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  1. Thanks, here is the ticket info. 3211801 is the number. Rick
  2. But in the summary it shows 0 pending. I need to make changes to this user, however there is no checkbox so I can use actions. Anyone know how to fix this per chance? I have submitted a ticket to support, however it states it may be 10 days before they get back to me. TIA Rick
  3. All I get using this method is: "click to show all notebooks" Any other way to get notebook and note count? Version
  4. Such a shame to have to go to such GREAT lengths to get something that has been requested for so verrrrrrry long! Rick
  5. I believe that is correct. It will place it in the default notebook and you will have to move it, but it would contain the things you need. Rick
  6. You could also put the @notebook name in your signature, and use that signature when you want to send email to evernote. Create rule that looks for this in the body. Hope this helps.l Have a GREAT day! Rick
  7. Just thought I might add to my much earlier response. We put into the subject line @orders email which is one of my notebooks Then we use a rule in outlook, that automatically forwards any email sent with this in the subject line. We then get all the information from the email into the note. We then, copy or merge or move the note where it needs to be. You could do this with any notebook in your account and set separate rules for different notebooks if necessary. Hope this helps someone. Have a GREAT day! Rick
  8. I have started a new topic in Product Ideas. If you would like to have sort as a feature, go to the link and vote in the upper left hand area. There is an up or down arrow to cast your vote. Have a GREAT day! Rick
  9. There used to be a vote at the top that you think this is important. I do not see it here. Is that no longer available in the forums?
  10. Now, if I only used the web and Firefox this would be great! Better Evernote would actually listen to customers and allow us to customize.
  11. We just began to automate emailing into evernote. Before we would save them via the outlook addin. The addin included the header. Emailing into evernote does not. Anyone know a way to include the header when emailing a note into evernote? Or maybe just including today's date in the subject line? Rick
  12. I own a marketing company, so we know how to manipulate graphics, that in my mind is not the issue. What a pain to move out of a program into another and back out again, when most programs today allow you to resize the graphic without work arounds.
  13. There are probably few features that would be considered critical enough to stop using evernote, except maybe syncing and lost data. All other features will add up to either continuing to use the program in spite of the issues, or not using the program because of the issues. It is more of a cumulative effect than a single effect. Most likely true of windows users, of course there would be exceptions for people that tried to use evernote for a specific purpose for which it does not work. This is critical to my not using certain features, I will not use the doc feature, will not use to take pictures of products to be printed later, will not take pics of serial and model number plates to keep in evernote.
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