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  1. Eduardo Estefano

    Tag Improvements for Evernote Business

    The more my team uses Evernote Business, the more we are using Tags. The ability to organize tags will be a great improvement at this time. Please let us stack tags!
  2. Eduardo Estefano

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 GA

    Excellent work! Several of the hard bugs squashed!
  3. Thank you @Mark Miller for the info!
  4. Eduardo Estefano

    How do I add code blocks

    I can confirm that the code block works normally on the new web application. It is already available for business accounts. So I guess it should be ready for personal accounts very soon. This should fix a lot of problems people are facing with Chrome lately.
  5. Eduardo Estefano

    Why are bullet points / numbered lists suddenly completely broken?

    This may have something to do with this post, on how "webkit based browsers" broke recently and they had to revert to an earlier version. He also mentions the new web application will be released soon so they are not focusing on fixing this things, but instead they are focusing on releasing the new web application. ,
  6. Eduardo Estefano

    color coding ⭕Color coding notes, please

    You can also use EMOJI.
  7. I saw this behavior when moving my personal notes to my business account. The note is actually copied to the business account and the original note goes to my trash notebook. My understanding is that the business account was stored in some different database. But now I noticed this also happens when moving a note from my personal account to a notebook that was shared with me by my wife. Is this the normal and expected behavior?
  8. Eduardo Estefano

    Evernote for iOS 8.12 Released

    Uninstalled and reinstalled and that fixed this issue.
  9. Eduardo Estefano

    Evernote for iOS 8.12 Released

    If you tap All Notes and try to search nothing is found. If you select a notebook it works.
  10. Eduardo Estefano

    chrome Clipper support in Google Inbox?

    Only 9 votes for this feature. Please come back and vote!
  11. Eduardo Estefano

    chrome Clipper support in Google Inbox?

    +1 on this feature. Being able to clip directly from Google Inbox would be great!
  12. Eduardo Estefano

    Business Card Response Email

    I like this. Could be an option to send your current location.
  13. Eduardo Estefano

    Evernote for iOS 8.12 Released

    The scrolling system is excellent! Great job!
  14. Eduardo Estefano

    Is It Possible To Export All Notes At Once For Complete Backup?

    Excelent! Thanks!!