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  1. As a workaround you could use tables and place text on one side and images on the other side.
  2. +1 on @JMichaelTX. Great work on letting us know what is happening and what you guys are already aware of. This helps a lot for some of us that give support of the application to others.
  3. I have had two customers reporting this issue. One is on Mac /IOS and the other is on Windows / Web / Kindle. So I guess it is something in the back end / syncing services. They report that they place notes into shared notebooks (shared by a third party) and then after a while, the notes are moved to their default notebook. The move is not instant and the other party is not moving the notes as the default notebook is not shared. What could be happening?
  4. Hi Johnathan. Please take a look at this Support Ticket. It may have something to do with the HTML table pasting issue on 6.11


  5. Great! thanks.
  6. Hi @Johnathan Hebert. Will this be released as fix of 6.11 or will we have to wait another 6 months for the next release and fix?
  7. A lot of people asking for this feature but only 5 votes. If you wish this feature implemented please help by clicking on the upvote button above. It is not a guarantee that it will be implemented but it will definitely stand out from the other requests.
  8. Yes, but is getting fixed and I borrowed this one. I don't want to download my entire database to this one. I can live with this until Friday.
  9. I imported a note with Scannable into my default notebook. Now I want to move it to a business notebook. Is this possible via the web app. Could not find a way, the business notebooks are not listed when changing the notebook
  10. I don't have windows....was just curious.
  11. +1 on this one
  12. What is the instant sync option?
  13. Hi Everyone. Is this feature still not available? Could not find anything else about this.
  14. Hi @Austin G. Were you able to figure out what is happening with the OCR in Windows? Is there a workaround? thanks
  15. You need to allow EN to run on the background to make it responsive.