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  1. Read-Only Option for Notes

    +1 Please implement on all platforms!
  2. Business card scan - Save contacts

    I can see as a GREAT upgrade: include the ability to save and EXISTING contact to your contacts, not just when you are creating one. This feature exists on the Mac Desktop app. Since the data is already separated in their corresponding fields, and they already have the code to save the info to contacts, it does not seem hard to implement this on the IOS and Android.
  3. Turning an Elephant

    I use mac preview for all anotations. The Evernote annotation tool is still missing a lot of features, some basic ones such as strikethrough.
  4. Business card scan - Save contacts

    I use Scannable to import business contacts. After the scan, it asks me if I want to save the contact on my iPhone.
  5. This issue is common after the upgrade to 6.12 and 6.13. You need to rebuild your search index as @DTLow mentioned. Immediatelly after you start the rebuild you will see some results coming back again, but the entire process could take a while, depending on the size of your database. Important to have in mind that Evernote will not display a message when it completes rebuilding the database. The only way to know if it finishes is to use the activity monitor and see when the evernote process returns to normal CPU usage.
  6. Evernote for Mac 6.13 GA

    Since version 6.12 with the separation of business and personal accounts, I can't arrange my tags in stacks anymore. The new Tag menu is grayed out. T
  7. Evernote for Mac 6.13 GA

    Yes, the new tables are great looking. But they leave a huge gap on the top and the botton. Before this new feature, I used a single cell table as a title, like when you merge notes. But now it looks horribly, with a huge empty space after the title.
  8. Default notebooks in Evernote Business

    Now that we have a default business notebook, we need a Evernote business email in order to mail things to Evernote business directly.
  9. Please please PLEASE support selectively sync notebooks!

    Hi Nemi. DTLow is not an employee of Evernote. Employees are marked "EMPLOYEE" under their names.
  10. older versions:
  11. Read-Only Option for Notes

    +1 I would also like to see some sort of protection for an encrypted block. It is very easy to delete the block accidentally. And if you are not premium with access to Note history, you are in trouble.

    +1 on this feature. This could be an option when Sharing the notebook.
  13. Sharing Stacks in EN Business

    Hi all. After the latest Mac update, all my tags were removed from my tag structure and I'm not able to create a new one anymore. On the personal notes all is well. The old trag structure is there. But when I switch to business, there is not "stacking" of tags anymore. I noticed that the New Tag option is also disabled from the Menu. Is this a new feature or a bug?
  14. Hope they "fix" the shortcut to understand the new IOS dash.