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  1. mac OSX Mail plugin

    Yes I know. It’s just a shame there isn’t something free like the plug-in for Outlook
  2. Turning an Elephant

    If you implemented draw anywhere with stylus like OneNote, I could ditch OneNote! OneNote is clunky at sync but best for writing
  3. mac OSX Mail plugin

    Can you extend the discount deadline a bit? Your software looks to be just what I need; but I am away from home and away from my Mac at the moment!
  4. The lack of touch scrolling on the notes panel is indeed a pain. But this seems to be a wider issue with Windows 8.x; the same problem occurs with Outlook 2013, the contents of an email don't scroll using touch (even though the list of emails does....) ....very strange. And does anyone else have problems with the Evernote Touch App? I installed it bit it stalled after importing about 1/3 of my notes. I re-installed the app - and now it won't do anything at all!!
  5. mac OSX Mail plugin

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  6. I have a weird problem. I use search language such as "-tag:*" (which finds all my untagged notes). This used to work fine on iOS, windows, web and mac. It still works on the last 3 platforms, but doesn't work on the new iOS 7 client. Search does work. It does find simple word searches and even "tag:Andy"; but not "-tag:*" Very frustrating Chris
  7. web Evernote Web - missing saved searched

    Thanks for your help with this I think there must be something wrong with my account. I have logged out and in, refreshed used a laptop etc etc and none of the saved searches that work fine on IOS apps show up on the web. But if i set up a new saved search on the Web, this replicates fine on the iOS apps!! Bizarre. I like to crack these puzzles! But probably quicker just to redo the saved searches! Thanks again!
  8. web Evernote Web - missing saved searched

    Not on the web client they aren't - neither on Safari via iPad nor on IE or Chrome on Vista. When I last used the web client, as you say, saved searches were at the end of the drop down menu when you clicked in the search box. Or do you mean something different? Chris
  9. I use saved searches a lot. They still work fine on my IOS apps and they used to work on Evernote Web (which I have to use at work, as due to restrictions on downloading the "proper" windows client); they appeared in a drop down when the search field was clicked. However, I went into the web client today - and the saved searches have vanished (although they are all intact on IOS). Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug at the Evernore end? Thanks