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  1. Selective sync did not make into production on the windows app?
  2. +1
  3. Awsome! That solves the storage issue.
  4. This is true DTLow. But, most likely, the decision maker in the company will have access to all notebooks. At least this is the case on my company. But luckly we are just 6 users and we don't have lots of images in our workflows. There is always a workaround: Create an "Archive" notebook and after you are done with a project, move the project to the Archive. And if you need to keep track of permission access to notebooks, create an Archive notebook for each Real Notebook. But.....would be much easier to control what is downloaded to your laptop with a native functionality (selective sync, archive, or something else)
  5. Voted. We need this ASAP. Imagine how much space Evernote takes from Business users. 10GB max per user, multiplied by 50 users = 50GB possible data added per month. For a standard 256GB SSD, this means you will need to uninstall Evernote from your laptop in about 3-4 months. Evernote will not prosper in the Business environment with this kind of imitation.
  6. This is crucial for business users. Imagine a company with hundreds of employees adding data to Evernote every day. And ALL this data needs to fit into your laptop.
  7. Hi. Are the new table features also available to tables created prior to this release?
  8. Excelent news!
  9. mac

    +1 to fix this
  10. mac

    People, please vote for the feature request using the voting buttons
  11. $124,95 for PDF Pro. I will wait a little longer.
  12. As a workaround you could use tables and place text on one side and images on the other side.
  13. +1 on @JMichaelTX. Great work on letting us know what is happening and what you guys are already aware of. This helps a lot for some of us that give support of the application to others.
  14. I have had two customers reporting this issue. One is on Mac /IOS and the other is on Windows / Web / Kindle. So I guess it is something in the back end / syncing services. They report that they place notes into shared notebooks (shared by a third party) and then after a while, the notes are moved to their default notebook. The move is not instant and the other party is not moving the notes as the default notebook is not shared. What could be happening?
  15. Hi Johnathan. Please take a look at this Support Ticket. It may have something to do with the HTML table pasting issue on 6.11