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  1. Yes this workaround would work for any note you would want to have control over the thumbnail if you have a static environment. But it is very cumbersome, especially when working in a team and when you start sharing and linking notes. If you would like to update the employee picture then it would be a pain to go through all linked and shared notes and rework everything. Not very productive for a productivity app.
  2. I have employee files as Evernote notes. It would be great to see the picture of the employee in the note instead of some random meaningless document picture. for me I think about 20% of the l pictures selected as the thumbnail make sense. The rest are meaningless.
  3. I think this feature will never get implemented unfortunately. Still using EN daily but I gave up on trying to get the right thumbnail to show. The way it works now, for some of my notebooks the thumbnail is useless as all of them show the first image it found -> my company logo
  4. The imagens are not loading for me. Is this a OS feature or is it a third party app?
  5. Thanks @Mike P I searched a lot on the web and could not find a service or client that would do this I considered scripting on the client side. However, this would be a solution for a business installation, so I didn’t want to make it dependable on any person. Now it is setup based on email groups. When an email arrives, the server runs the filters and forwards the email to a specific group. In this group I have someone’s Evernote email (the mail goes into her default notebook), a second person for backup and also my slack channel email in case both employees are not present (this also notifies of an incoming email/task). Now enters the manual part which is move the email into the correct notebook. This works, but could Be much better with a specific email for each notebook.
  6. This was implemented! Just go to your Settings and then select the Notes option. You can chose to start the note in the Title or in the Body.
  7. People, please vote for this feature. It seems like an easy fix and I think NOBODY uses long date format, makimg this shortcut USELESS. We need to get the attention of the dev team
  8. At the moment we have one general e-mail address where we can forward emails to. These e-mails will be nicely stored into the default Notebook. It is possible to add the @notebook in order to tell Evernote to store the e-mail into a specific notebook. HOWEVER....this limits this action to manually fowarding an e-mail and edit the subject line. If there was an option to assign an e-mail address to a specific notebook (like we do in Slack, assigning an e-mail for a channel) we would be able to create RULEs in our e-mail clients that would file e-mails into specific notebooks. I searched and could not find a way to automate this process. Using tools like Zapier, e-mails with attachments are not properly sent to Evernote. If anyone knows of a service that will receive an e-mail, allow us to change the subject and then redirect it to a new e-mail address please let me know.
  9. But....this feature request was here BEFORE they created the new app from Scratch. It is hard to imagine that they would build a new app (that has a thumbnail feature) and make it not technically feasible to control the thumbnail image.
  10. Evernote could at least NOT SHOW a thumbnail picture that IS NOT IN THE NOTE. If you copy a note that has a thumbnail picture already chosen by Evernote and delete the picture from the new note, EN will continue to show the old thumbnail, even if it is not in the note whatsoever.
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