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  1. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    I suggest you contact Customer Service. I did recently and had a good outcome. I had had a Premium subscription and the interface had not given me the option to downgrade to Plus. After my subscription expired, I contacted CS to see if I could get Plus. They said that I could, but that there were no guarantees that Plus would be continued in the future. At the same time, I was offered a reasonable discount on Premium, so I re-subscribed to Premium. All I care about are note saving, retrieval, adequate storage (Basic's is too paltry), and organization. I would also like more notebooks. I'm not interested in many of Evernote Premium's other features, such as showing notes in a presentation format or work collaboration. But Premium at a reduced price was justifiable for me. I hope that Evernote in time can work out a permanent tier that offers the features that people like me want at a price less than $70 a year. For now, I'm back with Evernote for another year at the Premium level and am delighted.
  2. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    My Premium subscription expired. I'm not sure I can justify the money to renew it. I mainly use Evernote for the space, of which I only consume a fraction. Many Premium features are of no use to me. I really could have used the Plus-level option.
  3. Etonreve

    Elephant Icon Behavior Peculiar

    Ever since the Chrome web clipper rebuild, the behavior of the elephant icon has changed. It wriggles back and forth while saving. It is unpleasant and distracting. If you clip frequently and observe this repeatedly it is not a minor annoyances. Please restore the original behavior.
  4. I right-clicked to copy an image and was told I needed to sign in. I had to type in my information several times before it was accepted. Then, the web clipper did not clip the image. It selected the "Full Page" option and captured only a part of the page.
  5. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    When the price increase was announced I was angry not to be offered the lower price for Premium as some other Premium users were. I went down to Basic and started using OneNote. After a few months I was offered an upgrade to Premium for 45 USD. On app, there's a date for my renewal, but it's grayed out so I can't see what the charge will be. How long do Premium users have the option to downgrade to Plus?
  6. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    I'm not overjoyed by the Premium subscription cost, but if holds steady, the program works, and Evernote is forthcoming about problems, I'll take it. Life's too short.
  7. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    I started with Basic, upgraded to Premium, but probably have had a Plus subscription at some point. Here's my feedback. I care most about: The Web Clipper. Upload capacity. I save a large amount of material. It's mainly images that take up the most space in my account. Notebooks. The notebook is the foundation of my organization system. I do make tags, but almost never use them to search and there are many times when I can't type a tag. I either don't have the time or the interface doesn't offer the option at the time of saving. I am glad that Evernote finally made it possible to create notebooks on the fly while clipping. But now I'm out of notebooks. Advanced search. Email-to-Evernote. Evernote's graphic design is pleasing. It is clean and attractive. Features that aren't important to me or areas for improvement include: I use the Reminder function, but it's not essential. I don't care about sharing notes, but there should be an easy way to tell which notes were shared and with whom. Elaborate formatting of notes is not important to me, if needed, I would use a program designed for complex formatting. I don't think it's easy or convenient to stack notebooks. A slide system is not necessary. Using the Evernote camera function to create a note is awkward. Evernote works very slowly on my Desktop, to the point sometimes of being unusable. I usually use the web or Android version. I very much wish the print feature were better.
  8. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    Sometimes this forum does have an Orwellian feel or as if one is being gaslighted. Up is down. Black is white. Poor customer service is great.
  9. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    The assessment of relevance can be subjective, but this one isn't even close. In a discussion of the elimination of a more affordable price plan, how is the existence of free alternatives offered by Evernote's competitors not relevant? And as you noted, I was reinforcing a point made by another Evernote user earlier in the thread. I'm not writing for the tiny contingent of people here who think Evernote can do no wrong, but for other customers and for Evernote itself. A company that ignores feedback from its customers is crazy. I don't think that Evernote really cares -- there have been so many instances proving that -- but hope springs eternal. (Or should I be invoking the joke about the "definition of insanity being a repetition of the same action while expecting a different result?")
  10. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    I've never known how to directly reply to a previous response in this forum without using the quote function. I, too, did not understand the person you quoted. What does ending the Plus level for future customers have to do with us? A reward for our loyalty? What?
  11. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    My remark was pertinent and it is your long-winded response that is inappropriate. I may not agree with other member's arguments, but I seldom tell them they don't have the right to speak. In the past, I used to use the Ignore or Mute function on users who in my opinion weren't contributing to the discussion. That seems to have disappeared. If I'm mistaken, please tell me where it is.
  12. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    I completely agree. Sometimes I can barely read the printouts from my Windows laptop.
  13. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    Who made you the Relevance Judge? It's quite pertinent; another member was talking about an alternative to Evernote for people who don't want to pay for a Premium account now that the Plus level is being eliminated.
  14. Etonreve

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    I have Office 365 free through an educational institution and received a ton of extra OneNote space for free upon buying an external hard drive. I've continued with Evernote because it's familiar and I have a lot of notes, but I hear that OneNote keeps improving.