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  1. There is a new editor coming? This is completely new for me. And very happy news. Where can I read more about this editor?
  2. Hi, I have a quick question and a little request. Question: Does anyone actually appreciate that Evernote doesn't use wordwrap on big screens? I attached a screenshot from a 27-inch and it's quite impossible to make any serious work without making the window smaller. I also added a screenshot of Mac-app Bear which does a better job at making things workable. Request: Make Evernote work more like Bear with a better defined wordwrap. Please? Right now, I have to use other tools to write since Evernote simply isn't a great place to write. It's a storage for things I write in B
  3. Happy to see that you managed to get your financials in order and that your move to Google Cloud was successful in every way. It's a big step for sure. I have all but stopped using Evernote because it doesn't fit my way of working with text on big screens (try make Evernote full screen on a 1440p och 2160p screen, it's impossible to use) but now and then I upload images and other files I need to save. Sincearly hope you give us professional writers some love in the future and I will be eagerly awaiting any news regarding it. Until then — keep that elephant going strong!
  4. I to support this. Support for markdown is long over due in Evernote.
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