germane to the topic here. You are probably better served by:

1) searching the forum for, say "stylus", or "outlook stylus" or similar, and if you find a feature request asking for what you want, add your vote to it by clicking on the "vote up" icon at the head of the topic

2) if you don't find a previous post on your issue, then create a separate post either in the platform specific (WIndows, Mac, iOS, Android) Product Feature subforum for the Evernote client that you use, or in the Feature Request forum that's for general generic Evernote feature requests here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-evernote-feature-requests/

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16 hours ago, Dantetdc said:

As a premium customer, I must say: besides turning, the elephant also needs better tables...

@DTLow is right about more specificity and better placement. But this was worthwhile just for the various images I got of an elephant setting tables, waiting on tables, eating at tables, dancing on tables.... But definitely, the tables should be improved, particularly if an elephant is going to dance on them. :)

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I am a medical student and make a huge numbers of annotation in image files for later references. So, It will be very very useful for me if evernote provides anotation of the image files, too! Especially in iPad.  I am really looking forward to it.


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On 2017-12-16 at 10:07 AM, Young501 said:

I am a medical student and make a huge numbers of annotation in image files for later references. So, It will be very very useful for me if evernote provides anotation of the image files, too! Especially in iPad.  I am really looking forward to it.


I can use Evernote to annotate image filesIMG_1989.thumb.png.1c5fe7d7b994d0b743e5ff5a6a29a719.png
My preference is to use third party products

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