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  1. @DTLow Thanks for the tips. Although this works, I do think is not a productive solution. We need something better and available in the Evernote tool itself.
  2. This is something Evernote must truly become better. Although Evernote is far superior than Onenote from collecting and organizing notes\information captured from the Internet, Onenote excels in formatting capabilities and so is much better for personal notes. Onenote allows: faster notes formatting, so we can be more productive, saving time and focusing in content capture. personal notes be more readable, since are better formatted. In my opinion, better formatting, with Styles included with Table of Contents of the note itself, will allow a true boost in Evernote to become even more appealing to existing and new users.
  3. I would also love the following possibilities: Capability of we can create our own notes templates. And when we choose the button "New Note" we could choose one the templates we created or other we choose to use from the community; The capability to use "advanced" templates like the ones Evernote have been making available. (https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2017/05/05/uncovering-templates-hidden-gem-evernote/) Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi everyone, I also agree this should be improved. In my perspective could be in 2 ways: Right-click in where we want to create note link, and should appear a contextual box, where we could make a search by title, tag, etc. and should give a set of results and we can just choose the note we want to link; Use a initiator string, like [Link] and the contextual box should appear.
  5. I agree, for me as user is nice know Evernote is financially sustainable, this means I can continue to trust my personal notes and information capture to it. I also agree that the service is more reliable and less buggy. But is time to get it better. For what I see in iOS and make releases there is path to this, but it should be more public - having something like User Voice. Microsoft has done this with Onenote! And Evernote as a very strong community, that could could bring a lot of value to Evernote and his community. Because: First will allow Evernote clearly identify users needs; It will allow users be aware in what Evernote is working on. (It don't have all the roadmap public, but at least parts. A lot of times I evaluate change for Onenote due to their features they say are working. For now just using in work "things"). To finish, working on IT I understand the difficulties of build and maintain a tool like Evernote, so Thanks and keep the good and hard work.
  6. I also really hope that Evernote fix this fast in their next versions: formatting and bookmarks, if possible in the next one. Although I'm a Pro user, I'm seeing my self using more and more Microsoft Onenote, because of these capabilities. Evernote excel in information capture. Specially in web information, but must evolve in personal notes creation and editing. Please change this quickly Evernote, to justify your value\price.
  7. Hi everyone, This "trick" works fine. But it open always the New Note in Main Evernote Window. Do You know if I can make it open in separate Window? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I agree. For me the biggest thing missing Evernote is indeed better formating capabilities, at least as it was inserted on Mac. Bookmark or Heading, it would be super! Being a Onenote and Evernote user, I must say, definetelly Evernote at this, must strecht to catch Microsoft. Come on Evernote!? Please
  9. Hi, For start, thanks for your quick feedback. I'm aware that the majority of the itens were suggested before, but since I never saw it together and for me, it make sense putting together. I also aware that Evernote have is own agenda, but since they say they read all the posts, I share it, so they think if this make any sense to them. If they don't bring what people want, they will not have clients Again, thanks for your feedback.
  10. Hi Evernote community. I came to share my Evernote main "desired" features. Do you agree this features are worth? If so share your opinion, so Evernote employees can think in include it on their roadmaps. Thanks! 1. Boomarks, Headings and Table of contents implementation I use more, and more Evernote to GTD, and in that process I tend to create long notes. So bookmarks, Headings and Table of contents are essential to quickly organize a note and jump between sections. That for me in general are: “To Do” itens, References, Logs (actions done, contacts made, etc). This something that Microsoft Onenote put Evernote apart. I use Onenote in work, and now with they have synchronization and multiple clients, I must confess I am very tempted to switch. For me this is a game changing feature. I now, we could create several notes, and put links in one major note, but for me, this only bring sprawl of notes, and mean for work to manage notes, and GTD. I like have all content, specially of a Task Note in the same note. But when notes are big, they become difficult to use without at least bookmarks. 2. Can have several Evernote “Main” Windows I tend to make several searches, or to organize multiple notebooks, so have several Main Windows in the desktop client , like we can have in Onenote would be a great. This can be done with the Web client, but sometimes we simply don’t have Internet access. 3. Template Integration I now there are techniques to get this done and even 3th party apps. But I want integrated. In particulary in Task Notes I tend to use always the same structure in notes, to Note Templates would be a great I manage do this in my work Outlook, and my productivity went up. 4. Template Integration I now there are techniques to get this done and even 3th party apps. But I want integrated. In particulary in Task Notes I tend to use always the same structure in notes, to Note Templates would be a great I manage do this in my work Outlook, and my productivity went up. 5. Rules definition I redirect a lot of emails to Evernote to archive it, but first I want tag it. When I finish a task I tag it with ".done" and move it to other notebook (archive). For now all the above tasks, must be done manually, but it would be awesome if we could create rules, that allow do this automaticly. It would be a lot of saved time. At least a Quick Steps, like in Microsoft Outlook.
  11. Just to say I'm also a big Firefox and Evernote user, so also whishing this new version came out as fast as possible. Thanks
  12. Hi Johnny, Regarding your question: The only thing I can say, is that Autohotkey is a Windows Software, and so can't be used in Mac OS*. Maybe you should work in Google and in this Forum, if there is any similar way to create headings in Evernote in the Mac OS client. Regards, Urbano * As far, as I know.
  13. I definatelly agree with your proposal. I think a vote system like the one used by Remember The Milk* would be a very good solution. Sure we can post ideas on Forums, but it’s very difficult to understand if our idea was already suggested, and vote on it. I really think a system as the above will bring good insights to users who want Evernote get better, and to Evernote Staff, measure and define future features. In example bellow we clear understand what are the more demanding features requested, and if the Remember The Milk Team intend and/or can implement it. This is a plus because we can understand the product direction and new features and decide in some cases if will continue to be our favorite application. * https://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ideas/
  14. Just to say thanks for yours quick and helpfull answers. @Qot: Regarding the bellow comment. I use a lot of scripts that would only make sense for me and they way I use Evernote, but let me know what you're looking for and I'd probably be able to make one for you. For now I can't specify in detail any need. I'm more interested and see others pratices and try to understand what can be good to me use. So I will continue searching. Thanks for all.
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