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  1. In my opinion, Evernote is still by far the best note taking application out there. I use dropbox too and I think dropbox as a file management system, not a note taking app. And vice versa, Evernote is not a file management app. Dropbox has come out with dropbox paper. I did try it but it is years behind Evernote (although they have a really nice task assignment functionality that I think Evernote could copy). Out of topic now, but I do wish that they would integrate Dropbox with Evernote but go further and display the docs inline. Also, it would be nice to have an integration for Slack, simple way to paste a note inside Slack without having to create a public link.
  2. Hi all. This is a post to the Evernote Staff, or if someone has some inside info... Are you guys aware of the Chrome bug, where the notebook list disappears when you scroll the notes? Is there a fix coming up soon? Thank you!
  3. +1 on this
  4. Hope it comes back soon along with the business card improvements.
  5. Anyone knows how will the feature mentioned in the release notes work? Will this replace the alphabet menu? Note list scrubber - ability to quickly move through long note lists
  6. I reindexed my database and it appears as it is a little better. I did the same test and the PDFs load a lot faster now.
  7. Hi Everyone. Using Evernote on Mac Sierra, latest stable release, completely Synched. When I click on a Note (on the left side navigation panel) that has a inline PDF attached, it takes a few seconds for the PDF to load. After it loads, if I click another few notes, when I click back on this note with the PDF, sometimes it loads instantaneously, sometimes it takes another few seconds to load. This is happening to other people as well. It feels like Evernote is reaching to the Internet and there is a lag, but this happens even when I disable the Internet connection. Any suggestions?
  8. One user complained about this and I read somewhere that searches made in shared notebooks (by others) were not working properly on IOS.
  9. You should give it a try. Tag the lyrics you will use with "Collection A". Then you can tap the tag icon next to the search bar and select it. Evernote will display only the lyrics for the concert.
  10. What about searching and n shared notebook?
  11. Hi all. Was trying to help out a fellow Evernote user with no success. Did anyone ever see this: - User can open shared business notebooks on his Mac and on the web - User can't open these shared business notebooks on a Samsung phone. - All personal notebooks are synched correctly - Some business notebooks are synched correctly Tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling. No success.
  12. What is the minimum IOS version required?
  13. I also use the "inbox" concept for generating notes and then filling it later on the Business Notebook. Please create the option to show all notebooks when moving a note.
  14. Not yet. Had to sign a few PDFs today. As there is no way to anotate a PDF with a saved signature, like in Preview, had to open in preview. But after anotated, had to save a copy, delete and reattach the PDF. Not very productive.
  15. Two year old bug. Soon my son will inherit it.