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  1. Hi @Austin G. Were you able to figure out what is happening with the OCR in Windows? Is there a workaround? thanks
  2. You need to allow EN to run on the background to make it responsive.
  3. Excelent news. I just had a question about the same issue. there a timeframe for the "soon"?
  4. I have had a similar problem about a month ago. In my case I was able to see the attachment in the web app but not in the mac app. I deleted the note and recreated it with the same attachment. This time it worked fine.
  5. This is fixed on Beta 2. If you are not on beta testing you will have to wait for the 6.11 release. Hopefully available very soon.
  6. I would say Superior in the sense you can "place" a note in more than one notebook using tags.
  7. Tags are great. But I personally need notebooks in order to share groups of notes. Currently, the note sharing process is not so great. The note is only visible via workchat. A combination of notebooks and tags for me at least eliminates the need for nested notebooks.
  8. Forgot to add: Since the update date is not changed when you remove the tag, there is no way to revert the notes. You would have to scroll through all of your notes to fix this mistake.
  9. +1 for this feature or at least change the way bulk tag edit is done. Here is the problem with the current procedure. Let's say I want to change all tags "pending" with "Completed". I go to EN and filter all tags pending. The moment I delete the "pending" tag, all notes disappear and I lost the reference to the notes in order to attach the "completed" tag. If you don't remember to first add the tag and then delete the old one you will get into this situation.
  10. I can see how this would get really complex if the saved search has a text in the middle. Basically it would have to execute the saved search on the background all the time. But only for saved searches that are in your favorites, so this would reduce the impact a little. I don't know how this could be implemented in the code. Computers are getting faster and faster. They would have to measure the impact and offer as an optional display so users with slower machines could turn this off.
  11. I am against this feature. It would make the notebook structure just as messy as every folder structure I have ever come across.
  12. Hi. Check the contact page for all the contact options If you open a support ticket you will get a response very fast as well.
  13. Same here. Note displays with a big white space on Mac Desktop. The image displays in the thumbnail. When opening on the Browser the image displays correctly.
  14. It does work on Mac! I was trying with lowercase but it appears to be case sensitive. Thanks, now it makes total sense.
  15. Makes sense. But I would like to confirm how exactly this scope restricts searches in general. As far as I know there is no "stack:" operator in the search. So EN would have to have some logic behind it that would somehow limit the search scope. For example, if I have Stack A, Stack B, Stack C and 5 notebooks outside of stacks, including the Archive notebook. How does EN limit the search scope in this scenario?