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  1. Ugh, I've just run across this problem Even putting the text into a plain text editor and then pasting back into the note gives me the first line being BOLD, a large space to the next line and then normal spacing after that. The note contains PDFs so changing the whole note to plain text doesn't work because that deletes the PDFs. I rue the day...
  2. Glad EN is doing so well, now maybe you'll have time to figure out why I keep getting corrupt (empty) notes.
  3. So this worked out really well. I only want to share certain notes from my premium account with my free account that I log into at work since I use a shared computer. Trying to limit exposure in case I were to forget to log out or something like that. My problem was using a folder that I created in the free account and moving notes into that from my normal prime account. When I make the shared folder with my premium account, Then I can populate that with work tags in the introduction note. Also, now these messages show up in search results on my phone (premium acct). Before I wasn't getting search results for notes in the shared folder. Thanks, your idea fixed a couple of issues I was having!
  4. So how to get a usable set of tags for both users?
  5. I have lots of useful tags in UNshared notebook, can't seem to use any of them in a shared notebook.
  6. Title says it all, tags are unusable in shared notebooks.
  7. Yeah, this tag issue is a problem. Can't add new tags to notes in the shared notebook. Can't add tags and then add it to the shared notebook. Tags are important and they are not working in shared notebooks. Keeping an eye for alternate solutions.
  8. Good news, there is an update to the app and it is working again.
  9. Same issue here. The evernote web site says vJournal has connected, but notes are not being uploaded.
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