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  1. There is a new editor coming? This is completely new for me. And very happy news. Where can I read more about this editor?
  2. Hi, I have a quick question and a little request. Question: Does anyone actually appreciate that Evernote doesn't use wordwrap on big screens? I attached a screenshot from a 27-inch and it's quite impossible to make any serious work without making the window smaller. I also added a screenshot of Mac-app Bear which does a better job at making things workable. Request: Make Evernote work more like Bear with a better defined wordwrap. Please? Right now, I have to use other tools to write since Evernote simply isn't a great place to write. It's a storage for things I write in Bear, Ulysses or even Word. Please make Evernote more then a big paperpress for other work. Thank you and have a nice day.
  3. Happy to see that you managed to get your financials in order and that your move to Google Cloud was successful in every way. It's a big step for sure. I have all but stopped using Evernote because it doesn't fit my way of working with text on big screens (try make Evernote full screen on a 1440p och 2160p screen, it's impossible to use) but now and then I upload images and other files I need to save. Sincearly hope you give us professional writers some love in the future and I will be eagerly awaiting any news regarding it. Until then — keep that elephant going strong!
  4. Evernote should have a setting to limit line width. It's impossible to work in full width with Evernote, where many other applications limit the line (or text width, whichever is best to say) in a nice way. This alone has made me stop writing in Evernote and instead use other software for writing, and then pasting the content in Evernote to safekeep.
  5. I to support this. Support for markdown is long over due in Evernote.
  6. Yes, that I understand. It's the most used practice in applications today. Still It should be possible to undo that particular action, so I will send a buggrequest to the developers. OneNote got a very nice way to handle embedding of images and thats to split the text where the image is placed. Even if the whole text is selected it will not be replaced but instead automaticly deselected and splitt with all text preserved. Perhaps something Evernote could learn from?
  7. So I got a little issue which I need help with. Here are the conditions: - I use Evernote (latest version) on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. - I have an open note with all text selected Then if I drag and image from a browser and try to place it somewhere in that note - all text gets removed and Evernote can't undo the imagepaste. It doesn't matter how many times I use Ctrl+Z or the menualternative for this, my text is irreversably gone and replaced by the image. Anyone else notising this issue?
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