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  1. WOW!! Thank You for pointing out how bad the Playstore reviews are! OF COURSE WHY WOULDN'T THEY BE!!! This app isn't going to survive with reviews like that. The overall rating is down to 3.8. I don't consider trying new apps unless they are over 4.0 and typically need to be 4.3 or 4.4. I CANNOT BELIEVE a fantastic product like Evernote was allowed to be "updated" with no project plan. When I read the CEO's view that you just let the developers go without a plan - I KNEW THAT WAS BAD NEWS. BUT I HOPED someone would come in and rescue them. Since I upgraded to Android 11, I've seen quite a few apps who have gone downhill and have been abandoned, looks like EN is going to be another one. BUT GIVING UP ON THIS APP, is going to hurt ME A LOT MORE!! : ( FYI. I have not upgraded EN on my primary Android phone, a Samsung Note 10+, either. With a Note 10+ you can now specify specific apps, you do NOT want to get updated automatically. Pull up Evernote in Playstore. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. The last option on the menu is: "Enable Auto Update". Uncheck the box beside "Enable Auto Update". It does work. I've had that setting in place for Evernote since last summer. All my apps get updated automatically except for the ones where "Enable Auto Update" is UNCHECKED.
  2. Web Clipper used to work as an ADD ON in Firefox on my PC. Or there was a third party addon that worked REALLY WELL. Why did Evernote break this??? VERY FRUSTRATING! One time I was able to clip the article but it was trash, ads were mixed in. Then the next 2 times I tried, clipper would just spin. I'm now using the ADD On, Tranquility, to format articles. Then I cut and paste.
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