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  1. Hello, As of today, the IOS app crashes upon launching, i've tried everything to help fix the issue. After deleting the app, I went to redownload the beta but it NO LONGER SHOWS! I was shocked to see that it was gone. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendation?
  2. I know right? I actually am holding out for what the new EVERNOTE looks like and see. I do feel though this CEO is a lot more responsive and in tune with customers than previous teams. I felt like in the past there was such a disconnect with the users and what EVERNOTE was doing as a business. This team seems to really have a change in focus.
  3. This is been honestly, my biggest frustration with using the iOS version of Evernote. It is so difficult to you’ll have the default font size be so small. I am either adjusting the font every time or not even using the app. It’s such a surprise to me that this hasn’t been resolved in the past as I always felt like I was the only one that had difficulty trying to read. And I have 20/20 vision.
  4. This is been true for sometime and I appreciate you spending time to articulate it. I thought it was just me! It’s not just frustrating for taking notes but I also noticed the same issue when working with reading PDFs. When I switch the app or jump around, it’s like the app has to restart every time And you have to start over where you left off which can be honestly be frustrating when you’re trying to be productive and have a sense of flow.
  5. I like the facelift, perhaps you could expand on that? What kind of changes are you looking for? Also, maybe posting something in feature request would get some traction and more people
  6. Hello fellow Evernoter’s. I’m in need of some help. Would anyone know of a way to program the new IOS 12 shortcut app to better format or take a note into “read” mode? I’m looking to have better visibility of my Evernote’s. The small font and text style can be challenging for me to enjoy reading Evernotes. If there is a way or workaround for reading mode that would help me a ton.
  7. Thank you! Yeah spaces has a cool UI and feel it would be beneficial for both personal and business use. That cool your in Realestate, I have many friends that are in that space. Also, have many friends in marketing, more so in the personal development space. Where are you located? Check out the new templates in the latest updates, they have a bunch of cool templates for planning.
  8. Thanks for the mention and I appreciate you reading!
  9. Yes, you have listed something i’ve been saying for 2-33 years. The IOS editor is sore on the eyes and miserable to edit. Yeah you should have to learn how to do scripts and work arounds. The application should be a simple and straightforward editor that allows flexibility and good formatting. Good to see I’m not the only one. May I suggest, posting another thread outlining what you’d like in the “feature request” section of the forums?
  10. For me it’s about not being in Microsoft ecosystem I really dislike their business model and applicstions. So I might be biased. Evernote overall has this feel and integration that makes it stand out not just from one note but many note application. I like the tight integration not just with other apps but also Apple. The clipper is more prominent, simplistic ui compared to onenote. Overall it’s about preference, they have identical feature set and both heavy hitters but playing video “/audio, scanning feature and integration stand out for me as Evernote clear winner
  11. I don’t get notion or the appeal of it. Complicated. Evernote is by far the best still for my uses.
  12. Try in web clipper switching the type to simple article. If your having issues still simplifying formatting And doing some cleaning up will do the job. Most note taking apps don’t do a good job of clipping. Evernote from my experience is the best but nothing is perfect either
  13. Just change password, use two way authentication feature and if you have sensitive information start encryption with Evernote feature or saferoom app
  14. After reading headlines, of Evernote’s recent woes, I started to shake my head ... again. This isn’t the first time reading controversy headlines about Evernote. In the past few years there been more negative press than positive. Rising membership prices, privacy concerns, downsizing and now the Death spiral (higher ups leaving). It doesn’t appear to look good for Evernote but for all we know it could just be fine. In a moment I’m going to share my insights and how Evernote can make a “shift” in a better direction. But before I do, it’s without suggesting that a lot of people have a
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