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  1. It is finally fixed! The notebook search is back is case sensitive. "documents" will not find the notebook "Documents". Please fix.

    this would be extremely productive
  3. I would like to be able to have a notebook be in more than one space at the same time.
  4. Some suggestions for the Pinned Notes area.

    Yes, drag and drop please!
  5. Please fix this. Please give us a statement of what is going on.
  6. Warning when Moving Notes to Shared Notebook

    People please vote on the feature. Only 7 votes so far.
  7. Evernote for Mac 7.1 GA

    I like the focus on fixing bugs. Keep it up!
  8. windows EN5: Can't nest tags from shared notebooks?

    This is something that must really be a pain for windows users. If you share many notebooks, you end up with a very messy tag structure, where some tags are nicely organized and other are all over the place. Hope this is fixed soon.
  9. windows EN5: Can't nest tags from shared notebooks?

    Bump. Is this issue resolved on Windows? On my Mac I'm able to nest shared tags.
  10. Warning when Moving Notes to Shared Notebook

    Perhaps because I have two accounts: business and personal. The warning is on my personal notes. I just noticed that the text is in English and my installation is in Portuguese.
  11. Evernote for iOS 8.9 Released

    Warning! You are opening Evernote. Warning! You deleted a word Warning! You now typed another word
  12. Warning when Moving Notes to Shared Notebook

    But the warning is on regular account! I have most of my notebooks shared with the wife. 9 out of 10 notes that move from .inbox to a folder I get the warning. Perhaps they should limit the functionality to Business accounts that are using the SPACES feature. It is not available to Everyone. I think you have to opt in at this time.
  13. On my workflows "metadata update date" would solve it, excluding of course "last synchronized date".
  14. Feature Request - Tag updated date field

    I think the current updated date should be kept. The date that the content was changed is more important than the date the metadata was changed. My request is to add another metadata field that would save the date that tags were changed (added or removed), and add this as a search possibility.
  15. In the current system, the updated date field will only get updated with the current date if you change the contents of the note. I think it would be helpful to have another field that would keep track of the date that tags were either added, removed to a note. This would allow us to search for notes based on a tag structure. For example, if someone tags a note "approved" but does not change the contents, one could find all notes that were approved in a specific date. This would also solve the problem when we accidentally remove a tag from a group of notes. Right now there is no way to fix this, except by going through ALL of your notes one by one to see if the note deserves the tag.