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  1. In your zeal to lecture me, you apparently didn't read the previous post. It was in response to yet another person who suggested tags. Tag People: Stop suggesting tags to people who have made it clear they want more notebooks. You're wasting everyone's time.
  2. Here is chitosen's question rendered in English through Google Translate: Sorry for the rudimentary question, please let me know. I am working with Windows version Evernote free version. Now, there are several notes that are not necessary for "all notebooks", and I am trying to erase by clicking "erase note" but it will be displayed forever and can not be erased. If you move the cursor over "Delete Note", it pops up as "This note has already been erased", but in fact it has been in existence for a long time. It does not change even if you do synchronize. Since you can not move directly to "Trash", if you move to another file and do "delete" with three buttons there It will surely be deleted from the newly moved file. However, from the original "all notebooks" it will not be erased, copies will be created automatically. Now I am using the free version, so I am worried that the capacity will be insufficient. Because it is used for work, all notes are shared with clients. Is it because of that? It is told that it is invisible from the client side. Could you tell me how to delete / delete unnecessary notes that are "shared"? Thank you.
  3. I have to create tags for projects that ordinarily would have received notebooks. I DO NOT LIKE TAGS as my primary unit of organization. I'm not interested in decommissioning my existing notebooks. This is a simple problem with a simple answer that is within Evernote's ability to solve and people have been asking for it for years.
  4. Etonreve

    Evernote death spiral

    They rarely comment on anything of importance to users. Example: the rebuild of a few months ago that still is not functioning at 100%. All kinds of rumors floated here, such as the rebuild having been in response to Google Chrome. Nothing was clarified.
  5. I especially don't understand it because the people who want more notebooks aren't taking anything away from the people who prefer tags. Evernote Business permits thousands of notebooks so it's not like it's impossible to add the feature to the personal versions Evernote. If you're like me and have run out of notebooks, not being able to create new ones is a PITA.
  6. Etonreve

    Evernote death spiral

    "Some people" haven't left Evernote, four key executives have. Evernote confirmed it, so how is that "thinly sourced"? Such departures from any company would be newsworthy. When do you think the CEO publicly admits that his or her company is in a death spiral? Never. There are all kinds of practical business and legal reasons why one wouldn't, including attempting to protect the value investors have put into the company. Having said this, I hope that Evernote's problems aren't dire.
  7. I have a new project and because I have used all my notebooks I have to assign my notes to a notebook that is too broad and add tags. I HATE IT.
  8. It's a little late for that for me. It is extremely easy to create duplicate tags.
  9. Etonreve

    Evernote death spiral

    I hope Evernote reconsiders.
  10. Etonreve

    Evernote death spiral

    The exit of so many key executives does not bode well. I am happy that the price of Premium has been rolled back to $42. $70 was ridiculous. I say this as I continue to be unable to use Evernote on my brand new laptop. Fatal Error.
  11. Etonreve

    Evernote death spiral

    "...Evernote confirmed the departure of each executive to TechCrunch..."
  12. Etonreve

    Customize notebook covers

    Colors for notebooks is a great idea. Given that increasing the number of notebooks seems to be such a big deal, it never even occurred to me. On Google Drive, I color-coordinate all important folders. My critical folders are always red. When I no longer have a need for them I change the color.
  13. Etonreve

    An Evergreen Issue with Evernote

    EN for Windows always froze (the techs use the term "hang up") and I could never use it. I had to open the web version. Now that I have a new computer I thought the Desktop version would finally work. But it hangs up, and a lot of the time I can't open it at all. It also has synced less than 1/3 of my notes in three or four weeks. The Customer Service person I spoke to was pleasant (they always are); maybe this time they'll come with a solution but I'm wary.
  14. Etonreve

    An Evergreen Issue with Evernote

    Windows 10.