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  1. Sharing Stacks in EN Business

    Hi all. After the latest Mac update, all my tags were removed from my tag structure and I'm not able to create a new one anymore. On the personal notes all is well. The old trag structure is there. But when I switch to business, there is not "stacking" of tags anymore. I noticed that the New Tag option is also disabled from the Menu. Is this a new feature or a bug?
  2. Hope they "fix" the shortcut to understand the new IOS dash.
  3. I have just tried this on the iPhone and it is working. IOS 10 however, not sure if this is broken on IOS 11.
  4. Locations of Notes desplayed on Map

    Will Atlas ever come back?
  5. How do I access atlas view?

    Anyone know of an external service to be used to see notes in a map?
  6. mac Typing at the bottom of a note

    +1 for this to be implemented. Allow scrolling up and type at the top of the page displayed, like in Word.
  7. teaching How Do You Unlock A Shared Note in Real-Time?

    I'm trying to investigate a scenario when one note ALWAYS goes to a specific person, independent if someone else is working on it or not. Only happens to a specific note.
  8. Promote Saved Searches to first class citizen in Evernote

    Just wondering if there are any plans to improve the saved searches BUG on the Mac: - No scroll possible. If you create more saved searches than you can see on your screen you are out of luck Also, would be nice to improve just a little on how to create/save/edit saved searches. It is cumbersome the way it works today.
  9. Evernote for Mac 6.12 GA

    Same here. UN-productivity #1: I send a lot of stuff to my Inbox notebook (private default). then to send this to business now takes more steps. UN-productivity #2: I have a lot of personal notes / notebooks that I use WHILE working. Some are references that I use at work. I find myself having to search in BOTH accounts in order to find a especific information. It would be great UN-productivity #3: My Inbox notebook is where I keep "pending" items, that I need to work on. I have it on my favorites. Now if I'm on a business notebook, I need to switch back to the personal in order to get to Inbox. Could the Default notebook be available in both accounts? There is a default business notebook setting but i'm not sure what it is for.
  10. Evernote for Mac 6.12 GA

    Bug Report: When typing inside the Business Card fields, the cursor keeps jumping to the beginning of the line. For example, if your have "John" in the name field and you click after "n" and start typing, the cursor will jump to before "J" when you start typing. You need to click and immediately start typing in order to be able to get the text to stay after "John". If you wait a couple of seconds the cursor will jump.
  11. Evernote for Mac 6.12 GA

    The new version separated my Business and Personal notes. All ok on the personal side. Now, on the business side, my tag structure was completely removed (all tags are now on the same level). Is this supposed to happen? Do we now have to maintain two separate structures?
  12. Selective Sync

    Selective sync did not make into production on the windows app?
  13. Different Colors for Highlighter

  14. Selective Sync

    Awsome! That solves the storage issue.
  15. Please please PLEASE support selectively sync notebooks!

    This is true DTLow. But, most likely, the decision maker in the company will have access to all notebooks. At least this is the case on my company. But luckly we are just 6 users and we don't have lots of images in our workflows. There is always a workaround: Create an "Archive" notebook and after you are done with a project, move the project to the Archive. And if you need to keep track of permission access to notebooks, create an Archive notebook for each Real Notebook. But.....would be much easier to control what is downloaded to your laptop with a native functionality (selective sync, archive, or something else)