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  1. Thanks for the videos! I would like to have the reminder function also in the new Evernote Web. First steps are already implemented ...
  2. Same issue here, Android 8.1, Evernote 8.5.1 BTW, what happened with the "Edit" function?
  3. Following keyboard shortcut works for me to attach .txt files to my notes: Strg + Shift + "Drag&Drop .txt file"
  4. Appreciate bold titles in snippet view, great enhancement for better readability. Tnx!
  5. The handwriting capabilities of Evernote Android are very limited, using it doesn't make sense for me. The perfect combination for me is LectureNotes together with Evernote. LectureNotes has such powerful features and many configuration options, I use it since several years without any issues. LectureNotes also supports a great export function directly into Evernote, either per single page or the whole book. Within Evernote the full Premium feature set can be used, like search within graphics.
  6. For better readability I would prefer to have the note name in the snippet view in bold font style, same as on the Mac. Is there a way to adapt this somewhere like e.g. in the *.css files, as there is no configuration option? Thanks for any feedback!
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