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  1. Thanks for that advice PinkElephant! Is the import from JPR into Evernote automated? Or do you need to do something manually? Sorry for a stupid question
  2. What has happened to "Capture Window" & "Capture selection" from the Evernote Icon at the top of the Mac Screen? I can capture a whole screen, but not a window or section. CG
  3. Yes I know. It’s just a shame there isn’t something free like the plug-in for Outlook
  4. If you implemented draw anywhere with stylus like OneNote, I could ditch OneNote! OneNote is clunky at sync but best for writing
  5. Can you extend the discount deadline a bit? Your software looks to be just what I need; but I am away from home and away from my Mac at the moment!
  6. The lack of touch scrolling on the notes panel is indeed a pain. But this seems to be a wider issue with Windows 8.x; the same problem occurs with Outlook 2013, the contents of an email don't scroll using touch (even though the list of emails does....) ....very strange. And does anyone else have problems with the Evernote Touch App? I installed it bit it stalled after importing about 1/3 of my notes. I re-installed the app - and now it won't do anything at all!!
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