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  1. Another user here who wants this functionality please.
  2. @Shane D. Thanks for picking this up. The behaviour (ie, no sign of any icon) in both Chrome and Edge on my Windows 10 Pro Version 1809. Attached images are for Edge and Chrome, showing the mail page and the Settings-Adding page. When viewing an email the options shown are the normal ones (image not uploaded by I can if you want).
  3. From the number of comments on the Add-on page there is clearly a problem for some users. I am one! The add-on appeared to install, and is listed in the Gmail-Settings-Addons page, but there is no icon showing on the mail page(s). I have followed one comment suggestion that I close and restart the browser, but still no change. I would think it was just me, but there does appear to be a systemic problem.
  4. I am still having this problem, a year since the last note in this thread. Despite the previous observation by SevenBikeGuy, I see that the Release Notes for version 8.3 still contain essentially the same "fix", with the comment: "Fixed an issue where content in offline notebooks would not download". Hmmm. Still not downloading for me.
  5. Thanks for this, jbenson2. That is really helpful. I am still searching for a way to (a) find who I shared a notebook with and (b) how to stop sharing a notebook. To gazumped: I have notebooks that have the icon to say they are shared, but when I use Modify Sharing on the notebook, no email addresses show up. So any suggestions about how to answer my questions above pls?
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